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The Best Kids Paints for Arts and Crafts

by Jean Van't Hul
November 2, 2016

The Best Kids Paints for Arts and Crafts

This post contains affiliate links.Do you know what the best kids paints are?

I’ve been trying and testing a large variety of children’s paints for years.


And I keep coming back to the paints made and sold by Discount School Supply.

They are simply the best kids paints for arts and crafts

  • Excellent quality
  • Low price
  • Great color selection

The Best Kids Paints for Arts and Crafts

Our favorite kids paints

  • Simply washable tempera paints (the best and cheapest tempera paint for kids; if you are budget conscious and just want to buy one kind of paint, go for this one)
  • BioColor paints (our favorite kids paint; not as cheap but dries shiny and adheres to more surfaces)
  • Activity Paints (a great all-around kids paint, thick and goopy in a good way; we especially love the metallic versions)
  • Liquid watercolors (we LOVE liquid watercolors! Super vibrant and great for all kinds of art activities, science experiments, and more)
  • Finger paints (great quality finger paints; you get a lot for your money)

Because of the awesome kids paints, and because they have lots of other great products and deals, I buy many of my kids’ art supplies from Discount School Supply and have long referred friends and readers to them.

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The Best Kids Paints for Arts and Crafts

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