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How to Make Easy Mandala Art with Stickers

by Jean Van't Hul
March 6, 2023
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Sticker mandalas for kids is a fun way to create easy mandala art using a favorite kids’ arts and crafts material.

Updated April 2023

Mandala art for kids is made extra fun and easy with stationery store stickers. We’ve used them on different colored construction paper cut into circles and even combined the sticker art with drawn details on some of the mandala artworks.

This would make a good art invitation, a simple transition art activity, an art activity that is good for mixed age groups, or a travel art activity.

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Photo by Jean Van’t Hul

Easy Sticker Mandalas for Kids

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  1. Cut your paper

    First, cut your paper into circles. We traced an upside-down bowl onto our construction paper to get our “perfect” circles.

    stickers for mandalas

    You could also use paper plates if you had some just lying around waiting to be used for art or something.

  2. Set out your materials

    Once you have your circle-shaped paper, set out an assortment of stickers and dive into making your mandala art.


  3. Create your mandalas

    Apply the stickers in concentric circles or radiating designs. Or in any design you like! You can also cut stickers in half or into different shapes, if you like.

    sticker mandala

    In case you’re not familiar with mandalas, they are generally circular forms with radial symmetry. Think of a daisy blossom or a snowflake. Both are nature mandalas.

Finally, if you are so inclined, add additional mandala detail with pens, markers, or any other drawing tool.

We had so much fun with this! It’s amazing to see how different each one is!

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Photo by Jean Van’t Hul

More Mandalas for Kids to Make

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How to Make Easy Mandala Art with Stickers

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