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How to Make Your Own Obstacle Course for Kids

by Jean Van't Hul
August 3, 2023

Here’s a fun DIY backyard obstacle course for kids that they can make themselves (awesome for playdates and parties!) plus an easy DIY slip ‘n slide.

Updated March 2024

Here are some easy ways to make your own obstacle course in your backyard!

One thing we love to use for this type of play is a Fort Magic kit. Our kids like taking the Fort Magic kit outside in the summer, especially during playdates, to make their own forts, houses, obstacle courses, and games.

Here are some backyard obstacle course ideas and inspiration, from our kids to yours!

How to Make Your Own Obstacle Course for Kids

1. Hopscotch

Use sidewalk chalk to draw a hopscotch board on the ground. Kids can jump from square to square, following the traditional rules or creating their own challenges.

2. Limbo Stick

Use a broomstick or some Fort Magic poles held by two people as a limbo bar. Kids can take turns bending backward and passing under the bar without touching it.

The obstacle course finish line

3. Maze Course

Use colored tape or sticks to create a maze on the grass or pavement. Kids can navigate the maze by walking along the lines without stepping on the maze line.

Make Your Own Obstacle Course for Kids with Fort Magic

4. Obstacle Course Flags

Use Fort Magic poles or dowels with flags attached to create a series of flags that kids have to weave in and out of as they run through the course. You can also lay them across a kiddie pool to add a water feature!

5. Balloon Obstacle Course

Blow up balloons and scatter them around the yard. Kids have to navigate through the balloons without popping them. Or try tossing a balloon (or water balloon!) through a hoop.

DIY Slip N Slide in Action

6. DIY Slip n Slide!

You can make your own Slip n Slide with a tarp and some soap!

We folded over our tarp and created a canopy entrance for the slip n slide using the Fort Magic kit and some colorful pool noodles. We weighted down the edges of the tarp slide with a few sandwich bags filled with sand from the sand box.

Then we squirted some dish soap onto the new DIY slip n slide and turned on the hose. We took turns running and sliding. Over and over and over!

DIY Slip N Slide with Fort Magic Canopy

Do you think you’ll try one of these fun obstacle course ideas this summer?!

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