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Born in Melbourne Australia.
Degree in Printmaking and Art and Design
My Art business has evolved over the last 2 decades. It all started with designing greeting cards and designing ceramics which took me to London for 5 years.
Returning to Melbourne my hometown and after having my family I realized how important Art Education is for children.
The last 8 years my Captured Art Design is solely for Art teachers or parents to enjoy and capture art through a creative childhood. I also work in Education supporting special needs children through learning Art. My latest love of teaching children art activities and techniques is to enjoy the free stuff getting creative with children with little or no money to create masterpieces getting the creative brain working.

I am an artist, collaborator, educator and curriculum expert. I'm on a mission to facilitate human connection using the power of creativity to bring us together across all borders AND ages AND ethnicities AND religions AND genders through the universal language of art…

I believe that understanding only comes through real connection. I'm a visual artist with a Bachelors in Architecture and a Masters in Teaching Visual Art. These foundations provide a unique perspective on all that I do.

I'm also the founding director of Roots + Wings School of Art and Design in Asheville, where we offer innovative art and design education programs for all ages. I serve as Visual Art Advisor to the PBS for the ‘Pinkalicious’ series, the PBS’ Online Learning platform and the PBS Arts Curriculum development. I work with individuals, schools and organizations to become Create + Connect Circle Facilitators using the Create + Connect process through my Curriculum of Connection.

Serving as a volunteer art docent for my son's kindergarten class was my lead in to becoming my school's Professional Expert in Visual Arts. I taught weekly K-5 classes and conducted an after-school Art Enrichment program as well for over ten years, before leaving to pursue my online art website business at Art Projects for

I am a maker.

I grew up in a house where we made things. We learnt to sew and to knit; to saw, hammer and build. My Mum baked bread every day and we grew vegetables. We learnt to fix broken things. We were resourceful.

All of these skills made me who I am and ignited my love for craft. This passion for making is something I would like to pass on to my children and to others; it was the reason for beginning my business MINI MAD THINGS.

Joanna Pink runs a project called Art Club Mexico City. She is mum to a toddler and loves crafting. After moving to Mexico City from the UK, Joanna set up an art space for families. She currently teaches Zoom art classes and virtual art camps to children all over the world and her studio offers classes in English and Spanish.

I’m Sofia, I’m a proud Mexican artist and teacher.
I studied Design in Mexico City and I am
specialized in Art.
One of my passions are kids and sharing my culture
with art has become my passion!. That's why I
decides to make a certification with the Montessori
Institute of Barcelona with an art degree for kids
ages 6 to 12.
For me, being an artist is how I express myself to
the world.
I teach art in many art studios around my city. I've
been teaching kids for more than 4 years and I
love it!
I am very patient and cozy, and my main goal is to
let the kids discover their passion about art their
own way.
I believe that art opens your mind and makes you
think in other ways. Art breaks your traditional
thought. It pulls your feet away from the ground
and brings imagination to make you fly!!

10 Best Kids Art Ideas
10 Best Kids Art Ideas

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