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Easy Kids Art Projects :: Hole Challenge Art with Stickers

by Jean Van't Hul
March 5, 2012
Easy Kids Art Projects - Hole Challenge Art with Stickers

After our success with the stickers keeping the toddlers happily busy, I decided to try a sticker art project with Maia as well.

This is definitely one of those to be filed under Easy Kids Art Projects!

I set out black hole challenge paper for her after school along with a couple sheets of the hole reinforcement stickers. I had no idea what to expect and really enjoyed seeing what she did with the stickers!

This was a super easy kids art project with the added bonus of being quiet, low mess, and, of course, creative.

Easy Kids Art Project

Maia began by circling the hole with her stickers.

Easy Kids Art Project

By the way, I love veering away from white paper and offering black once in a while, especially with white paint, white oil pastels, or, in this case, white stickers. The contrast is visually striking and by getting the emphasis off color choices, kids can focus more on design and form.

Easy Kids Art Projects - Hole Challenge Art with Stickers

Here’s Maia’s first completed sticker artwork—she said it was a baked potato with a mound of sour cream on top. Ha! That cracked me up.

I found it interesting that she filled in the hole by gluing a piece of brown construction paper to the back of the paper.

Easy Kids Art Project

I had a few hole challenge papers waiting in reserve and she used the second one to create a frog with the stickers.

Easy Kids Art Project

Again she added colored construction paper to the reverse to fill in the hole, and then to the front as well. She also drew a frog on the back of the green paper.

Easy Kids Art Project

And finally, for her third hole challenge, I unveiled the colored dot stickers.

I knew that if pink, green, and yellow stickers were on offer from the beginning, she was likely to ignore the modest white ones. So while she had thoroughly enjoyed working with the hole reinforcement stickers, she now focused on the colored dots almost exclusively, creating a cat.

Easy Kids Art Projects - Hole Challenge Art with Stickers

Are you ready to go out and buy some cheap dot and hole stickers? (Or perhaps you have some already?) This version of hole challenge art is really a super easy kids art project!

And who doesn’t like stickers?

Also, did you know that you can buy the plain white dot stickers and paint them with watercolors? Take a look at this post by Julie at Honey Butter Granola! It’s on our list to try next…

Update: We’ve since painted stickers from the stationery store! Love it!

How about you? What are your favorite easy kids art projects?

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