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11 Fun Easter Crafts for Kids to Make

by Jean Van't Hul
March 22, 2016

If you’re looking for Easter crafts for kids to make, here are 11 of our family’s favorites from the past few years, including eggs, nests, and suncatchers.

11 Easter Crafts for Kids to Make

In case you’re looking for some Easter crafts for kids, here are a bunch of fun ideas that we’ve done over the years, including Easter eggs of all kinds, birds’ nests, suncatchers, and more.

I fully believe in open-ended, process-oriented art activities for kids.


We really enjoy our holiday craft projects, too.

Some of which are admittedly a bit less open-ended.

At Christmas, we make salt dough ornaments and decorative garlands. In the month leading up to Halloween, we create spiderwebs and bats and Jack-o’-lanterns out of paper or fabric or yarn. Around Thanksgiving, we turn playdough and feathers into turkeys.

And at Easter? As Easter approaches, we decorate dozens of Easter eggs, make bunny ears, and create birds’ nests all different ways.

So, today, with Easter approaching, I thought I’d share some of our favorite Easter crafts for kids. Here goes…

11 Easter Crafts for Kids

Make and Decorate Papier Mache Eggs with Kids

Make giant papier-mache Easter eggs

An Easter Craft for Kids - Stained Glass Easter Eggs

Stained glass Easter eggs

Make Easter Egg Suncatchers with Flower Petals

Easter egg suncatchers (with flower petals)

Make Easter Egg Suncatchers with Tissue Paper

Easter egg suncatchers (with colored tissue paper)

11 Fun Easter Egg Decorating Ideas for Kids

Decorate Easter eggs 11 ways

How to Make an Easter Egg Tree with Kids

Make a DIY Easter egg tree

Easter Art Activities for Kids

Painted wooden eggs & Styrofoam printed Easter eggs

Tissue Paper Nests Easter Craft

Make tissue paper bird nests

Pretzel Nests - Creative Easter Snack for Kids

Pretzel nests :: creative Easter snacks for kids

Make Wool Felted Easter Eggs

Make felted eggs

Paint Easter Egg Rocks with Kids

Easter egg rocks

25 Creative Ideas for Easter Baskets

In case you need them, here are 25 Easter basket ideas that will promote creativity, imagination, and active play long after the Easter candy is gone.

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11 Easter Crafts Kids Can Make

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