Building a DIY Backyard Playhouse with Fort Magic

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Paint Your Own DIY Backyard PlayhouseThe other day, when Maia and Daphne were off adventuring with friends and I had a rare few hours of kid-free time to myself, I cleaned the house from top to bottom I played with their toys.

The Fort Magic kit, specifically.

I put together a DIY backyard playhouse all by myself and enjoyed every minute of it.

(Note: See GIVEAWAY at the end of this post for a chance to win your own Fort Magic kit.)

I built the playhouse over the sandbox with the idea of creating some afternoon shade in what is one of the more popular kid spots in our yard. Maybe even some rain protection as we are getting daily afternoon showers.

I went in with a goal about shaping my children’s outdoor play space so they have:

  • Shade from the harsh afternoon sun
  • Protection from rain (maybe; as you can see from the photo we’re not quite there)
  • A fun playhouse to inspire the kids’ pretend play
  • A partially enclosed kid-size space for a sense of privacy and safety

My other goal was to try out an idea I’ve long had—cover the playhouse with a blank canvas and let the kids paint it.

Building the DIY Backyard Playhouse

Building the playhouse was easy and fun. (As it should be, since it’s a kids’ construction kit!)

Building the DIY Backyard Playhouse

I mostly followed the playhouse diagram from the Fort Magic booklet that came with the kit but made ours a little taller.

Covering the DIY Backyard Playhouse

For the walls, I cut a large white thrift-store sheet into two sections and clipped it to the frame of the playhouse with the handy little Fort Magic clips.

Playing in the Sandbox Under the Playhouse

When the girls got home from their adventures, they were so excited about the playhouse!

Painting the DIY Backyard Playhouse

After they played in it for a while, I brought out a tray of fabric paints* and the three of us painted the playhouse.

I focused on the roof and high parts. Maia painted a window with a flower box.

Painting the DIY Backyard Playhouse

Daphne painted a rainbow, a sun, a mouse house, a big person house, a butterfly, and more.

Painting the DIY Backyard Playhouse

Painting the DIY Backyard Playhouse

Paints for the Playhouse

*A note about the paints we used

We used BioColor paints mixed with a special BioColor fabric medium to turn them into fabric paints. We’ve been doing this ever since using it for our heart doily shirts and it works great as a fabric paint. Plus it allows you to mix up your own colors. We use BioColor paint more and more for much of our painting; it has pretty much replaced Tempera paint in our studio because of it’s ability to be used on a variety of surfaces and how vibrant the colors remain when dry.

For a project like this, you could also use acrylic paint thinned with water. (And if you don’t want the paint to be permanent, tempera would be fine. Or you could spray the playhouse with liquid watercolors (also not permanent).)

Playing in the Backyard Playhouse

One thing I love about the Fort Magic construction kit, is that it allows you to build something BIG but it’s not permanent. Our DIY backyard playhouse will be thoroughly enjoyed, but after a while, the kids will probably want to build some tunnels or a cabana over the kiddie pool or another submarine. And so the playhouse will come down and something newer and more exciting will go up.

Sandbox Play in the Playhouse

Daphne playing with water balloon babies and nesting turtles in the sandbox.


About The Fort Magic Construction Kit

If you read The Artful Parent, or follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you know that we love our Fort Magic kit. Like really love it.

It allows us to build big, be creative, and work together.

As a construction toy, it allows us to make just about anything we can conceive, inside or outside.

As an accessory for imaginative play, it allows us to create worlds.

And I love that as a parent, I can shape spaces for my children, making a room within a room for quiet play, fashioning a reading nook, or creating a shady kid play space outdoors.

Painting the DIY Backyard Playhouse

Buying Fort Magic

You can buy the Fort Magic kits on Amazon. Note, they have a 30-day money back guarantee and a full manufacturing warranty on all the parts!

Learn more about these construction kits on the Fort Magic website and connect with Fort Magic folks on FacebookPinterestTwitter and Youtube.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

For a chance to win a Fort Magic construction kit, valued at $199, explore the Fort Magic website then come back here and leave a comment about something you like or something you learned. After you leave your comment, make sure to click the Rafflecopter box telling it you left a comment and want to be entered into the giveaway! Giveaway open through Monday, July 7th 11:59 pm EST to readers in the US and Canada. Good luck!

This giveaway is now closed.

Disclosures: This is post is sponsored by Fort Magic. The Fort Magic fort kit for kids was sent to us for free to try out and review. All opinions expressed are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

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  1. says

    My son has been asking for one of these for a long time. I got the chance to build with one at my daughter’s school a few weeks back, and I was impressed with how sturdy it is once put together. I also love the curved pieces for windows, steering wheels, architectural interest, etc!

  2. Victoria says

    I have been looking at those plastic playhouses for my grandkids, but this outshines them. How much fun would it be for them to help put up their own little place at Baba’s house? I love it!

  3. Karla says

    This looks like sooo much fun!! We have always wanted a play house of sorts in the backyard…but cannot afford one. My kids (3,7,10) would love this! We try so hard to foster outdoor play and using their imagination… With a husband who works away from home, and not enough extra funds for a pool pass like most, this would provide hours of amazing play for children… They love building things and painting, so this fort would be perfect!!

  4. Marissa says

    My son would love this so much! Our furniture isn’t really well designed for forts, and he would be so excited for a free-standing fort!

  5. katie says

    This reminds me of a more sturdy version of a straws and connectors kit my great aunt from england gave me for one of my birthdays. I have never been able to find one for my kids. I am still amazed by this kit’s versatility. We just moved to temp housing out of state…how fun would this be for the kids as we try to settle and adjust ?!

  6. Robin says

    I just love how many forts/shapes you and yours can construct. Its endless, and horray for immaginations and using them:)

  7. jennifer says

    THis is pure genious! I have kits to make playhouses but never thought of draping a sheet and painting it! I will be trying this out today! Thank you for sharing!

  8. Sarah says

    How fun! My kids love to build forts, and this would be perfect for them! Love all the different ideas the website has for creative building.

  9. Judy says

    This fort would be a great addition to a building theme. You could build it and chose various building materials(blocks, Legos, etc) to put inside.

  10. Erin says

    On the website, I’m amazed by all the pieces you get, and it’s great to see how you can use your own fabric covers to customize it!

  11. says

    My girls would love this- the neighbor kids come over all the time, and this fort would be perfect for keeping kids occupied during long summer afternoons!

  12. Shirley says

    Looks like it would be A great rainy day activity inside. Like the looks of it with a sheer fabric cover you can still see through a little.

  13. says

    I have a 5 and 3 year old that would absolutely love this fort kit! I love how it can go up and stay up for a while or go down after played with for the day. The possibilities are endless! Such an awesome product!

  14. Mandy shefman says

    I really liked the different forts that can be made. And their demonstration of using the clips to attach sheets is really well described. This is a really neat product that I think my niece and nephew would love.

  15. susan stein says

    Love the idea of using the kit to build a cabana over the sandbox! Our school just had a (shade less) new playground created for us and would love to have our kids create one for their space. And it will be exciting to see what they figure out after that!

  16. tikki says

    wow, I love that one kit allows so many different options! Plus the fabric fun that could be had!

  17. Emma says

    Wow, the site has some great building ideas. I love the airplane. I think my kids would enjoy building with these!

  18. Terri says

    I love the open-ended nature of these construction toys. My sons loved building and I am looking forward to my grandsons following in their footsteps. I had never thought of using it as a painting easel, though!

  19. Dannie says

    Wow! I love this! My 4 and 3 year old love making indoor forts and it usually ends up being quite the debacle because their walls fall down (little sister pulls or sits on top of the walls), etc. And, it’s usually never tall enough for me to get in, while holding baby to read to them… It’s literally a pile of pillows and blankets over the couch and Ottoman.. Creating a 2 foot hole! I never knew there was something like this! Thanks for sharing!!

  20. Libby says

    These look amazing. My boyos would be crazy for this! Have an outdoor birthday party coming up at the end of the month, this would be a great addition to the event :)

  21. says

    I love that you played during your kid-free hours. :)
    I think I am most impressed with Fort Magic because it can become SOOO many different things. The options are endless, really.
    Sarah M

  22. Sarah Wilkey says

    I’m so in awe of all the possibilities worth this. The submarine looks amazing!

  23. says

    I’ve been dreaming of one of these sets for while. My son builds and rebuilds forts every day and is constantly asking for better materials. I love how endless the possibilities are!

  24. Melissa says

    I’ve never seen these sets before, but I am so excited to be introduced to them. What a great way to encourage imaginative play! I really like the flexibility this product offers since you can always take it down and rebuild. This would be a great addition to our back yard :)

  25. Brooke says

    My 2 and half year old son, my 8 month old son, and I have Friday night fort night where we get blankets and chairs build a fort ( old school) and wAtch a movie and eat ice cream sundaes. It’s something we do for fun to end the week and start the weekend! This fort magic would be amazing! I love how there are different designs and options and how your website is super detailed showing how to make them! If we won we would use this all the time and my 2 sons would be so happy!

  26. Janet Newhall says

    I’ve been itching for one of these for my three year old! Paper walls for art is a great idea.

  27. Rose says

    love the variety of ways these can be used – the submarine may be my favorite – pretty sure they would never get old!

  28. Kate says

    I love the open ended play that this would inspire – and that it can be used both inside and outside. Also great for encouraging cooperation among brothers!

  29. Janet says

    I learned that the company offers a full manufacturer’s warranty on all parts. Way to go!! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  30. Kacee Kludt says

    I learned about all the different things you can build. My son would love a rocket ship!!!

  31. Trish says

    After visiting the website, I didn’t realize all the amazing things you can build with it. My girls would love it!

  32. Miriam Prantner says

    I love that there are curved pieces in the kit.

    I also really love how you used it, so fun to decorate/paint outdoors!

  33. Stacey Brill says

    I love that it doesn’t come with fabric so you can be so creative, making it new each time.

  34. Mindi says

    How cool is this idea of yours! I would love to do the same over our sandbox and make a fun day of it with painting the walls. Hitting Goodwill for some sheets….now I just need to win the fort!

  35. sheri anderson says

    I love Fort Magic because of the creativity it inspires in both the child and the parent/grandparent, so awesome and would love to try it out with my two grandsons some day, Thanks!!

  36. valerie theberge says

    I learned they offer a 30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee of Satisfaction

  37. Carlen says

    We could truly never afford one of these, but I am seeing them everywhere and they look a-mazing. From the site, my boys would LOVE to make the space ship. Your backyard looks so fun! Thank you for this giveaway!

  38. Shawna says

    I’ve been looking at this for my children for a few months now! It looks so neat! I really think my son would go to town creating with it.

  39. Nicole Walker says

    I love that it all breaks down for easy storage and that you can create anything you can think of.

  40. SarahH says

    Love Fort Magic and the Artful Parent. So many possibilities…… I would love to build many things outside right now but would probably start with a playhouse similar to Jean’s :)

  41. April P says

    I have been wanting one of these for my son forever! It looks amazing! I love that the company has so many diagrams and building examples on their website. :-)

  42. Rachael says

    I love how many options there are so everyone can find something to enjoy. Plus it’s open ended, so the fun never stops.

  43. Mindy says

    I learned that you can use your own fabric! Helps I hands the design by being able to go to the local fabric store and pick up something that matches your building theme! Or just use sheets!

  44. kim says

    I am so impressed with everything you can do with fort magic. I have seen so much creativity.

  45. melissa b says

    checked out there website (again) and learned (again) that they are awesome! I have to get one for my girls for sure! ps awesome yard! love it!

  46. charla graepel says

    I love that Fort Magic is an amazing imaginative building tool and not limited to just forts.

  47. Barb says

    I have been looking at the fort magic set for a while now. They seem like they have a lot of versatility and allow for creative play. I would love to win one.

  48. Anna says

    This kit looks like SO much fun! My kids (3.5yi and 6m) would absolutely love it! And, as a plus, mama would enjoy every minute of helping them to build it:)

  49. Amy says

    Woah! Those kits are so cool! I love how versatile they are – I just wish they were less expensive.

  50. Jessica says

    I was thoroughly impressed by the sheer number of building ideas. So much potential for creativity!

  51. Lisa J says

    Fort Magic is so awesome. I’ve seen it before on blogs and even their basic kits are neat. This would be great to win!

  52. Christina says

    I love their mission statement.

    “Fort Magic is dedicated to creating products that celebrate the greatness and uniqueness of every child as an individual. We believe that every child deserves to become a confident human being, experiencing life in its most loving, abundant and unlimited potential.  Achieving happiness through individual and creative self-expression, with positive and meaningful connection to the world and others around them. Fort Magic believes that any child can build the life they dream of!”

  53. Michelle B says

    Amazing product! I really love the easy connectors and that the kit comes with so many curved pieces too. Your idea of covering it with paper and then painting is genius! Thanks for the giveaway :)

  54. Heather says

    My kids LOVE building forts and building BIG, so I think they would love everything about this set. I would probably build the canoe or the submarine, but my kids would probably love to build a teepee or an igloo!

  55. Michelle Morris says

    My kids have been wanting a fort or treehouse forever! I love that this exists! The fact you configure it so many different ways and it’s not permanent and can be re-done is awesome! My youngest will LOVE the castle or mansion! I sure hope we win because it’s definitely not in our budget as cool as it is. :(

  56. Nicki says

    I love that the kit comes with suggested designs to build. My kids are forever pulling out all our blankets to make forts. They would love this!

  57. Faye E. Hunt says

    I love how versatile this building kit is. Allowing for children to stretch their imaginations. My five year old son and two year old daughter would LOVE this!!!

  58. Katy Rizzuti says

    Fort Magic is an amazing versatile, open-ended product. I love the many design ideas that their website provides. The added bonus that is created by another inventive mother!
    I love how you took the fabric and had your children paint their own patterns, designs, and shapes on their fort! What a treasure!

  59. Jean W. says

    I love that it’s totally customizable and can be made into all different shapes and sizes.

  60. nicole glow says

    My kids would looooove this fort building kit. My oldest daughter is always trying to build forts and I am convinced this would be perfect gift for her 9th birthday coming up. I admit, the price is a bit hard to swallow. She is getting older and how long really will she want to build forts?!

  61. Amy says

    i adore that this is as happy outdoor as it is indoors. our cardboard forts never last long in the weather!

  62. Aly Kantor says

    I am having trouble putting into words just how much I want one of these for my classroom. I think I have entered every fort magic giveaway you have had on your site so far – LOL! I loved looking at all of the imaginative plans for construction on the website (and imagining what the kids would do with it if I had the money for a set!)

  63. Holly McCormick says

    I like the design patterns on the website and I love how you painted the cover!!

  64. Susan says

    It’s great how open ended the creativity options are for the kids, awesome product!

  65. KathyK says

    I just love the chance to create over and over again – my boys do things on whims, and these Fort kits understand that. And I think my oldest boy could easily be the architect while the little one does the dreaming and designing! We really really want a kit!!

  66. Marilyn Legault says

    I learned how easy these creations are to set up for the kids and you can even build a submarine.

  67. says

    This Fort Magic kit has always looked like so much fun! Such a wonderful open-ended, large scale building toy… I want one!!!

  68. Jeanette R. Wirth says

    This looks like so much fun. The kids are just the right ages to really get full use out of a kit like this. The older ones can help the younger ones with design and attaching the pieces. Everyone would love to decorate each creation. Love it.

  69. Heather says

    I love love the fact that you can build all of those different things from just one kit! Talk about versatility! My 3 would have a blast with this, for sure.

  70. Jen says

    The possibilities are endless, my boys would love to build a fort and I’d live for them to leave my couch cushions alone!

  71. Cali says

    I love that the kit can be used to make all kinds of different configurations! Looks awesome!

  72. Jennifer says

    We have a fort building set we received as a gift, and we love it, but there’s so many more possibilities with a fort magic set. I’d like to trade mine in!

  73. Kelly A says

    I love the circles, you could make steering wheels, castle lookouts, submarine windows, you do not see circles in most kid building kits.

  74. Emily says

    Amazing! Who doesn’t love building an awesome fort to play in? The fort magic kit is one that would give my 3 kids hours and hours of creative playtime. With so many things you can make with this, I’d probably find myself playing with it after they go to bed! And to top it off it’s an award winning educational toy. It does t get any better than this!

  75. Pallavi says

    My kids would love this Fort Magic kit! I love how it fosters creativity and imagination.

  76. janell says

    This is one of those toys that I don’t know who’d have more fun with it: me or my boys.

  77. Jennifer P. says

    Wow, my daughter would love this! I like that their website has all kinds of building design ideas – great for creatively-challenged moms like me!

  78. Tammi says

    I like that you can make several designs of your choice. This looks like such fun.

  79. Kristina says

    I love that the kit comes with so many different kinds of pieces and connectors -the variety means an endless amount of designs can be built! I also love the length of some of the pieces, for building larger structures, like what you built! The curved pieces seem like they’d add a lot of fun visual interest. This wound be awesome to win, as its totally something we’d not be able to splurge on with our budget. Thanks to Fort Magic for the opportunity!

  80. Beth says

    I’ve been considering creating something similar out of PVC plumbing pipes. This set is way better, tho. My kids–a preK and a senior in high school–would both love this kit.

  81. says

    Wow!! This is one of the neatest imaginative toys I have ever seen! I have four kids, and I can see each of them playing for hours making their own creations :) The play options are endless!

  82. amy says

    So much fun and creativity in this kit, would love to see what my two girls could create

  83. Kathy S says

    Another set of twins added to our list of grandchildren (that makes #8 and #9). The oldest is 10 years old. I would absolutely LOVE to have such a creative and fun building project for them all when they visit. I’ve been building structures in the house with furniture, blankets, boxes, etc. ever since my own children were small and still do with the grandchildren……….but this would just be fabulous! Their little creative brains would be working overtime for sure.

  84. Shanda Frydenlund says

    I love that it is an open ended toy. They give you some great recommendations but from there the options are unlimited!

  85. Austin says

    What a great idea! This would be fantastic with a mosquito net thrown over it to protect us from the dreaded skeeters here in South Texas!

  86. Jennifer Schulz says

    my girls would absolutely positively love this kit! They get so frustrated when their forts built from couch cushions just fall over or don’t provide enough space. This kit is so versatile!

  87. says

    This is SUPER cool!! I love the fact that with new sheets from the thrift store, this can be a new thing again and again AND AGAIN!!! And the fact you can take it down, each summer it can become NEW again!!! And I don’t think you are EVER too old for this. I can see any age from my 14 yr girl down to my 8yr old boy loving this!

  88. Paula Dooge says

    I LOVE this opportunity – thank you – as could not afford to buy it. Who doesn’t love a hidey-hole or a way to build any sort of plane/tunnel/boat you like!! Wow, fort magic offers a world of amazing fun. My 2 boys would go crazy for this.

  89. Isa says

    I love the fact that only ONE kit gives you so many options! My girls would love this! Unfortunately I just checked on Amazon and they don’t seem to be shipping to Canada so I really need to win this! :)

  90. Sandy says

    I love how versatile this is. My grandchildren will be able to use this for years!

  91. debra says

    This is the coolest thing that I have seen in a very long time. We have a very small backyard and this would be perfect for creativity in the desert

  92. carol says

    I know my grands would LOVE this set as they have a smaller version and could build bigger and more creative things with this set.

  93. tannis says

    I love it! To build a fairly sturdy outside play structure (especially shielding from the sun) that is easy to take down and build something new. I’m not sure who would love it more – me or the kids!

  94. Mary says

    My kids would love it!

    Also… I saw this poem an thought of your site!

    PURPLE by Alexis Rotella

    In first grade

    Mrs. Lohr said

    my purple teepee

    wasn’t realistic enough

    that purple was no color

    for a tent,

    that purple was a color

    for people who died,

    that my drawing

    wasn’t good enough to hang

    with the others.

    I walked back to my seat

    counting the swish swish swishes

    of my baggy corduroy trousers.

    With a black crayon

    nightfall came to my purple tent

    in the middle of an afternoon.

    In second grade

    Mr. Barta said draw anything,

    he didn’t care what.

    I left my paper blank

    and when he came around

    to my desk

    my heart beat like a tom tom.

    He touched my head

    with his big hand

    and in a soft voice said

    the snowfall

    how clean

    and white

    and beautiful.

  95. Wendy says

    This looks sooooooo fun! My 2 littles would looooovvvvveeeeee this! Thanks for sharing!

  96. Emily McCann says

    WOw! This looks so cool! I love that one kit can make so many different “forts.” This would be endless fun!!

  97. Mary says

    What a wonderful idea. I have dreamed of getting the Fort Magic kit for my kids for a while now.

  98. Rebecca says

    I love how sturdy I looks. We have another fort building set that falls apart easily and the kids can’t really assemble themselves. I also love the sheet clips! Great idea! Both my kids would love this.

  99. C says

    These are great! My kids were looking over my shoulder, and inspired to put together a fort today. I enjoyed seeing all the creations on their website, and the kids playing in them! That this is such a lightweight and easy to assemble/disassemble product makes it very appealing.

  100. Midori Hyndman says

    What a wonderful idea. Visited the site and found wonderful photos of all the creations. Such a great idea to make creations at such a large scale.
    My kids would adore this!

  101. Kara says

    Love this! My kids would have so much fun with this :) Right now, we just have sheets hanging from the cloths line. This would be so much better! Thanks for the giveaway :)

  102. Nicole M. says

    This is so cool! I love the company’s mission. It’s wonderful to have a product that allows for more than one design and gives a child the chance to put his/her unique stamp on it.

  103. says

    I have been drooling over this kit for some time now. It’s just not in my budget right now. I really hope I win!

  104. Loryn says

    Looks great, especially since it’s so versatile! We have a couple of “fort” sets and none of them are easy for my kids (4 & 7) to assemble because they all have sticks that have to get inserted into “balls” and it’s difficult, even for me. I think the Fort Magic looks much sturdier. I wonder if I could use it outside and then clean it off and put it in the basement for play when it’s not summer anymore?!

  105. Kiera says

    Love the idea of using this for shade in the areas of your yard where it’s super sunny! Brilliant :)

  106. Rachel says

    What an amazing idea!! My boys would be outside for the rest of the Summer!!! I am a preschool Teacher too, gonna have to get one for my (other) kids :)

  107. Trisha says

    Wow, I never imagined all the different designs for the magic fort. They really seam endless but easy enough to build. Super fun. Thanks for sharing all your inspiring ideas.

  108. Beth says

    I like how the website emphasizes that the possibilities are endless with this project

  109. Rachel L says

    I like the ‘world of fort magic’ tab that shows new ideas and other products.

  110. Tammy B says

    I love that you can build different forts depending on where you are going that day :)

  111. Maghen says

    My boys love to be workers; they diligenly build with any scraps they can find. This would be an amazing way for them to work together and build a more functional unit to play in.

  112. sheri anderson says

    What an awesome kit and brings out so much creativity in both young and old, love that, and thanks for the chance!

  113. LeKeshua says

    I have never heard of this before and sounds amazing. The possibilities appear endless. My kids would love this and create endless adventures with it as well. Hope we win. Glad I found you a couple of weeks ago. I need to get your book Asap!!!! Thanks for sharing your world with us.

  114. Eva Jackson says

    Comment from my kids, “this is way cool, I can build so many things with it. I don’t need instructions!” Great way to expand their imagination!!!!!

  115. Cassandra WM says

    I absolutely love everything there is about Fort Magic! I love that it provides for active and open-ended imaginative play and that it allows kids to express their creativity almost endlessly. Thank you for the chance to win!

  116. Julie U says

    Love this kit!! My kids would love one for summer! I love that they can use their imagination!!

  117. Priscilla says

    Painting on the house is such a good idea! That blank canvas adds a whole other element!

  118. Kristy Z says

    I learned from the Fort Magic site that they will be having fabric covers for the forts soon, how cool! Thanks for the chance!

  119. Jessca Beegle says

    I love the curved pieces and the connectors! We have tried other fort building kits and were very limited in what we could do and they were not sturdy at all. I don’t think we ever got anything built because they would just fall apart at the lightest touch. If I was frustrated trying to build something with those other kits I can only imagine how a kid must feel!
    I’ve been eyeballing the Fort Magic kits for about a year now, if I don’t win one I’ll be buying one for the kids “big” combined Christmas present!

  120. Andrea Mahoney says

    We love the versatility of Fort Magic and all that you can do with it!! It has been so fun watching families build so many fun things! We would love the opportunity to bless our family with this set, especially with temps being in the 110’s for much of the summer here. :-)

  121. Jenifer says

    I loved learning about the fabric paints you used. I often want washable paint since my kids are very smal, but I love the option of making something more permanent!

  122. Traci says

    This is such a cool toy! I had never heard of it before seeing it posted here. I got on the website and saw that you can build a pirate ship. how cool! My boys would love this : )

  123. Wendy W says

    My boys would love all that they could come up with while play with this kit.

  124. Danielle F says

    I love that there are so many options. What a great way to get the kiddos to use their imagination!

  125. Stacey Shuback Diaz says

    My son would love this! I love how you make it their own by letting the kiddos paint on it :)

  126. Stacey Shuback Diaz says

    My son would love this! I love how you make it their own by letting the kiddos paint on it :) I learned that you can make many designs from one kit and that it is easy enough for kids to do themselves. The directions on the website make it easy for anyone to follow along with.

  127. Laura B. says

    Fort Magic looks like a lot of fun. All the different shapes you can make, the submarine and airplane directions remind me of the cardboard forts i made from refrigerator, freezer, washer, and drier boxes growing up.

  128. Rhonda says

    This looks incredibly fun. I know my kids would love it. I especially like that there are so many different projects that can made from it… this is one of those toys that will be used and used. Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  129. Melissa Sparks says

    I learned that putting together forts are super easy and fun!!! And there are many designs for boys and girls!

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  131. Jennifer Berquist says

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  132. Mandi Gilliam says

    My son Taylor suffers autism. But like most autistic children he has one very special talent. And that is ART!!! For an 11 year old you really wouldn’t believe what he could do. But because of his autism it leaves him socially awkward and so he doesn’t go out much even though I encourage him everyday. This would be a dream come true for him. He has been asking for a fort and with him being able to paint it himself, well I think if we won he would PASS OUT! Thank you for the opportunity to give something so perfectly fit for my son!

  133. Stacy Wilson says

    I love this for so many reasons, 1) it’s outdoors, our theme in our homeschool is nature is a treasure,2) I love the easy assembly, it’s also outside, messy but mess free in a sense, and great if your using the natural paints. I’m lucky and can use flour ( i’ve made gluten free finger paint before also) to make the paints and love using natural dyes, like eggplant :) 3) it seems like I can never save the kiddos amazing creations, this would very easy to roll up the art to keep for later to show in life. I love it!

  134. Mary L says

    My kids would love this set as my son is always stealing all the cushions from the sofa to make dens- this would be so much better!

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  137. Deanna C says

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    • Barbara Lundberg says

      I just noticed that you asked us to visit the Fort Magic site and tell something that I liked or learned. I want to add to my comment that the thing I like most is how this products encourages creativity. You can assemble it in many different ways, using only some of the pieces, or all of them. It lets kids decide how to create. I can’t get enough of toys like that.

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