A DIY Easter Egg Tree

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Making An Easter Egg Tree with Kids

We made an Easter egg tree!

The tree is inspired by the wonderful Easter egg tree in Tasha Tudor’s A Time to Keep.

Tasha Tudor A Time to Keep

Maia has asked to make one just about every time we’ve read the book. I’m good at saying, “someday, perhaps…” But this time we finally just made one.

Here’s how…

A DIY Easter Egg Tree

A DIY Easter Egg Tree


  • A branch with multiple stems
  • A bucket
  • Sand/pebbles/dirt
  • Hollow Easter eggs, decorated
  • Ribbon or yarn
  • Hot glue gun


The tree is a branch, blown down in our backyard, stuck in a bucket of rocks, sand, and dirt.

The eggs are the lightweight, blown-out Easter eggs we just decorated. I used a glue gun to attach a ribbon loop to each for hanging purposes.

Easter Egg Tree

Maia decorated our tree.

An Easter Egg Tree

And I redistributed some of the eggs after a while in the interest of keeping them all on the tree and whole.

Now we just need some grass seed to plant at the base of our tree! I’m wondering if you can buy it in little seed packets or if it’s only for sale in those big 5 pound bags. Anyone know?

How about you? Have you made a DIY Easter egg tree? If not, I recommend giving this super simple version a try and display your decorated eggs for Easter.

Update :: Check out this beautiful Easter egg tree Tiffany from Peanut Blossom made, inspired by mine. She used flower-covered branches!

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Making an Easter Egg Tree with Kids

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  1. says

    What about a seed pack of CHIVES they look similar to grass and you can send the girls to trim off some for dinner too!

  2. Anne t. says

    You can buy oatgrass seeds at nurseries, they often have a picture of a cat- meant to be used for growing greens for kitties so they don’t munch on your houseplants.

  3. kelli says

    I found packages of Cat grass at the pet store or Target (Oat grass seed). Very reasonably priced and comes up quickly. Then you can give it to a local cat.

  4. says

    we use wheat berries we buy in bulk at earth fare or greenlife. they both have them and you can just get the amount that you need. if you plant them now, they will hopefully be sprouted and growing by easter. soaking them overnight before planting them is supposed to help, too.

  5. Alisha says

    I was wondering how you would display them! That’s so neat.
    For the grass you could use wheatgrass seeds. I’ve seen them sold in packets at health food stores. Garden stores (that have vegetable seed packets) might have something.

  6. Carrie Spritzer says

    The tree is BEAUTIFUL! As for the seeds, at our local independently owned farm supply and nursery, you can buy seeds in bulk… so you could buy a truck-full or teaspoon of seeds. Do you have a store like that near you? Perhaps a feed supply store would have them too (can you tell we live out in the country?!). Good luck!

  7. Lesley says

    Chia seeds sprout in just a few days and get lush and thick. Also super nutritious, you could trim off a few for a salad… And yes, they are the same as the ones for the ch- ch- ch- CHia pets.

  8. megwrites says

    It turned out so great! I’ve always wanted an Easter egg tree; A Time to Keep was one of my favorite books growing up.

  9. says

    we sprouted wheat grass for easter a few years ago. grows very quick and tall.
    We also decorate an easter tree each year.
    we painted our branches before we started (since you like art and all ;) I thought you might like that tip. The girls had fun painting the skinny branches white.)
    I LOVE THAT BOOK and want it. I’ve never seen her books in australia but I’m sure they are around.

  10. amy.amend says

    Hard red wheat sprouts within 5-6 days (put in warm spot…on top of fridge). Buy at local natural food store…cute tree!

  11. Jeannette says

    We had that book growing up. Love it! I always wanted to try to find different sized eggs.

  12. says

    Your easter egg tree is really very beautiful.
    My eldest has made hairy stocking worms at school- stockings, pantyhose, tights filled with cotton wool and bird seed and kept wet. The seed has sprouted through the hosiery and made the worm look hairy. The bird seed sprouts in a couple of days if moist and warm.

  13. says

    I second the chia! I think it’s nice because you can find it in natural grocery stores, but I bet that any seeds that you sprout to eat would look so cute in that pot. Yay, micro-greens!

  14. SquiggleMum says

    We have an Easter Egg tree too! I love any excuse to hang things off branches really…