The Fort Magic Fort Kit for Kids

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Fort Magic Fort Kit for Kids I wrote about Fort Magic a few weeks ago.

About a fort kit for kids that has turned our house into a creative construction zone—in such a good way. It has added a new level of family interaction and collaboration during the building phase and has inspired all kinds of imaginative play afterward.

This fort kit for kids has just been announced as a winner of the Dr. Toy’s Best Classic 2014 Toy Award! Plus they will be featured on the TV show Shark Tank tomorrow (Friday, April 18th) at 9pm EST.

If I had a blog post for every time we built something new with Fort Magic, you would be reading about nothing but construction on The Artful Parent.

We’ve made a:

  • Castle
  • Fort
  • Submarine
  • House
  • Teepee (in the backyard)
  • Series of tunnels (in the front yard)

Here are a few photos of various things we’ve built with this fort kit:

Fort Magic Fort Kit for Kids Artful Parent

Plus the Fort Magic has been more than just a fort kit for us. The construction pieces have been used for:

  • Airplane steering wheels
  • An alternative to the tin can telephone (the kids rigged up a long series of the tubes to go between two rooms and it worked great for sound travel!)
  • Water bead shooters (don’t ask)
  • Magic wands
  • And, um, possibly swords

Construction is fun, creative, and educational. We all know this, right? Kids are simultaneously learning about science, math, and how the world works.

And if your kids are like mine, they’ll try out some of the forts in the booklet provided, then moved on to their own designs — some workable, some not so much — but that’s part of the learning process.

Fort Magic Fort Kit for Kids

Maia and her friend Isabella decided to build an igloo during a playdate yesterday.

While most of our previous Fort Magic construction has been inspired by ideas from the booklet provided (even if we altered a few things here and there) they immediately began building this time without even cracking open the booklet.

Fort Magic Fort Kit for Kids

The third graders provided most of the manpower (and musical accompaniment) with 4 year old Daphne mostly jumping around, dancing, delivering connector pieces to the older girls, and fitting tubes over each of her fingers.

When they were mostly finished, they stood back and realized that while their roof of their igloo was curved, the walls were all angular.

And so they enlisted Harry’s help…

Fort Magic Fort Kit for Kids

…to turn their angular igloo into a rounded one using the pieces provided in the fort kit. It worked!

Fort Magic Fort Kit for Kids

These kids are always so excited about how BIG they can build with this fort kit. I think they’d move into one of these constructions if I let them.

Fort Magic Fort Kit for Kids

Once the igloo was built, it was time to cover it. With white, of course.

Fort Magic Fort Kit for Kids

We used some of the extra clips to add a string of white  Christmas lights to the Fort Magic fort as we did last time. Just because they make everything more magical.

Fort Magic Fort Kit for Kids

The girls made water balloon babies (drawing faces on water balloons), donned silly faces that Maia had created, and moved in.

(If you check back in a couple of days, I’ll share how they created their own artful floor for the fort with tape… although you may have seen a sneak peak if you follow The Artful Parent Facebook page or Instagram.)

Fort Magic Fort Kit for Kids

Would you like to buy a fort kit for kids? You can buy the Fort Magic kits on Amazon. Note, they have a 30-day money back guarantee and a full manufacturing warranty on all the parts!

You can learn more about these fort building kits on the Fort Magic website and you can connect with Fort Magic folks on FacebookPinterestTwitter and Youtube.

Plus, Fort Magic is going to be featured on the TV show Shark Tank tomorrow, Friday, April 18th, from 9-10pm EST!

More posts about the Fort Magic construction kit:

Fort Magic Giveaway : Win a Fort Kit for Kids

a Rafflecopter giveaway

For a chance to win a Fort Magic fort building kit, valued at $199, explore the Fort Magic website then come back here and leave a comment about something you like or something you learned. After you leave your comment, make sure to click the Rafflecopter box telling it you left a comment and want to be entered into the giveaway! Giveaway open through April 23rd to readers in the US and Canada. Good luck!

Giveaway now closed.

Disclosures: This is post is sponsored by Fort Magic. The Fort Magic fort kit for kids was sent to us for free to try out and review. All opinions expressed are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

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  1. Sharon says

    How cool! My boys are always making forts, so they would love this! I really like the products available on the Fort Magic website. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  2. Andie says

    Is it wrong that I like how big this kit is because I can go inside the fort too?! My daughter would love this!

  3. Jenifer says

    I love the way this looks! I’ve tried some other fort building kits and they were a flop with my kids. This one looks like it hold up and my 9 year old could put it together!

  4. Santina says

    I love the vast variety of forts that can be made due to the different shapes and sizes available.

  5. says

    Love all of the creative possibilities and the fact that it is good for all ages. Always on the hunt for toys that will have long lasting impact and this certainly seems to be one! Also love the addition of lights to your igloo.

  6. Sara says

    I would love to bring this home.. My boys would definitely put this awesome toy to some great use!
    After visiting the sight, I learned there are over 300 pieces and that there are patterns online. That’s great! I would really love to win this because I definitely cannot afford to buy it. Thank you!

  7. says

    I love this kit. I think it would be a great learning tool for my daughter, and a lot if fun for us both. This post taught me there are many options when using the kit and also that elementary age kids can manage on their own.

  8. says

    I absolutely love this kit – and all of the endless creative play experiences it offers. Kids can learn so much theough building and interacting with this kit. I would love to buy cheap sheets and let them paint them for a fort kit. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Amy says

    I never realized how versatile these are. My boys are young 3 and 8 mo, but, my oldest is REALLY into building and me, being a mom who “waited” to have my babies, this would be a great bonding experience for all of us.

  10. Elissa says

    I love that there are so many patterns, which is perfect for imaginative play. And I love that there are so many pieces, to put in exactly the configuration you choose! What a great idea! We’d have HOURS of fun with this kit! Thank you!

  11. Mary says

    The website is fun, almost to fun. I love how you put the fabric cover on, and its cool they are coming out with different fabric covers! I don’t know who would have more fun building all of these- me or the kids.

  12. Megan says

    Hi, I love the forts, but am also wondering when I will receive the book/apron I won 2 months ago?

  13. Janell says

    I’ve thought about creating a similar kit with bits and bobs of PVC, yet this is so much better!

    I was surprised that they do not yet offer supplementary kits (“steering wheel” kit, “flags” kit or what have you). Perhaps they are unnecessary with the enormous base kit.

    The biggest problem is cost. One kit is the equivalent of two kids’ bikes with helmets. Yet it’s still half the cost of Lego Mindstorms, so maybe one year it will be what I collect my spare change for :)

  14. says

    What a wonderful gift this would be… hours of constructive time for boys and girls alike. Some of our best home days have been in a homemade fort in the living room… I would LOVE to win this for my kids. I love the versatility of the shapes you can build. Very cool and creative!

  15. Jenn Loznak says

    I love this especially for my little girl. It will bring out her imagination and get her into building things. This will show that building things is for girls and boys.

  16. Christan says

    The fort magic looks so cool! This would be the perfect gift for my children. Thanks for sharing!

  17. Ally says

    I love that this kit comes with an idea booklet. I think it makes for great leaping off point for kids to explore once they’ve become familiar with some of the capabilities of the materials. I think we will have a blast playing with this! Thanks for sharing. I’ll be sure to look for it in the store near us. Especially with birthday party season upon us!

  18. Adrienne Peterson says

    What I love most about Fort Magic is their invitation to complete open ended play. I have a five year old and a three year old who are constantly creating boats, submarines, airplanes, and helicopters out of our furniture. I can only imagine what the Fort Magic kit would contribute to their already amazing imaginations.

  19. Tania says

    These look amazing. I love the idea of a gender neutral ‘fort’ that can be reinvented as desired.

  20. Susannah says

    How fun! I want to build the rocketship! I am also dreaming of all the ways I could use this in my classroom. The dramatic play area would never be the same!
    Thanks for the chance at winning!

  21. Bryant Peterson says

    I think I get as much enjoyment from my kids toys as they do when we play together after I get home from work. Fort Magic looks like what I tried to build as a boy, only so much better. I can’t wait to build with my kids.

  22. Meru Aray says

    Their website is wonderful! It’s aesthetically pleasing as well as having an easy usability. Even if I don’t win, I plan on setting money aside for my four girls to have this for summer. This will keep them busy all summer long and I think our whole family will have a blast! I also have tons of fabric to drape over them and extra Christmas lights. I’m excited about all the possibilities!!

  23. says

    Not only would my kids love this, but my K/1 students at school. I can only imagine the real-life learning that could take place using this kit. Awesome!

  24. says

    Not only do I loooove the many designs — but I love how that variety will spur kids to see the materials in different ways and create their own designs!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  25. Kelly says

    I love this statement I found on their site, “Passionately Serving The Creative Intelligence Of Growing Children!” What a
    Great purpose and what a great thought! All kids have creative intelligence and we are parents and educators need to foster and help children develop that!

  26. Jessica Birthisel says

    I love the emphasis on the website on helping kids learn that they can complete a big project. My kids would love a set!

  27. Lori Morrison Contreras says

    I learned from website and your post that there really are unlimited designs and uses for these! F

  28. Sarah says

    I love how versatile the building materials can be–and the ideas on the website are awesome–I think the canoe is my favorite!

  29. Sarah says

    I’ve been eyeing fort magic for what seems like forever! :) I love that the clips allow the sheets to stay on!

  30. Amy says

    I love how sturdy this set looks and that there are a ton of pieces- plenty for making taller structures. Looks like my three-year-old and almost 2 year old boys would love it! Also, it’s a toy that could be used for many years.

  31. Ina N says

    Love love love this for my kids! I was surprised to find out that the kit had separate straight and curved parts, I just thought they were flexible and could bend! Makes sense though, more sturdy that way.

  32. Taryn says

    These look amazing! We love Shark Tank so I’m sure we would have seen these, but glad I saw this pin before so I can make sure it’s getting recorded. Glad to see they are selling the fabric covers too, though I’m guessing we’d have as much fun without them. Great idea!

  33. Evin says

    Wow! What an amazing item. All the different configurations that can be made and a storage bag to keep it all together. Not only would my own kids love it, but I would love to get one for our Cub Scout pack! We have plenty of fabric to use as covers and the scouts would love to work together to build an amazing fort! Thank you not only for sharing the website and review but also for the great giveaway opportunity!

  34. Nolan R. says

    I love the fabric clips–kids love to cover their forts in fabric and this shows real thought into what kids want.

  35. jess m says

    The ideas they provide are amazing and a great way too get kids started thinking about all the other creations they can make. .. aww let’s be honest, that *I* can make! Who doesn’t love a. Fort! ?!? This would be a great way to get my 2 yo daughter excited about building!

  36. reba says

    LOVE that it comes with so many options, AND a storage container. Your children’s designs are beautiful, too!!

  37. Kat S. says

    My girls would love this! And I love that it’s big enough for me to crawl inside as well.

  38. Kim says

    I like how many possible configurations there are, and I also like that it can be stored easily, since our house is on the small side!

  39. Christy says

    My kids love building forts and creating with LEGOs but they are forever frustrated with their forts disassembling on them. I like the ease of use and the connection pieces which will help them create more confidently.

  40. corrie gregorich says

    My girls love imaginative play. The possibilities seem endless with fort magic. They’ll work their little brains but also their little fingers to work on piecing together the parts to build and explore. I love tjis idea!

  41. Rebecca Johnson says

    So cool! I love the open ended play possibilities of this kit! My little boy is very imaginative. ..I could see this sparking hours of building and playing!

  42. Megan G says

    I love how many different shapes they can make. I try to buy toys that encourage imagination.

  43. Holly says

    I have been looking at these for some time now. Thank you for the opportunity to win them.

  44. says

    I love that the kit comes with curved pieces. It’s so simple but it makes it so much more magical than buying a few PVC pipes and connectors…and the fact that it’s a kit. Part of me says just go to Home Depot and do it yourself, but is never get that checked off my list.

  45. Colleen says

    This fort will provide many avenues of imagination during play time. Plus, we can take it on the road with us to family and friends that we are staying with.

  46. Amanda Bekas says

    How fun! We have a fort building kit, but it’s not nearly as versatile as this one! I love the different shapes you can build with this set, and it looks easy for kids to assemble. Would love to have one!

  47. chelsea says

    A train! That’s what we wild build in my house with this. My boys love forts and trains! :)

  48. cindy mcever says

    Having a 14 year old boy and an eight year old girl…well they just aren’t always interested in the same things at the same time. But they do share a love of being creative. They both draw and write their own stories. I can see their creativity going in a different direction with one of these kits. And I already repurposed a bunch of sheets from my mom’s attic for us to dye. So, I’m ready. Bring on the fun for our family. Oh we will also be sharing this with my nephews.

  49. Jen says

    Love the endless possibilities! Amazing what kids will do when their only limit is their imagination.

  50. Elizabeth says

    That is such a cool idea! My daughter loves building forts, but ours consist of chairs and blankets! I loved the playhouse fort!!!!

  51. LindseyTeel says

    I love that my daughter could play with her cousins: girls boys young old whatever- without any of them getting bored! No worry about it being age-appropriate from toddler to 10!

  52. Michelle says

    This is such an awesome idea! My 4 year old daughter would definitely want to build the mansion (castle), and my 8 year old son would be into the space themed designs. I’m sure my 17 year old son would love to help the little kids design new forts.

  53. Melanie Browning says

    I added this to my Christmas list after your first giveaway. I love how big the fort can be, the ease of building and the endless possibilities!

  54. Miranda says

    The ideas are endless! I even saw one review on their website showed a Ferris wheel!

  55. Aubrey says

    I would LOVE to build forts with this. OH, and I’m sure my daughter would it enjoy it as well!

  56. Heena L says

    i love how it uses architecture, creativity, and ingenuity. my 3 kids would LOVE to have this!!! they are constantly building forts!

  57. Jennifer says

    Love that it incorporates dramatic play and engineering on such a large scale. While there’s some pretend play in Legos, it isn’t quite on the same level as creating your play house. And then destroying it and rebuilding it!

    And the site has a great point that it helps children learn about planning and following through, which can help build confidence.

  58. Annette says

    Love that they can play inside what they created as opposed to small scale building toys. How fun!

  59. Robin Fargnoli says

    Looks great, LOVE the pirate ship and airplane designs. What a great way to learn about building through imaginative play!!

  60. --anu says

    I love how many plans there are even though my kid would come up with her own designs straight away :)

  61. Eve says

    I’ve seen fort magic pop up on a couple blogs and the creations are always so cool! Very much out of my price range so thank you so much for offering the chance for someone to win one!

  62. Tori Gamble says

    I love that when making fort children’s imagination is on go mode! What a great giveaway!

  63. Sandi says

    My 20+ daughter wants one! lol! I am actually going to try and get it for her offspring though, it will give them something to do for mommy/daughter time :)

  64. says

    I love that there are curved sticks for the fort set, too, so kids can make circular shapes when playing. I loved all the ideas on the website!
    Sarah M

  65. brittney says

    I love love love how this fort kit allows the kids imaginations to go crazy!! Makes me want to build something too!!!

  66. Rachel says

    Although my kids are teenagers, we loved fort building. My sweet aunt works at a preschool. I’d love to see kids enjoy this toy for years to come!

  67. Shifra says

    I love all the creativity involved in building different things. It’s a great idea to use their suggestions and to allow the kids to make up their own designs.

  68. joei tyra says

    I absolitely love all of the great posts you have had from this awesome kit. I love that is about to start offering fabric coverings also. I hope I win this for my creative littles!

  69. Amanda B says

    This kit is great! I learned that there are many kinds of forts and patterns on the website. Very cool!

  70. Larissa says

    I love this! My oldest would be over the moon to have something like this. We had a bad experience in buying a Disney tent for her birthday this year but the darn thing didn’t have a chance. The materials were “cheap” and broke right away and she was heartbroken. This would be a great surprise for her to use for her secret hideaways. :)

  71. Deanne says

    I like the teepee idea. My daughter has wanted a teepee in our yard for months. This would be a great way to build play structures. The website is full of fun ideas. What a cool product.

  72. Sarah says

    Well, the first thing that caught my eye were two cuties I recognized in the bottom right corner!! :) (your girls on the reviews section!)

  73. Kelli Wood says

    I love that there are so many different things the kids can build! My son is really into space right now so I know he would love making a rocket ship first!!! Thanks for the chance!!

  74. says

    This has to be one of the coolest toys I’ve ever seen. My girls would have a blast with it! I like that they encourage you to use your own sheets and fabric to change things up, too.

    • Brooklyn Bost says

      I learned that there is no limit to the creativity of children and this toy fosters that!

  75. Alisa Hastie says

    Wow, I didn’t know it had so many pieces, like 382. You can build a lot with that!

  76. Mary S says

    What an amazing kit! My kids would love making these, especially the castle and pirate ship.

  77. Heather says

    I really like how they have curved pieces. A friend of ours let us borrow their EZ Fort kit and the pieces were straight and very cheaply made and kept breaking. I saw that Fort Magic offers a full warranty which sounds extra appealing, but maybe their pieces aren’t as cheap so they won’t break as easily :]

  78. Janet McVey says

    Looks like so much fun! It has so many variations available. Great for the developing imagination.

  79. Tara says

    I would LOVE to win this for my kids! What a blast to create so many different forts all in one! Amazing! Thanks for the chance to win!

  80. Megan says

    This is amazing! I love that the sets are huge! It comes with everything you need! I would love this for my boys!

  81. Becky says

    My kids LOVE making blanket forts! This looks like an incredibly fun way to kick it up a notch!!

  82. says

    Wow! Thankss again Jean for offering up this opportunity to your readers, & your Canadian Readers too ;D I went over to check out the Fort Magic Website again and followed their icons to their Pinterest. Fort Magic pins are packed with amazing creative ideas for children, with their forts & otherwise. I also learned that the Founder & director of the Fort Magic creation & foundation is a mom turned awesome “Mom-Prenuer!” Shes an inspiration to other Moms too. Jean, thank you for providing readers with this giveaway not once but twice; & please thank the founder of Fort Magic as well! We wish her the greatest success on Shark Tank and beyond!!!!!! TY

  83. Khris says

    I learned that the shapes and designs my daughter could make are pretty much endless. She would love this, and I know my niece and nephew would, too. Thanks for the chance to win!

  84. Jeanna says

    I really liked all of the customer reviews and photos! Those kids have awesome imaginations!

  85. Heather says

    sigh. We want one of these kits really badly, but they are rather cost-prohibitive. Maybe for Christmas next year…

  86. Jen says

    I love the endless possibilities of the fort kit. Each weekend the kiddos could be in a new magical location. I would love to see what their wonderful imaginations would come up with.

  87. michelle says

    Oh my goodness, what a wonderful building set! Our family would love this for sure. My daughter loved the ferris wheel and the teepee with the horse. So much fun and endless possibilities —- thank you for the opportunity to win such a magical kit :)

  88. Jen says

    Wow, I am amazed at how sturdy it looks. I think my girlie would love making a special place with this kit. Thank you for providing an opportunity to win this.

  89. Sherri says

    WOW! My boys would absolutely flip out if we win this. We have a similar set – but not as good – not as many pieces and NO curved pieces – which I think is one of the things that makes this set so much more interesting and creative. I loved looking at all the ideas on the website – the submarine was amazing. Pick us!

  90. Heather says

    How fun! Our kiddos are little, so imagine Mama and Mommy would have fun “helping” with the building!

  91. Lisa says

    My kids would absolutely love this! We really could have used this over the long winter. And all the different configurations are wonderful!

  92. leah wall says

    I love the versatility – and the fact that it can be put away more easily than the furniture.

  93. Emily says

    This would be great for us, because as I learned on the website, this could grow with my toddlers as we built the more advanced patterns! We would really love to have this product. Definitely going on the wish list!!

  94. Karen T says

    I love that the website provides building plans to get you started. I’m sure it wouldn’t be long before my little guy started creating his own plans though!

  95. says

    You can make a ferris wheel. That looks like such a fun kit. My daughter would love this (and so would my husband and myself.)

  96. janeen castillo says

    Forts – the magic that brings my 3 year old & 13 year old together to play in creative bliss

  97. Rachael says

    I love the way the kit can inspire such limitless imaginative play! My four would love this. We’ve made a geo dome out of newspaper rolls in the past and that was awesome but took so long rolling the paper and didn’t fare too well when it started to rain…

  98. Amanda Bradley says

    I visited Fort Magic’s website and liked…EVERYTHING. : D Seriously, great website, lots of information, perfect product.

  99. Chelsie Butts says

    What I learned from the website was that my kids shouldn’t use it as a bike ramp. I’m going to have to tuck that information away, because I’m sure it’ll be one of the top 5 things they’d try first. Hehe.

  100. Mary Elizabeth VonDras says

    This Fort system would be a great option for a very personalized “safe place” space for kids on the autism spectrum, who appreciate a personal quiet place at home for when things get stressful. A lot more imaginative than the tent we have set up in our tv room, and a lot easier to sweep out the cookie crumbs! The building component might appeal to my son’s obsession with Legos and broaden his building skills. He’s be thrilled to win a Magic Fort!!! And so would I!

  101. Stephanie says

    The fort building kit looks absolutely fantastic! I love that it gets the kids’ brains going! Thanks for the giveaway!

  102. Cassandra WM says

    I love absolutely everything about Fort Magic. For my daughter, I love toys that allow her to use her imagination and be creative, and the open-ended building aspect of Fort Magic definitely encourages that. The fact that it is sturdy enough to be left up for a while or even moved from room to room is a huge plus. Thank you for the chance to win!

  103. Joy says

    I love how open ended these can be. It’s great that they have such a variety of instructions but the open ended nature is my favorite.

  104. Elaine Goh says

    The straw forts don’t hold up at all for my 2 active boys … we need this fort king!! Who knew there were curved pipes too? Awesome!

  105. Sarah Doyle says

    This is incredible! My 4 year old son has autism, he loves having his own space/safe place. A lot of times mom’s forts don’t withstand a long time (he has 3 brothers). This would be amazing for him! Thank you so much for the opportunity!

  106. says

    My son would LOVE this. We’ve built some small forts out of an OGO Build kit, but it really doesn’t hold even a light sheet without caving in. This would be great!

  107. Tiffany P says

    It was a nice surprise to see your darling girls peeking out from their fort on the Fort Magic website! :)
    I looked through the building plans. The rocket and submarine would be the first to be constructed at our house! What a great variety of building ideas. Awesome product. Thanks for the giveaway!

  108. Toni Smith says

    I love the open-ended play this fort kit invites! My 3 year old and 1 year old love forts big and small – I would love to indulge their creative little minds with this!

  109. Angie says

    I love this! My son loves playing inside forts and we would love to make the submarine!

  110. Diane Duppman says

    Wow! This looks like a fantastic way to use your imagination, my granddaughter is already taking trips to the moon and meeting friendly aliens. This would offer her many hours of fun while on her journeys in the wonderful world of her imagination. Maybe I will get to go along with her!

  111. Laura says

    My daughter is always making little environments out if blankets and pillows. We would LOVE this!

  112. Sam Mueller says

    Oh my goodness! My daughters and I love building forts together! It would be so much easier with this kit- and our walls would have less thumb tack holes in them. :)

  113. says

    My 4 year old has a birthday coming up soon, this is perfect. I love that there are curved pieces, it makes building so much more complex.

  114. says

    My boys were looking over my shoulder while I was checking out Fort Magic’s website and saying how cool and how easy those forts look to make! I would have thought those structures would need more than just the poles and connectors provided!

  115. Pallavi says

    So cool! My kids love building forts out of pillows and blankets. The fort kit is so open ended, the construction possibilities are endless!

  116. sheri anderson says

    I love how this product promotes creativity in the child as well as the parent, so unique and fun! My grandson would love the car fort best, or the train, thanks!!

  117. Allison S. says

    I love how open-ended the creations can be- what an awesome tool for 3-D art and construction building!

  118. Sarah Hurrell says

    What a great toy! I have been coveting this for a while now. And so many ideas on the website including a horse and an alien!!! Love it and all of your beautiful creations too.

  119. Jacqueline says

    I love how there are so many creative options to build. Very cool invention and would love to win for my kids!

  120. Priscilla says

    There are endless possibilities with so many components included. You can build anything (pretty much)! We’d love to win one!

  121. Sharon says

    I absolutely LOVE THIS! My kids love to build forts but get so frustrated with our chairs and blankets method. Everything always falls apart so easily. This would stir their creativity in so many ways. I think everyone should have one of these for their kids. Absolutely great!

  122. Kristin says

    This is an awesome giveaway and I would love to win it for my little one. Thank you so much for sharing!

  123. katie says

    I love that there are so many ideas but you can create your own too…endless creative possiblities!

  124. Julie A. says

    This looks so fun. I love how they show LOTS of examples of what can be built on their website.

  125. Amy says

    My son enjoys the straw building set you talked about, and I’m sure he would love this fort set. it looks even sturdier than the straw construction kit. This would make him an awesome birthday present. (He turns 6 tomorrow!)

  126. says

    My kids take every chair in the house, all the blankets, and spare side tables to make huge and creative forts. I’d love this kit so they wouldn’t have to put the chairs away every time.

  127. Anna Sandberg says

    Omg, that looks like so much fun with endless construction possibilities! My son would be so excited to play with it!

  128. Sally says

    Not sure who would like this more – the parents or the kids! i especially want to make the little car to walk in ;c) how wonderful!

  129. Barb says

    I love the teepee and the car designs! I would love to win one of these-I’ve thought about it a lot since your last giveaway! Thanks very much for the opportunity (and for including Canadians!)

  130. Ari says

    We would love to have one of these kits! I notice they’re going to be selling fabrics to go with the kits soon, too. Thanks!

  131. Alex says

    This would be awesome for a mother/daughter activity for me and my little girl. :) She loves forts and would love it even more if she could have mommy in her fort to read to her!

  132. Julie B says

    I’ve been to their site before and the forts look SO COOL! My kids (and I:) would love to have one!

  133. Candaceiw says

    Visited the website. Learned that it is Dr Toys Best Classic toy award winner for 2014! Would love to share this toy with my kids. Thanks for the consideration.

  134. Deana says

    I love that the kit includes the clips to hold on blankets and sheets. What a great idea!

  135. SUZIE says

    I am blown away by how versatile this is! I am also interested in seeing what their fabrics are going to be.

  136. Sandra says

    So many possibilities! My sons would love building with these (and would probably move in too!). I especially love how open ended this is. Great giveaway :)

  137. sarah jackson says

    I actually really like that they have safety tips on the website , and I love the teepee design , very cute !!

  138. amy says

    We are always trying to come up with different ways to make forts.this would be awesome!

  139. Michelle B says

    Amazing! I want to construct my own little retreat too :) I just learned that Fort Magic will be coming out with a set of covers near the end of the year! Thanks for the giveaway!

  140. Crystal Sell says

    That is seriously cool. Makes me wish I was a kid again! I love how you can build so many different shapes with it and make it small or really big!

  141. Cassie Hayes says

    I love that you can do so many things with this. It sparks the child’s imagination and creativity. The possibilities are endless. Just love it.

  142. Amy HH says

    My daughter would love one of these so much! The sheets on the clothesline get wet in the rain, this would give her something solid in the house!

  143. Nikki Cochran says

    I like that the children are not limited to the ideas in the booklet. My kids would love the kit. So many endless opportunities for pretend play.

  144. Jade says

    I love all the suggested builds on the website, my favorite has to be the pirate ship and plane I think my son would love to explore the different play tents and structures. What an awesome kids tool set!!

  145. Ana Alvarez-Lundvick says

    I love all the possibilities you have with these and that they give you plans for making specific things.

  146. Desiree says

    FORT MAGIC LOOKS AMAZING & SUPER FUN! This would be a FANTASTIC gift for kids of all ages! & preschool classes too!

  147. Cara says

    I love that it puts real thought and consequence into the act of building the fort. It’s learning how a structure is made and supported. I also love that this allows for integrated learning and limitless opportunities…
    Thanks for the chance to play!

  148. Nicole says

    I love all the possibilities! I appreciate that it comes with a book of ideas, but love that it’s also incredibly open-ended. My sons would love this!

  149. christine says

    Wow, what a great way to support the imagination. I love all the options the website shows.

  150. Nisha says

    I love that there are so many possibilities not only for building unique structures, but also for decorating them. They also seem so sturdy! Love it!

  151. Jen Lieb says

    This looks SO cool. I was surprised to see on the Web site how easily it comes apart and stows! Easy clean-ups are good for all. Thanks for sharing.

  152. Alana says

    I love how versatile this is and that they give a starting point in the form of an idea book. Creativity knows no limits!

  153. says

    I love toys that let kids use their imagination – so many toys have limited play value, and the fort kit looks like it has limitless possibilities. Perfect for my 6yr old and the 7 and 3yr old kids I nanny for. :)

  154. Laura says

    I love how many different things this kit can make! My kids would love the castle & rocket!

  155. Jennifer says

    I love all the variety! and that you use your own materials… plus i like that its not a big plastic shell like a lot of playforts are… makes things much healthier!

  156. Cassandra Redding says

    Ooh! I am excited to see that they will be offering fabrics soon, as well. The whole thing really is genius. I hope they do fabulously on Shark Tank!

  157. katelyn graves says

    I love that the kit comes with everything you need. No need for add ons or extras to make all the fun forts that you see in their pictures!

  158. Rachel Rich-Shea says

    The airplane fort looks fun! My husband is a pilot, so my son would have fun doing this one with his dad!

  159. says

    Love this! If we had a Fort Magic, I wouldn’t be cleaning up the “everything but the kitchen sink” style forts my kids are fond of, and I could quit refereeing the yes/no of my decorator throw pillows etc etc!

  160. aatz says

    My three girls would love this. They are always making tents with my scarfs. It would be awesome for them to have some real experience.

  161. Julia says

    I like that the basic fort design shows how to build a tunnel, a great way to expand on a design the kids already love! And a fun way to involve the littlest ones with the tunnel as well!

  162. Miriam Prantner says

    I love that there are curved pieces and the variety of things you can make – from castles to cars, is really wonderful.

  163. Nicole M says

    I love that there are so many ways to build different shape but you can build your own idea too.

  164. Jill Weng says

    This looks so cool! I especially love the curtains covered fort, it looks so dreamy!

  165. Brandy says

    This is so awesome, I wish I’d seen this years ago! I can never seem to build a proper fort for the kids. I can’t believe the number of designs there are. My fingers are crossed because this would be so loved by all the kids (and we have a houseful!)

  166. charla g. says

    I learned how their really are limitless possibilities for how to use the Fort Magic kit. It is for far more than just forts.

  167. Karin says

    NOW THIS is a cool fort building kit!!!!!! I am so excited about this! I wanted to get one of the other toys like this for my girls for Christmas but I did not because they looked to chintzy and small! This LOOKS AMAZING!!! The possibilities are endless! I see a lot of creative forts in my near future! Amazing post and giveaway! Thank you soooo much!

  168. Courtney says

    I love that it comes with the fabric clips. The hardest part of fort building is trying to get the blankets and fabric to stay put! My girls would love the pirate ship.

  169. Kacee says

    Thanks for the giveaway! My kids would love this. Who knew you can build a rockets hip!!

  170. Catt says

    I love that its compact, yet can build structures large enough to play inside. I like the curved sections and that you can clip fabric easily on them. Our forts always have sheets slipping off.

  171. Olivia says

    I love how Fort Magic teaches kids engineering and problem-solving skills along with creativity.

  172. Agnes says

    I like how easy it is to connect the sticks together. I would also get the fabric clips; we have lots of fabric we can use to cover the fort!

  173. Mary Beth Galloway says

    I love this….so many pieces, sizes, fabric clips! You can create so many different things and roomy forts. Storage bag too. Awesome.

  174. Rita says

    This is an amazing toy. I like how there are endless possibilities. I think my daughter would love the Fort Magic Mansion.

  175. Erin l. says

    Looks like a great versatile kit to inspire lots of imaginative play. The fabric clips are a great addition. We are always struggling to keep the blanket roofs on the forts the kids build in the living room.

  176. Epiphius says

    I have a different system for building large forts, but I LOVE how much sturdier these are! Ours can support silk coverings but nothing with any weight. Fort Magic is so much stronger and would do the job I wanted our other kit to actually do!

  177. Diana says

    I love how creative this is for kids of all ages. We would have a ball using our imagination to make our “spaces”.

  178. shannon says

    I love how many different creations can be made with Fort Magic, and that mommy can fit inside with the kids!

  179. Jessica says

    I love all the possibilities and how imaginatively creative it encourages kids to be. I know my daughters would absolutely love it!

  180. Jessica says

    I love all of the possibilities and how imaginatively creative it encourages kids to be! I know my daughters would absolutely love it!

  181. Shaista Yusufali says

    What a wonderful product! My kids love to make forts with our dining table and sheets but I love all the options that are possible with the Fort Magic.

  182. Sarah says

    I think watching my 3 kids work together to build and build things they can all enjoy would be thrilling to watch. And , such an addition to our homeschool. We could build a roman arena, or Stonehenge, or an Egyptian tomb!

  183. erin says

    the amount of pieces that come with the set is amazing!! my daughter and son would love this!!

  184. Shannon Blaney says

    My son is a budding architect and would just love to try this out. Looks like great fun!

  185. T Michelle Trump says

    My niece would love to build a castle and my nephew a submarine. They would have so much fun building together.

  186. Garland says

    My kids would be all over this! Submarine and pirate ship to start and so many more!

  187. Savannah says

    Wow! Fort Magic provides open ended and imaginative play for the whole family. I like how they have a section on their website about using sheets and blankets with their clips as well as how to make your own covers even though they are going to be selling their own. And they have so many different forts to build from castles to boats to make up your own! Hours of fun for all!

  188. says

    I’ve been admiring this online for a while, I’m so excited to see what a hit it has been with your kids! I know my boys would love it.

  189. Michele says

    My kids build forts all the time. They primarily use couch cushions and blankets. We are getting ready to get a new couch and I was wondering what we could use instead of couch cushions, so the new ones will stay nicer longer. This is the answer!

  190. Nikole M. says

    I like how this lets the kids use their imagination. I can see my kids having tons of fun with this and it being played with all the time.

  191. Jamie Leopold says

    We recently bought the straw building set you recommended but I think fort magic would be a lot stronger for my rowdy bunch! Thanks for a chance to win it.

  192. Tricia says

    The thing about our current construction stuff is, how on earth do you attach a sheet? Problem solved, fort magic!

  193. Sherah says

    Thanks for the giveaway! :)
    I like that you can build such large structures, use any fabric cover, and that the set comes with fabric clips.

  194. Tara I says

    As a proud Auntie of 9 nieces and nephews, ranging in age from newborn to teenager, it’s really difficult to find toys that inspire creative learning at various ages. The Fort Magic is so cool that even I want one to play with! :)

  195. Beth says

    My girls love to build things. I love the diversity that the fort magic product can give to young imaginations!

  196. Jennifer Winter says

    I love that there is so much more to build than just forts! I saw so many cool ideas on the website! My son would absolutely adore this!

  197. Jennifer Winter says

    I love that there’s so much more to make than just forts too. I saw so many different ideas on the website. My son’s imagination would go crazy with this!

  198. Ami says

    My girls and I would enjoy building all of the different forts featured on the website. I love how you can refer to the website to get instructions on how to build anything from an airplane to a tee pee! This would keep us busy all summer long, both inside and outside!

  199. MIchelle says

    We have a similar set, kind of like giant tinker toys, which we have also used to “build big!” But the For Magic set is so much more versatile! I loved seeing photos on the website of real families using Fort Magic in their homes. That’s a great way to promote the product, but I also think kids love having that space to show off their work! Thanks for a cool giveaway!

  200. Eleanor says

    These kits are great! My kids love building forts in the woods, and one of these would really take it to the next level!

  201. Aly S says

    This seems like a great step up from the play tunnels that we used when my kids were smaller. I’m particularly intrigued by the clip system for holding the fabric coverings on.

  202. Whitnie says

    This is an amazing product! I love the picture of your chandelier!!!! Fort Magic indeed.

  203. Jenn says

    I love how many different cool structures you can make and how it can appeal to such a wide range of ages. My kids would just love this!

  204. Jenn says

    I just love how many cool designs you can make with this kit and how it can appeal to such a wide range of ages. My kids would love this!

  205. T. Zacha says

    This is so cool! I would love to build with these just as much as my kids would. I love how many different types of structures you can make!

  206. parnella says

    I like curve pieces and fabric clips. My kids like to build. They would love this fort kit.

  207. Birdiebee says

    I have visited this website so many times in the past three months. I love all of the ideas of the fort you can make but still love the castle first and recently just read about making a lemonade stand. I would love to have one of these for all of my grandchildren.

  208. Cheryl Growe says

    Hi! I am really impressed with the quality of the pieces of this kit. I bought a fort kit from Discovery Kids a few years ago, but it was very flimsy. I also love that they include an instruction book – I noticed that it tells you exactly what pieces to have on hand ahead of time. By any chance, did the mesh bag that you show in one of your pictures come with it to hold all of the pieces? Or is that something that you came up with to keep things organized? Thanks for a great idea!

    • says

      Cheryl, the mesh bag came with the kit! It’s very sturdy and holds everything quite well. We also use gallon-sized freezer bags to hold the connector pieces and the fabric clips and then toss those in the big mesh bag as well.

  209. Tannis says

    This kit looks amazing and far more sturdier than the other brand on the market. There has been some failed fort making in the house and now requests for a tree house in the backyard (we have no trees in our yard). This kit would fit the bill for indoor and outdoor play.

  210. Michelle says

    This would be fantastic in my kindergarten room. The kiddos would love to read in a pirate ship or a castle!! The tepee would be great during our explorers Unit!

  211. addie says

    wow! i like that there are so many possibilities! this would be a great alternative to having the couch pillows piled on the floor all the time :)

  212. Kelly A says

    I liked the circle windows or steering wheels and whatever else the kids would design with the curved pieces.

  213. Tanya says

    I like that there are lots of ‘jumping off’ points for guiding play on their website. I would love to have my daughter build forts (and space ships!) while still keeping the cushions on my sofa! Thanks for the opportunity.

  214. Rose says

    I have two daughters and they love to build forts – but this kit would help them take their creations to the next level. It looks amazing!

  215. Poorva says

    Fort magic kit is absolutely fantastic, not only for kids but adults to. I am an architect by profession and I cannot tell you for how many fun and creative projects can we use this product, from tents to props for stalls. My 4 year old who is in to pretend play all the time will love this product. I just arranged for an afternoon play date outside with a old play tent and she can’t wait to get started. I am sure she and her neighborhood friends will take pretend play to another level if they would have a fort magic to play with.

    I wonder if they will come up with miniature version of it so that my daughter and her friends can make one for her dolls too. My niece who has developmental delays will love fort magic too. She is learning to snap things together currently. I would really appreciate if I can get this product to try and pass on the info to my sister and friends in my daughter play circle.

  216. Ashley says

    We have 5 kids- the oldest is 9. I like that he can play with his sisters (7,5,4,1) and be the “leader” on the project that THEY ask him to build. Any chance I can get them to work together peacefully is a score for me!

  217. EJ says

    Really love how flexible the design aspects are to allow kids to be as creative as they like! Would love to have a kit for my kids!

  218. Toni Johnson says

    This is genius! Oh the imagination, oh the creativity, oh the geometry!! Now that I’ve seen this, I’m so glad I didn’t buy a teepee yet :) My kids and husband and I would enjoy this for years!

  219. Kameron says

    We are really committed to only bringing in new toys that inspire creativity and exercise the imaginations of our three boys. I can’t think of anything better than this fort kit for them! Thank you for the give away!

  220. Daisy says

    I love that there are enough pieces to build BIG! There are so many wonderful creations to be made with so many pieces.

  221. Stephanie says

    Thank you so much for sharing this. My kids love fort building. They definitely will enjoy this for the years to come!

  222. Ben says

    Thank you so much for sharing this! My kids enjoy fort building with whatever material they have in hand. They will love this for sure!

  223. kristin says

    This looks super amazing and way more fun than the couch pillows and tables we use. My daughter loves to build, this will be a big hit in our house!

  224. Melanie Shea says

    This is amazing and looks so easy for kids and adults! Love how big you can make the forts. This will be a great gift for my son! Thank you!

  225. Leah Senior says

    I’ve been daydreaming about Fort Magic since the first time you mentioned it! My kids would love it. I love how sturdy it is and that it includes clips to hold the fabric in place.

  226. Susan Norborg says

    Such a great way to encourage creativity and help kids see that there are so many ways to build a fort, all you have to do is try.

  227. Maura says

    I love that it comes with 20 designs to spark ideas instantly! My kids would love this… and by kids, I mean me…

  228. says

    Would love to use these in my classroom along with an architecture lesson!

    Love how you can follow directions OR follow your imagination!

  229. Jen says

    I thought you had to purchase multiple sets to be able to build anything sizable. Can’t believe what huge structures one can create with the basic kit!

  230. Rachel McBride says

    This is so great! Much easier for the kids to manage by themselves compared to moving all of our heavy chairs around.

  231. Erin says

    Thanks for sharing. Something like this would be great in our house. Our couch cushions often get appropriated for a fort– gets a little old sitting on a hard couch.

  232. Marilyn Legault says

    I learned you can build anything, even submarines and air planes. great kit.

  233. Lauri P says

    I love all the ideas that come with it – and that the building possibilities are endless!

  234. Marianne says

    My 4 & 6 year olds LOVE building forts with my furniture. This would be so much more fun! I would love to win this for them.

  235. Jenny Q. says

    I love the creativity involved for the child to be able to create anything that pops into their mind!

  236. Amber Massengill says

    We have been wanting Fort Magic for a while, but just can’t afford it right now. I am so hoping we win! I want to set up lights inside of it to make it a magical princess fort for my girls. :)

  237. shanda f says

    I love the versatility of this kit. They give you a book of ideas to try but really you can take it and make so many different things

  238. Aly Kantor says

    I was in AWE of this the first time I saw it on your blog, and I’m still in awe of it now! I HAVE to enter, because I’d never be able to afford this on my own and it is just TOO COOL!!! Can you imagine all the large construction projects, the blue prints and drawing from observation, the planning, the opportunities for thematic dramatic play – gahhh! Pre-K needs this! FINGERS CROSSED!!!

  239. Wendy Thelen says

    I love all the different pieces to create things with and the fabric clips look awesome.

  240. says

    I love all of your ideas. Not to mention your beautiful blog. I would love to see what my four kids could come up with using this amazing fort magic. It would be a welcome addition to homeschool and play time.

  241. Caroline WK says

    The Fort Magic kit looks like years of fun – all the pieces we would need to build designs suggested by the idea booklet, and ones we dream up ourselves! Thank you for the chance to win one!

  242. Ruth Madewell says

    I love that it is easy to assemble and that they will be offering the fabric coverings soon!

  243. Melissa McKenna says

    I love the igloo!! I just love how they can be so creative with this. Such an awesome gift!

  244. Andrea Mahoney says

    Oh my goodness I have been watching all the fun and innovative reviews on Fort Magic and each one makes me want this even more for our home school family! We try our best to build forts with rope and clothespins, but we are limited with what we have. I love all the shapes of poles and the clips to hold the fabric. I really hope this is something we can add to our fun days of learning, and to read in ;-)

  245. Steven K says

    We enjoy building forts and would appreciate trying out the components in this kit!

  246. Raana Brezenoff says

    This fort building kit looks awesome, I’ve been checking it out since I saw it on your blog awhile back. My kids are always wanting to build a blanket fort, and would be ecstatic about this.

  247. Eva Jackson says

    This is sooooo cool. Your kids look like they are having a blast. My kids would love this :)

  248. Eva Jackson says

    After checking out the website with the kids they told me that they love the airplane the most

  249. Viv Sluys says

    I like that it comes with fabric clips so the blankets (or whatever fabric) don’t keep slipping off. I also love that there are tonnes of designs you can make with these, whether you are a creative builder or not!

  250. JenRay says

    I love all the different design ideas to get the kids started. So much great, creative fun!

  251. Elizabeth Godschalx Wisniewski says

    I love the castle and the car! My boys and I would have so much fun building those!

  252. Mindy says

    I love how this fosters imagination and creative play. Endless opportunities for my girls to enjoy and I know my husband and I would love it too! great for family togetherness.

  253. Holly Pangrcic says

    I learned about the different types of pieces it comes with and the new products coming out in the near future.

  254. Diana says

    I learned that it is a fun activity for all types of different aged kids. Would love to win!

  255. Julie Lee says

    I like that this is something the kids can assemble (mostly) on their own! What a great, fun, and creative thing to do on a rainy day!

  256. Bria Richardson says

    My daughter would love this, she is always making forts out of chairs & the couch. She would love to create her own!

  257. says

    These are awesome!!! my creative little munchkins would have a blast building with this kit! right now it’s our couch cushions and sheets that get rearranged daily for fort building :) Great giveaway!!! she did great on shark tank too. glad she stuck to her guns!

  258. says

    That looks amazing! My kids want to build forts all the time using chairs and blankets. They’d love Fort Magic! I love the plans for the Pirate Ship.

  259. Kim Wolke says

    WOW! There are sooo many variations of things you could build. My girls would LOVE this!

  260. Monica Chitwood says

    I LOVE that the kit has clips to hold the fabric in place! The possibilities seem endless!

  261. Jenny Estrem says

    I learned that there are instructions online. Wow! The possibilities are endless!

  262. says

    I was so excited to see these on Shark Tank this weekend. This set would keep my kids (and their friends) busy for hours. I love that there are so many possible configurations in one set.

  263. laura says

    This looks like a great toy! I loved seeing all the customer photos on the website with all the different fort designs. So cool!

  264. ashley says

    I would love this for my sk class. It looks really sturdy and lots of new ideas would come from this. My children love to build!

  265. Jill Radke says

    I love that instead of a nondescript shaped fort/tent, the child can make certain objects, add turrets, windows, doors, and hallways!

  266. Alana k says

    I learned that the pieces are so versatile, the sky is the limit all you need is a little imagination! Also that he fabric covers are not included with the current set

  267. Jacki Whitaker says

    I love how open ended this is. So many different variations to build and explore. My boys would love this!

  268. laura says

    The is such a great idea! My son loves forts and loves tinkering with things…this would be perfect for him!

  269. Jenny says

    I recall someone once commenting on Facebook that this kit is expensive. That it is. But after starting to put together my own hack of this kit with pvc plumbing components, I can see what a value the kit is. The number of connectors and the curved tubing give so many options. I would love for my girls to play with this kit.

  270. Angela says

    I love that they show you how to make so many different things! Thanks for this opportunity.

    • Mel says

      I like that there are so many options and ways of configuring the pieces…the possibilities are ENDLESS! So perfect for my imaginative little ones!!

  271. Shannon Featheringill says

    This looks worlds better than the fort kit I just bought my son for Christmas.

  272. Diana Cote says

    I love that with the fort kit you can custom build your fort or use the website to follow steps and copy one from there to your liking, it can be small it can be big and the amount of possibilities are endless. I think my daughter would have such a blast with this, it would take up a large part of her day. haha

  273. says

    I don’t think you understand, Jean. I really want this. My girls will totally go crazy with it. Will it take up the whole house? It’s so awesome. Thanks for sharing. I never win anything so I’m not going to bet on this … so this has to happen. Soon. :) xx

  274. Nicolette says

    What a wonderful way to inspire kids to be creative. So many things to build all with one set, what a great toy!

  275. Amanda Bekas says

    Want it! I might have even more fun with it than my kids. I love the different pieces you can build with. The different things you can construct are amazing!

  276. D.Mac says

    My daughter loves forts. She will build them out of anything! This would be her dream come true.

  277. Ruth says

    I learned that the company and fort emphasize a love of learning. Can’t get better than that. And who doesn’t love a fort?!??

  278. Michelle Cameron says

    I love all the different ways the kids can use this kit to build. It looks so fun and keeps minds actively engaged without batteries or any kind of screen. My kids would enjoy playing with this for hours, days, years!

  279. Ivania says

    Oh my gosh, you can build 101 structures with this?!! My 7 yr old twin girls would absolutely LOVE this! I can see baby sis who is 5 just dancing nearby while big sisters constructed this too! :).

  280. Dawn says

    My husband and 3 kiddos played with a Fort Magic set in a museum in MI. I had to drag them away after an hour, they were having so much fun! Two of my 3 kiddos are budding engineers & would love being able to build BIG!

  281. suzan says

    Fort magic is popping up everywhere. I love the pirate ship idea. My 2 boys would love this

  282. Kirsten says

    I loved building forts as a kid and still love building them with my kiddos as an adult. We would love to play with this!

  283. Meaghan says

    I love the sense of wonder than could be instilled with this kit. The endless possibilities of creating large-scale structures to engage my children’s imagination, not to mention the fact that I could easily fit inside with them, gets me excited to play together. I love the teepee, as basic as it is. I can envision it in my yard this summer with a tarp as the sides, listening to a warm summer rain pound down around us.

  284. Marguerite b says

    My kids love building forts, with the endless forme possibilities and stability of this kit they would have years of fun and creativity!

  285. Erin says

    I saw the Shark Tank episode! Your review was so helpful and I love that they have designs for all you can make on their website.

  286. says

    The possibilities seem endless with this kit. I would love for my kids to try out all of the different things shown on the website and some of their own creations! What a fabulous giveaway!

  287. Marin says

    My six year old would love working with his mind and hands to create with this! How cool!

  288. Rebecca says

    I love that this allows for total open-ended, imaginative play, but also has some ideas and even design plans to follow.

  289. Jenn deLeon says

    These are awesome! I love the playhouse, the castle, and the car! I think my girls would love those!

  290. Chris S. says

    I am amazed at the many possible fort configurations! Their ideas are amazing! My daughter would swoon over the princess castle configuration! And it almost looks like I can fit inside too!! Thank you for the chance to win a kit!!!

  291. Patty says

    OMG this is the coolest thing ever!!!! I have three boys under the age of 4 and I could just see all the endless hours of fun they could have with this and grow with it too!!!! Oh wow. Fort making has come along ways from my days.

  292. Stacy Esquibel says

    Love they come with 382 pieces for the kit I looked at which is better than under 50 which doesn’t do much.

  293. Leigh Strauss says

    I learned that the interesting thing about this company is that they really value the creativity of each individual. They strive to nurture the uniqueness of each child and seem to put that thought into the forefront of the company mission. As for the product, I like that they put so many ideas and suggestions on their website (including many Artful Parent photos), to get a new user started with building forts. Learning how to use is a good springboard for future one-of-a-kind creations.

  294. Nicki Rose says

    This is the coolest thing!! I had no idea there was such a thing. Thanks so much for sharing and for the give-a-way!! After visiting the Fort Magic site, I LOVE the fact that it promotes so much creativity, learning, self-confidence, cooperation with others! Ohhh how the last goes on and on! My boys would love something like this. I always say my oldest will be an architect some day because he is obsessed with building things. He’s 3.5 yrs old :) He’s been building and knocking down his castles, blocks, toys, etc since he was a baby. Needless to say, he’d go nuts over this!!

  295. Julie says

    I learned that in addition to all the different structures that we can build with the kit, we also have some soon-to-be-offered fabric covers to get excited about. I can see lots of fun and creative plays

  296. Lorina says

    This is awesome! I love the versatility! It would be such fun for summer, indoors & out! Way better than the hodge podge of tiny kid tents that come out at fort building time here….. :)

  297. Dominique King says

    would love to win this! looks perfect for indoor and outdoor place plus a good project to build teamwork with my four kids . my daycare kids would love it too!

  298. Michelle Beatty says

    What an awesome giveaway! My 5 year old would absolutely flip for this! Love the endless possibilities!

  299. heather del rios says

    I love all the many designs. My favorite is the tee pee! My daughter’s would go nuts:)

  300. says

    My kids (ages 4 and 5.5) would LOVE this. They are all ready fort builders but this just increases the possibilities 100x. Plus, I am part of an art collective called Fortnight. We make cardboard forts in public spaces. Thanks!

  301. Melanie Ramirez says

    I have had my eye on something like this for a long time, just saving my moolah. Fort Magic is by far the most awesome kit I’ve seen. I actually started pricing pvc pipe & all the connectors at hardware stores & this kit by Fort Magic is much more cost effective. I want it, not only for my boys, but I’m sure I will be playing in the forts as well. I especially love the idea of putting Christmas lights up around it! SO IN LOVE with this kit!!!

  302. aubrie says

    This is just what I want for my kids this summer, this is the kind of stuff kids should be doing! Looks like there are so many building possibilities…

  303. Cynde says

    Love it!!! I love the flexibility and the sturdiness. The fabric covers look awesome as well.

  304. GG says

    I love how many different things can be created. I learned that it’s about connectors: both the ones in the kit and how it’s used to connect us with our kids through shared fun.

  305. Sara C says

    I wasn’t so sold on this when I saw it on Shark Tank, but seeing it in action, it looks like it’d be awesome!

  306. Michelle B. says

    Amazing!!! There is so much creative that can be done with it. My three boys would love it!

  307. Elizabeth Drew says

    I am absolutely in awe of how fantastic the Fort Magic is in encouraging imagination, motor skills and many more learning experiences for children of all ages (adults included). The endless possibilities for making different themed or styled forts in any space is incredible.

  308. says

    The versatility is fabulous. My daughter would love to build so many of them. I can see ourselves sleeping in it, too. I love the idea of the lights hanging inside. I have my fingers crossed.

  309. kristin says

    okay, i LOVE that this builds engineering thinking and spatial skills! awesome. I also think its kinda cool that the product does not come with cloth – means you can use a myriad of sheets, scarves towels for more fort-effect! love to have this set…

  310. Mungwee says

    This is the best thing ever! A fort in no time at all and I get to keep all my kitchen chairs and couch cushions where they belong…in the kitchen and on the couch!

  311. Kristen says

    I like that kids are free to create their own shape as opposed to a set shape determined by the manufacturer!

  312. Rebecca says

    My son loves building forts and talking about the planes, cars, and trucks he’s going to build someday. He’d have so much fun with this!

  313. Linda Simon says

    I learned that one kit can make all sort of different things. This looks really cool.

  314. Sarah says

    Would love to win! My boys love building and I love when they are using their imaginations!

  315. Sharma Edwards says

    I love that you can make what ever is in your imagination. Great idea and I no my girls would love it….Plus we can make it big so I can even fit under the cubby house. Would love to win this for my family. :-)

  316. Cynthia LaRue says

    I think it’s a fun product with so many options for designing a “tent”! I like how kids can learn to build and be creative. I would enjoy helping my daughter build a tent with this product. Thanks.

  317. Susan U says

    My son has a big imagination, and the possibilities of this toy seem quite as endless. It seems to be the only thing that might compete with the his more stationary position at the Lego table. Happy to have a chance to I win one for him…. saying a prayer :)

  318. Carrie Szeto says

    I love how the kids can learn to follow instructions building it and then use their imagination playing with it. My daughter will have fun choosing the fabrics for covering the forts! I bought so meant tents and playhouse that are too small. Expensive learning lol hope we can win this big one :)

  319. Kim Pirnat says

    Saw her on Shark Tank! The product is amazing! My sons would have hours of fun with this!

  320. Kayla Schumacher says

    I love all the possibilities! The construction and inspiration for imagination is awesome! My kids would love this!

  321. camping table says

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