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40 Handmade Gift Ideas that Kids Can Make

by The Artful Parent Editorial Team
September 1, 2023
handmade gifts

Looking for fun handmade gift ideas for kids and families? These are our favorite kid-made gift ideas that are fun to make and receive.

Updated October 2023

Sometimes the gift-giving season can feel a little overwhelming. Especially if you have lots of people to buy for. And getting the kids involved can sometimes end up with repeated reminders that it is better to give than to receive!

A great, less-expensive option is to make gifts. And even better if your kids can make them!

Most of these gifts can be made by kids for their friends, siblings, and the special grown-ups in their life. Some of the ideas are better made by adults or as a family collaboration.

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In deciding what to make for handmade gifts, think what your children like best to do, whether it’s building, painting, cooking, printing, or whatever it might be, and go with that!

Handmade Gift Ideas for Kids

Art Gifts to Make

handprinted cards
Photo by Rachel Withers
clay creations
Photo by Jean Van’t Hul
christmas playdough
Photo by Rachel Withers

Gifts to Make for Play

black bean sensory bin
Photo by Erin deThomas

Gift Ideas for the Home

stitching with kids_feature copy
Photo by Rachel Withers
wall hangings
Photo by Danielle Falk

Edible Gift Ideas

candy cane lollipops
Photo by Jean Van’t Hul
  1. Candy cane lollipops
  2. Chocolate pretzel Christmas tree treats
  3. DIY peanut butter cups in fun designs
  4. Cherry hand pies
  5. Your favorite granola or trail mix in a mason jar

Gifts You Can Wear

tie dye bags
Photo by Andrea Martelle
  1. 5 tie dye ideas to try
  2. Try one of these ways to decorate a T-shirt with kids’ art
  3. Make a crown
  4. A dress up outfit for play time
  5. Try leaf printing on t-shirts for fun wearable art

That’s a lot of handmade gift ideas! Hopefully you see a few here that your family would enjoy making and giving.

More Gift Ideas for Kids

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40 Handmade Gift Ideas that Kids Can Make40 Handmade Gift Ideas that Kids Can Make

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