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21 Outdoor Art Ideas for Kids

by Jean Van't Hul
May 4, 2021

More than 21 fun outdoor art ideas for kids that are perfect for warmer weather. These art activities are extra big, extra messy, and are perfect for the outdoors.

A cardboard tunnel and ramp setup for painting with wheels for kids art activity
Photo by Rachel Withers

Updated May 2021

Today we have some seriously fun outdoor art ideas that you might want to try with your kids while the weather is nice. Plus one to save for a rainy day.

We do plenty of art inside, of course, but we also like to take our creative activities to the backyard. Sometimes just because we want to be outside enjoying beautiful weather and we also want to do art.

There’s always simply painting or drawing! Or just about any other art activity that we would normally do inside.

But some art activities are just better suited to the outdoors, whether because they involve nature, need more space, are extra messy, or use outdoor equipment.

So I put together a list of these extra fun and interesting outdoor art activities for kids. Try one today and add some of the others to your summer bucket list. Many of these activities would be fun for a play date, party, a children’s art group, or even a neighborhood summer camp.

P.S. This post got crazy big, so I made a separate post on Nature Art for Kids

outdoor art pinterest

21+ Outdoor Art Ideas for Kids

pink, purple and blue splatter painting
Photo by Rachel Withers
spray painting
water balloon painting in the pool
A red car on cardboard with tracks from painting with wheels
Photo by Rachel Withers
How to Make Sunprints for Kids_FB
Photo by Rachel Withers
paint your own playhouse
Oobleck and toys at sensory table
Photo by Rachel Withers
bubble printing
splat painting
Fizzy Glitter Potions - A Fun Sensory Idea for Kids
painted rocks
Photo by Rachel Withers
Ice Sculptures made with the salt melting ice experiment, colorful ice tunnels, and animal figurines

How about you? Which outdoor art ideas would you like to try? Any fun ones you would add to the list?

Looking for NATURE ART ideas? I have a whole post of 33 Nature Art Ideas for Kids that includes ideas for outside and in.

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