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13 Simple Sticker Art Projects for Kids Who Love Stickers

by Jean Van't Hul
December 13, 2015
Art Projects for Kids Who Love Stickers

If your kids are as in love with stickers as mine are, you might like to try some simple sticker art projects with them.

Even my 10-year-old, who kind of feels like she should be too old for stickers* (she rarely accepts them in stores or doctor offices anymore), still loves stickers at home as much as always.

*Is there really such a thing as too old for stickers?! I still love stickers, myself, and I’m 38!

By the way, while my children love princess stickers and cute cat stickers as much as the next kid (and they get plenty of them), we tend to use more abstract stickers for art projects.

This post contains affiliate links. Some of our favorite stickers for art 

13 Sticker Art Projects for Kids

Sticker Art for Kids

  1. Sticker-inspired drawing
  2. Starry night sky paintings
  3. A sticker art collage with geometric stickers
  4. A sticker-resist art project for kids :: houses and cities
  5. Drawing prompts for kids with eye stickers
  6. Make your own contact paper stickers
  7. More DIY stickers
  8. Hole challenge art with stickers
  9. Keeping toddlers busy with a sticker art activity
  10. Sticker-inspired art with geometric stickers
  11. Roller printing with foam stickers
  12. Painting stickers from the stationery store
  13. Decorate bodies and dolls with stickers

What are your kids’ favorite things to do with stickers? Do they make sticker art, collect stickers, decorate their bodies with them, or something else?

By the way, if you have a sticker lover at home, you might be interested in this monthly sticker club for kids. (There’s even one for adults!)

Or check out these repositionable wall stickers for kids.

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12+ Sticker Art Projects for Kids

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