Toddler Art Activities

Toddler Art Ideas – 50+ Creative Art & Play Activities for Toddlers


These 50+ fun and engaging toddler art ideas include painting, sculpture, collage, and action art. Plus there are lots of sensory and other creative activities for toddlers and other young children!

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Here at The Artful Parent, we often receive requests for art ideas for toddlers and creative activities for toddlers. 

Toddlers are known for their high energy and short attention spans, along with their amazing ability to quickly acquire new skills; often after much persistence and with big, proud smiles at their accomplishments.

If you’re looking for art activities for toddlers and ways to connect with the child in your life,  look no further!

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Toddler Art Ideas

 5 BEST Toddler Art Activities, 5 Low Mess Creative Activities for Kids and 7 Process Art Activities for Toddlers are all great starting points if you’re looking for ideas for toddler art projects.

Below are some of our tried and true favorites for exploring arts and crafts for toddlers.

Many of these toddler art activities fall under process art, a way of encouraging exploration and experimentation with new materials or methods. 

DIY Cardboard Heart Valentines and Watercolor Resist Art for Toddlers

Painting Activities for Toddlers

These painting ideas work well with kids of all ages, toddlers included! Open-ended art activities that kids can try over and over again!

Action Art for Toddlers

Action Art for Toddlers

Action art is such a fun way for toddlers to move around AND make beautiful art. These ideas are great for encouraging exploration!

Nature play ideas for toddlers and leaf prints.

Nature Arts & Crafts for Toddlers

Go on a nature walk and gather flowers, leaves and pinecones to try out these wonderful nature art activities for toddlers.

Sculpture art for toddlers

Sculpture Art for Toddlers

3-D Art is so exciting for young kids. These sculpture ideas for kids are sure to be a hit!

Playdough and Clay Activities for Toddlers

Playdough & Clay Activities for Toddlers

Clay and playdough provide a wonderful tactile experience for young children. Here are some fun ideas to incorporate with the materials next time around.

toddler page sensory collage

Sensory Activities for Toddlers

Try any of these toddler activities to engage all the senses! These sensory activities are fun opportunities for kids to squish, squeeze, splash, manipulate, and experiment with a variety of materials.

Blotto art prints and mirror image printmaking for kids.

Printmaking for Toddlers

Printmaking is an exciting art activity for toddlers and adults alike as paint transfers to an entirely new surface!

Collage art ideas for toddlers

Collage Art for Toddlers

Toddlers love collaging materials! These toddler art activities help develop fine motor skills and are so fun for toddlers.

7 Art Activities for Travel with Toddlers _ FB

Toddler Art + Travel

Are you looking for screen-free travel ideas to engage your toddler while traveling? Try making your own art kit or check out our art ideas for travel with kids:

Toddler Art Class with Process Art and Music

Thinking about Starting an Art Group?

Are you considering starting your own art group for kids? Here are some great tips and information for how to go about it.

Toddler Activities for Play Dates

Or Need Some Toddler Art Ideas for Play Dates?

Art + friends is a wonderful combination! Here are simple, easy ideas for art activities for toddlers to do together.

The Top 25 Best Art Materials for Kids

Not sure what materials to start with? Check out our 25 Best Art Materials for Kids and be sure to sign-up for a free PDF Download of Top 10 Art Materials for Toddlers!

Are you looking for more Toddler Art Ideas? Click to explore The Artful Parent archive and search “toddler” in the top right corner.

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Toddler Art Ideas – 50+ Creative Art & Play Activities for Toddlers