A Costume Making Party for Kids

A Costume Making Party – DIY Costumes Made With Kids Clothing


We had a costume making party to create fun kids costumes from Primary’s colorful play clothes. There are great ideas here for homemade masks, wings, tails, and other accessories for kids!

A Costume Making Party for Kids

Otherwise titled, How to Make Your Own Costumes with Kids’ Clothes You’re Going to Keep Using…

A big thank you to Primary.com for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions expressed are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

We are costume DIY-ers here.

Sometimes we sew or create our own costumes from scratch. Other times we cobble something fun together from the dress-up bin or the thrift store.

We’ve made cat and dog costumes, luna moth and butterfly costumes, princess costumes, deer and fawn costumes, witch costumes, to name a few!

So, when the folks at Primary asked me to write a post about using their colorful clothes as the base for kids’ costumes, I said, “Heck, yeah!” Maybe more than once.

Primary Clothing for Kids

Primary’s colorful but basic kids’ clothing has been on my radar for a while now.  I whole-heartedly agree with their mission to provide an alternative for families looking for simple, fun, logo-free, comfortable clothing for kids.

Their clothes are basic, yet colorful and comfortable, and made for playing in, day after day.

The Costume Making Party

So we ordered clothes and invited some friends over for a costume making party.

The idea was for each child to use the Primary outfit as the base for their costume. Then we created masks and accessories to complete their vision for their costumes.

We wanted the clothing to be used again for everyday wear and play after the costume was retired so we did not alter any of the clothes permanently.

Instead we used tape, safety pins, and elastic to attach items such as wings or tails. And if anyone needed spots or stripes for their costumes, we used duct tape or electrical tape.

Similar to when Daphne and I made a glow-in-the-dark skeleton costume a couple years ago.

Costume Making Party for Kids

Our costume making party was mostly about creating paper plate masks and making wings and tails. Costume Making Party with Kids

After the party, some of the parents did a little basic sewing (fox tails, etc) to complete the costumes.

A Costume Making Party for Kids

The kids’ costumes turned out great!

1. We had three bird costumes

Costume Making Party - DIY Bird Costumes

Including two blue jays, with cardboard wings and paper plate masks over cobalt blue dresses. Oh, and their favorite part—feather boas I picked up at a thrift store.

And 5-year-old Ezra was one funky chicken with a paper plate mask and cardboard tail. He wore these over the long sleeve pj top and pj pants in navy.

2. We had two fox costumes

  Costume Making Party for Kids - DIY Fox Costumes

  • Lucia, age 8, was a red fox with a paper plate mask and a sewn fox tail attached with elastic around her waist. She wore these over the tank and leggings, both in cherry.
  • Maia, age 11, was an arctic fox with a cardboard mask and a fake fur vest and tail. She wore these over the long sleeve slim t-shirt and leggings, both in white.

3. And two “flying object” costumes

DIY Comet Costume for Kids

  • Emerson, age 7, was a comet with a splatter-painted cardboard circle taped to his chest and crepe-paper streamers for his comet tail. He wore these over the henley in tangerine.

DIY Costumes for Kids - Comet and Fairy

DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids

Will all the kids wear their new costumes on Halloween? Maybe!

Most of the kids say yes, but my kids have been known to change their minds five times before Halloween.

That is one of the reasons I like the idea of using simple clothing as the base for a costume. It can become another costume as whims dictate and it can be used as a staple in the child’s wardrobe.

DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids - a Chicken

If you’d like to buy Primary clothing for your child’s costumes and/or play clothes be sure to check out their line of kids clothing.

They have all the basics in comfortable fabrics, fun colors, and styles that kids and parents are sure to like.

Primary Clothing as Base for Kids Costume

My friends and I were impressed with the quality of the clothes and most of us are placing orders for more kids clothing.

One item some parents wished for was that Primary would create a slim fit legging in addition to their baggier fit. Perhaps it’s already in the works…

Disclaimer :: Primary.com sponsored this post and sent us clothing for free to feature in these costumes. As always, all opinions expressed are my own.

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DIY Kids Costumes Made With Kids Clothing

A Costume Making Party – DIY Costumes Made With Kids Clothing

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