Unlock your child’s creativity from the comfort of home with our engaging and personalized private online art lessons for kids!  Designed for kids 5-16 to gain skills and confidence.

Art Education for Kids

The Artful Parent blog is a source for free art education for kids. Ready for more? Try our premium art club membership, our Artful Parenting masterclass, or download one of our popular printable creativity packs


The Artful Parent is a resource for families and educators. We help you raise creative kids with art activities, seasonal crafts, and family fun!

Art Education for Kids

kids art spot
Photo by Andrea Martelle

Kids Art Spot

If you like what you see on The Artful Parent blog, our kids art club is the perfect next step. With a collection of 250+ videos and growing, your child will have a vast library of videos to work alongside. You’ll enjoy the library of printable resources and easy art activities! Choose from various paid membership options.

artful parent 101
Photo by Rachel Withers

Artful Parent 101

This master course, created by The Artful Parent founder, Jean Van’t Hul, will walk you through making space for art and teach how to incorporate it into your family routine.

We will guide you through the basics: how to set up an art space, share our favorite supplies, and equip you with art ideas that easily work with your everyday life.

You will feel confident to encourage your child’s unique creativity and interests with a home art environment that works for your family.

Art Printables

Our creativity packs are THE easiest way to incorporate art into your family life. We have all kinds of topics and seasonal themes to choose from, making art at home totally simple and totally fun!