Toddler art group :: a first painting experience

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We introduced paint to two babes during the (small) toddler art group meeting today. Iver, above, is only 10 months old, but definitely seemed to enjoy exploring the paint.


We set Iver and Daphne (stripped to their diapers) on top of two sheets of easel paper taped to the floor and handed them each a shallow dish of paint. Although we directed their paint-covered fingers to the paper at the beginning, they seemed to get it quickly enough and painted on their own after that.


The paints are natural clementine art paints which I thought would be especially good for little ones who taste everything and get paint all over their bodies. Although I was pleasantly surprised when they each put the paint in their mouths only once. Our chalk and crayons get tasted repeatedly (by Daphne anyway).


And here's Daphne's first painting! I may need to frame it, just because, along with her first drawing.

P.S. We're looking for one or two more children (ages 10 to 18 months) to join our group. If you're in the Asheville area and are interested in meeting weekly to explore art with your toddler, send me an e-mail (

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  1. April Joy Gutel says

    My mom would always do this with chocolate pudding(there were 8 of us kids). As a mother myself, one of my toddlers favorite things to do is to get into my purse and fish out my lotion. They love the feel of “painting” there skin. In fact today I came home and my 20 month and 4 year old boys had taken my eye liner and turned their sweet little faces into “tigers”. It’s hard to scold them for creativity.

  2. says

    after you last post about this I let my 13 month old paint for the first time! She loved it and covered half her body!
    Because I have four kids, I often keep her out of the way out of the mess, but I felt really bad after your post (in a good way – so thank you!!)
    thanks for letting my little one get covered in paint!!

  3. says

    So cute! Makes me wish I lived in your area, although my little one is beyond this phase now (oh my!). Very sweet to watch them experiment and learn. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Mary Shockley says

    I have just been turned on to your blog and I love the inspiration that I find here. My Little Levi is 13 months. What type of finger paints do you recommend? I love the idea of chocolate pudding, but what happens after it dries? Will I be able to save it? Thanks so much!

  5. says

    You can buy finger paints (we’ve used a couple different kinds in the past), but you can also just use tempera paint with fingers. This paint is all-natural clementine art tempera paint: It’s a little more expensive than other tempera paints but seems worth the splurge to me since toddlers almost inevitably put the paint in their mouths and all over their bodies.

  6. Kiasa says

    Thanks for the reminder to let toddlers create! My son is 15mo old and I’ve never let him paint, but I did finger painting with my daughter at 13 months. So, yes, it is time to start.

  7. says

    Ohhh, I so wish I lived in the Ashville area! I would TOTALLY love to have my son be a part of your art group. I have been a fan of the blog since before he was born, and you have inspired me to create a toddler/younger art group when he is older. He is almost exactly as old as Daphne, though, so perhaps I shouldn’t wait!