Make Your Own Contact Paper Stickers with Kids

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Make Your Own Contact Paper Stickers iwth Kids

The kids and I made our own contact paper stickers on Friday. It was a project that I had been wanting to try with them ever since I first saw this tutorial on One Pearl Button for DIY vinyl stickers. I thought it would be the perfect art project for a couple of girly girls who love stickers.

While Alli traced her sticker designs from an embroidery pattern, we drew ours free form. As with many of the arts and crafts activities we do, this project was easily adaptable to any skill level and developmental stage. We had a two-year-old version, a 6-year-old version, and a 35-year-old version at the table.

Make Your Own Contact Paper Stickers with Kids

We started by taping down pieces of our contact paper shiny side up on the table (one for each of us) and drawing pictures with our sharpies. Maia drew a house, some flowers, and a girl. Daphne drew her lovely scribbles. And I drew some flowers.

Make Your Own Contact Paper Stickers with Kids

Note: I would recommend protecting the table with something first. I generally use some 99 cent plastic placemats I picked up at IKEA for placing under messier craft projects at the dining table. I didn't this time, though, and we had a couple mishaps with the permanent marker going off the edge of the contact paper. Luckily I came across a post on how to remove permanent marker from everything (via Pinterest) and so will surely go clean it off the table as soon as I finish writing this….

Make Your Own Contact Paper Stickers with Kids

After we were finished with our drawings, we cut out our stickers. Maia wanted to cut mine out and asked me to cut hers, so we traded for that step.

Make Your Own Contact Paper Stickers with Kids

The kids wanted to try out their new stickers right away. They peeled off the paper backing from the contact paper (I got Daphne's started for her) and pressed their new stickers to colored construction paper.

I really like how transparent these contact paper stickers are. They also layer nicely.

Make Your Own Contact Paper Stickers with Kids

Here's Daphne's red paper with her big red scribble sticker on top circled by additional black lines. (These days she holds up her newly created artworks, asks me to take a photo, then immediately wants to see the photo on my camera display.)

Make Your Own Contact Paper Stickers with Kids

Here are my flower stickers in progress. I used a black sharpie to draw the outlines first, then filled them in with color. As you can see, we used some Sharpies as well as some Colorations brand permanent markers—we like them both equally well.

A couple of our colors are drying out and I need to try this rubbing alcohol trick for revitalizing them.

Make Your Own Contact Paper Stickers with Kids

I like how making our own stickers means there's an infinite number of possibilities and that we can create whatever interests us at the moment, rather than relying on the rather selection at the store. This way our stickers are tailor-made for us, what we are working on, and what we are interested in. We can make individual stickers or whole sticker scenes. Small stickers or big stickers.

Make Your Own Contact Paper Stickers with Kids

With the paper backing still on, the stickers look opaque, but once you take off the backing, the contact paper without the sharpie drawing just blends in with the surface you place it on. Pretty neat.

Make Your Own Contact Paper Stickers with Kids

Here's a sticker collage and window artwork that Maia created using some of her number and letter stickers as well as some of my flower and circle stickers.

We all had fun making and using our homemade stickers and will definitely try this again!

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  1. says

    What a great idea and I have a roll of contact paper I can use just for this! (Thanks for linking to my permanent marker post too!)

  2. says

    again with another fabulous idea. I have an entire roll of contact paper in the waiting. This is wonderful. My kids (who go through stickers like mad!) will love this.
    Do you ever remember *saving* stickers when you were little? I think my mother bought them so few and far in between that I would never use them, just take them out once in awhile and look at them. When going through things after I was married, I found my box of them. My kids loved every minute of use! :)
    Sarah M

  3. Dena says

    Hi Jean,
    What a terrific idea! We just finished making our painted stickers with white office supply stickers and Naomi loved it so I know this will be a great way to keep the sticker making going. I love finding ways to show her she can make things herself instead of buying from the store. And Daphne’s scribbles are perfect! Thanks.

  4. says

    You’re welcome! It’s so helpful and I’m glad someone led the way and experimented with permanent marker removal so I didn’t have to!

  5. says

    Hmm. I think I remember sticker books that you would put your stickers into (and treasure). I don’t remember having too many stickers as a kid, though. Interesting. I hadn’t thought of that in a while!

  6. Liisa says

    Thank you for showing the different developmental stages, love to see! I had a sticker book as a kid, my daughter found it recently. I remember going to the store to pick out one special sticker…times are different, now we get sheets and sheets. But they still seem to love them. This will be a fun one, thank you!

  7. lisa says

    tried this w/a small group I work with. They loved it! Castle stickers, knight stickers…… Wonderful idea for all the odds and ends of contact paper left over. My sharpies were odd and not as colorful as I would have liked, but other than that, perfection!

  8. says

    Such a great idea, can’t wait to try it. And thanks for linking to my post on how to remove permanent marker, it gave me a chance to find you :).

  9. Tess says

    Hi Jean,
    Hello from New York City! So, I stumbled upon this site last night through pinterest which I stumbled upon through Facebook. Needless to say, I was INSTANTLY hooked. I saw so many things that made my jaw drop and my eyes get wide. I am mom to two girls ages 5 & 8, so since I’m the crafty one in this place I couldn’t wait for them to get home from school today. Last night after I was finally able to get myself off this site, I was to exited to go to sleep, so instead at 11:45 p.m. I began making contac paper stickers. And what’s crazy is that I would never have even had contac paper if my daughters teacher didn’t request that we cover one of of her school workbooks in it to protect it. By 12:15 a.m. I was placing stickers on my front door. I cut 4 individual pieces and wrote one word on each, “crafting…keeps…me…sane”. I placed that right above my table where I make my paper crafts. I intend on finding a saying to cut out and stick above my jewelry making area as well. I was able to get my girls ready for school very quickly with the promise of being able to make a few stickers before it was time to leave to get the school bus. It really was amazing how quickly they were ready this morning. When they got home, I cut some more squares and told them to make some “stickers” and they were happy too. I put them along the top of the mirror we all use to get ready in the morning. But I also put 3 of my own on our bathroom mirror, “Brush Your Teeth”, “Smile”, and “Wash Your Face”. And since the contac paper comes off so easily, I’m imagining many other applications for it. Labeling things, spelling reinforcements (my 8 year old always misspells words that she should know…we can spell those words out and just stick them on the wall above her desk. Endless possibilities. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. I am SO happy and uber excited. :-)

  10. Betsy says

    I just wanted to throw in there that you can remove sharpie from most surfaces by going over it with a dry erase marker and than erasing! As long as it’s not cloth that is.
    Thanks for sharing this.

  11. Kristen says

    Hi! I love your blog and appreciate the ideas :) I’m having a big problem with the pop up ads though. I’m browsing on a smartphone, and every time I try to close the ads, it inadvertently clicks and opens up an ad on the side at the same time. I just wanted to let you know in case I’m not the only one with the problem. It’s very difficult to read your wonderful posts because of this!