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How to Make Fairy Wings with Cardboard and Doilies

by Bar Rucci
August 31, 2015

How to make fairy wings for kids and with kids using cardboard and paper doilies. These are simple to make and decorate. Plus the doilies add a sweet and ethereal touch! Written by Barbara Rucci of Art Bar Blog.

How to Make Fairy Wings for Kids from Cardboard and Doilies

If there is ever a time that I wish my girls were still little, it’s when art-making and creative play magically come together. They would have loved these wings about ten years ago. And I bet they would have worn them to bed, too. (There were many years of sleeping in princess dresses and glitter shoes!)

I now live vicariously through the four and five-year olds I teach every week in my house. Their excitement over seeing these fairy wings out on the table was so genuine and real. How lucky for me that I get to experience this age all over again!

Today I am so happy to share these photos and instructions with you on how to make fairy wings.

Here we go…

How to Make Fairy Wings - Use the template to cut out the cardboard wings

How to Make Fairy Wings

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Step 1. Cut out the cardboard fairy wings

Start by finding a fairly large piece of cardboard. Our wings spanned 20 inches. It’s ok if there is a fold in the middle. In fact, this would be best.

If you do not have a natural fold in the middle, then you need to score the cardboard. This means running an x-acto knife along the side of a ruler, making sure to only cut the top layer of cardboard. This makes a perfectly straight line for folding.

Download this template for the wings (enlarging when you print). Or draw your own wings! You only have to draw one half. It’s really not as hard as you think.

How to Make Fairy Wings - Adding the paper doilies
How to Make Fairy Wings - Adding the paper doilies

Step 2: Glue Doilies on Wings

Now it’s time for the kids to get to work! I gave each child their own set of doilies to choose from. I told them that they could cut the doilies to fit the shape of the wings if they wanted to, but they didn’t have to. It was up to them.

They carefully squeezed little glue dots on the doilies and stuck them to the cardboard. All the while singing our glue song… a little dot’ll do it!

I asked the kids to adorn both sides with doilies. Depending on the age of your child, you can just let them paint the other side or leave it blank if it’s too much work.

How to Make Fairy Wings - painting the paper doilies

Step 3: Paint Doilies

When gluing was done, they began painting the doilies with watercolors.

(I think the kids could have spent even more time painting, they loved it so much and were really in the flow. But on this particular day, my son arrived home in the middle of class. He then became the main attraction for a good ten minutes! He is nine, and these girls just love him.)

How to Make Fairy Wings - adding glitter

Step 4: Add Glitter

After painting was complete, out came the glitter!

This is a completely optional step. I understand that glitter can be messy and it gets everywhere. Maybe if you have the option to go outside, you should. I let them use my very best Martha Stewart glitter because I just had a crazy moment. Sometimes I love to give the kids really good supplies and see the looks on their faces. They also tend to be super careful when they know it’s my very best supply.

How to Make Fairy Wings - trying them on

Step 5: Make the Fairy Wings Wearable

When the wings were dry (for us it was the next class), I punched four holes through the cardboard. Two on each side, close to the middle fold. Then I tied some ribbon through the holes and around their shoulders. Voila! Fairy wings are complete.

How to Make Fairy Wings - Hanging up to dry
How to Make Fairy Wings for Kids

I love the ethereal quality that the doilies provide and that each child was able to create their own version so that they are all a bit different. I hope you make these fairy wings and add them to your child’s world of imaginary play!

xo, Bar

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How to make fairy wings for kids and with kids using cardboard and paper doilies. These are simple to make & decorate + the doilies add an ethereal touch! #kidscraft #fairy #kidsactivities #artsandcrafts #craftsforkids #preschoolers

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