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Member Directory

Jaime Herndon is a medical writer and a mom to a very active little boy who loves to learn. She drinks too much caffeine and reads too many books at one time. You can follow her new homeschooling journey on Instagram.

Anna is the Digital Communications Manager for The Artful Parent. She lives in Fort Wayne, Indiana and runs KidLitCrafts where she shares beautiful picture books and ideas for family creativity.

Hello! I’m Lauren Signorelli-the face behind ARTful PLAYhouse. I’m a mama of
three and a former Preschool/Kindergarten teacher and Early Childhood
Education trainer. My goal is to create a space where children and their families
have the freedom to be creative, get messy and experience the power of play!
My cozy little studio is located in Southern Maryland!

Sylva is an artist and art educator, creating art and sensory experiences for children. She finished her Masters in Visual Arts, Sculpture and Pedagogy in Prague and moved to Berlin six years ago.

Since then she has worked with babies–school age kids.

Most recently she is at home with her little daughter enjoying all the arts and sensory fun possible with her. She is very interested in the Reggio Emilia approach and process art with kids.

Leah McDermott is a homeschooling mama of two, and a former Master Educator who spent her early career working in inner city public schools, where she realized how little interaction students had with creative ventures and natural experiences on a daily basis. It has since become her mission to help parents and teachers around the world bring more natural and creative elements to their children’s everyday learning experiences.

She does this mainly through her homeschool curriculum, A Child’s World, her one-of-a-kind parent training course Grow Your Natural Learner, and through multiple training programs, writings, and experiences for educators and parents.

Leah has been featured on The Huffington Post and USA Today. She lives in Eugene, OR with her husband, two sons, and menagerie of animals.

Erin is the owner of Makers, a process-based kid’s art studio in Rhode Island. She earned her Masters in Elementary Education, and believes creative experiences are highly beneficial for the emotional, intellectual and developmental growth of children. Erin lives in Rhode Island with her husband, their two young children, Emma & Jack, and the world’s best dog.

I’m Rachael, a mummy to three gorgeous children. I am a teacher by profession, studying a degree and then continuing on to masters level. Teaching was my passion and still is, but after having three babies in just under three years, I thought it was time to take a career break. I will forever be grateful for the position that I am in and cherish each and every moment spent watching my little ones grow. I hadn’t really documented our learning and play journey so much until just over a year ago when I decided to start my very own Instagram page. I absolutely adore the Instagram community and have connected with like-minded people all over the world. Sharing our passion and love for all things play has become something that I thoroughly enjoy. I discovered my love for natural resources and use them as often as I can. The majority of the time, they are completely free, they offer so much inspiration and provide such a multi-sensory experience for our little ones during play. My eldest daughter however, isn’t so much a hands-on learner and thrives off structured learning experiences. I created many printable resources of my own for her when she was younger and decided to open up a shop to share a small selection of our ideas. Now that my youngest is two, I feel as though I can focus more on building up a resource bank for all parents/careers to use with their little ones at home, mixing both approaches to learning.