Snowman Playdough in a Mason Jar Snow Globe

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Snowman Playdough Gift in a Mason Jar

Last year we made candy cane playdough as gifts for kiddo friends. This year we’ve been making a snowman playdough gift in mason jar snow globes. Next year we’ll probably try a non-playdough idea, but we’ve sure had fun with these last two.

Here’s the how-to for this children’s activity and gift…

Snowman Playdough in a Mason Jar Snow Globe



  • White playdough
  • Glitter
  • Peppermint oil (optional)
  • Assorted beads, googly eyes, and buttons
  • Pipe cleaners


Kids Making Playdough Snowman GiftsMaia and I made a batch of white playdough on Friday (here’s the recipe).

We kneaded in glitter and peppermint oil to add some pizzazz to the plain playdough then started making snowmen (and snowballs and snowforts…).

We took a break to buy some beads (from Asheville’s awesome bead store) and a box of mason jars and continued yesterday when Maia’s friend Marlise was over.

We all fashioned the playdough into little snowmen using beads and pipecleaner pieces for features.

I added the pipecleaners to the table expecting them to be used for arms (you know, two per snowman) and that’s it.

Playdough Snowman Activity for Kids

Instead they were immensely popular and were used for hair, antennae, smiles, and extra arms.


Daphne, at two, was as into making the snowmen as the six year olds.

Playdough Snowman Activity

Here’s one of her snowmen sitting on the mason jar lid waiting for the “snow globe” jar to be screwed on (the pipecleaner appendages needed to be poked a bit farther in first so they would fit).

The jars are pint-size wide-mouth mason jars from the grocery store.


I printed up some gift tags to glue to the jar tops. If I were extra prepared, I could have printed them on sticker paper, but instead I just used printer paper and a glue stick.

Playdough Snowman in a Jar

I love how these playdough snowmen look in their snow globes! And, as a gift, it is as fun for kids to make as it is for their friends to receive.

And of course you could do this as a snowman playdough activity without turning them into gifts…

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Snowman Playdough Gift in a Mason Jar

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  1. rachel says

    how FUN! do you think you could make w/salt dough and let them sit, be permament? i’m wondering how much the kids want to re-make them, and how much they’d rather make them more permanent?

  2. Barb says

    OMG how cute! But I’m a year behind. We made the candy cane play doh as party favors for my daughter’s birthday, Dec.2. Maybe next year we will try this!

  3. says

    Well, I was thinking of it as a way to give playdough as a gift just to play with but more fun to give and receive than just putting a blob of playdough in a jar. Not so much thinking that the recipient would recreate the snowman idea, although they could.
    However, yes, you could totally make this with salt dough for a more permanent snowman!

  4. says

    I JUST finished making your peppermint play dough! It has inspired a year of various layouts!
    For a year I have been meaning to send you a picture of the peppermint candy play dough I made after seeing your post last year. It was such a hit last year that I made it again this year! My sons are attending new schools, due to a move, so new children will get to enjoy the play dough!
    My favorite part is rolling 6 tubes of the red and white wonderful smelling glitter dough together to make it look like a peppermint candy when the jar is viewed from the bottom or when the recipient opens the jar! Thank you so much for the inspiration! I hope I can send you a picture some time soon! 3 moves in one year has limited my time ;-)
    Here lets try this link. I just took a picture of a jar with my phone and linked it to Picasa. I haven’t done this before so I hope it works. Could you do me a favor and try the link. I would greatly appreciate if you would verify that you are only limited to that one picture and not pictures of my family. If you can see other pictures please email and let me know! Thank you so much for you creative ideas and time!!

  5. mommybee says

    I have been making dough for years and the recipe you have is one of the best…I ran out of cream of tartar and ended up using alum as a substitute (had some left from a different dough recipe) that really made it my all time favorite. Thanks for your great ideas!

  6. Courtney says

    LOVE this idea! Thanks.
    So funny that my girls are Daphne & Maia, Maia is the oldest. lol

  7. jessica Isaacs says

    Did you add water or anything to these snowglobes? Thinking about doing this as a class project for my daughter’s Christmas Party.