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11 Ways to Make Your Own Heart Shirt for Valentine’s Day

by Jean Van't Hul
February 12, 2018

11 easy ways to make your own heart shirt for Valentine’s Day or any day.

11 Ways to Make a Heart Shirt for Valentines Day

Just a quick post today since it’s on my mind… I often make heart shirts as Valentine’s Day gifts for the kids and am thinking of doing the color-your-own heart idea or maybe the heart cut-out shirt idea.

Anyway, here are some easy and fun ways to make heart shirts to wear or gift on Valentine’s Day. Some are mine; some I found around the web.

Choose one to make this Valentine’s Day or for any day! (Because who doesn’t love hearts?!)

11 Ways to Make Your Own Heart Shirt

Make your own heart shirt with a doily print

1) Heart Doily Shirt

Make your own heart shirts by printing with heart doilies. You can print directly onto the T-shirts or onto fabric that is then sewed to the shirt. This is an easy Valentine’s Day printmaking project for kids or adults!

Make your own heart shirt by printing with everyday materials

2) Print a Heart Shirt

Here’s a tutorial for kid-printed Valentines Day shirts. Give hearts a modern look made by printing with everyday objects within a template.

DIY pompom heart shirt

3) Pom-Pom Heart

Use fabric glue to attach pom-poms in a heart outline to make this DIY pom-pom heart shirt (tutorial on Design Improvised).

4) Color Your Own Heart Shirt

Draw a heart on the front of a T-shirt and let the kids color it in (like a DIY version of our color-your-own T-shirts). Use fabric markers, fabric crayons, or Sharpies to color and decorate the heart shirt*. You can set this up as a creative invitation for the kids. Or gift them a white T-shirt with a heart already drawn on the front along with a set of fabric markers and a note to color in the heart.

*Stiffen the fabric and prevent bleed through by inserting a piece of cardboard between the front and back of the shirt. Or iron a piece of freezer paper to the inside of the front.

How to Do Glue Batik with Kids

5) Use Glue Batik

Glue batik is a fun way to decorate fabric! Use blue gel glue to draw a heart onto your shirt, paint with acrylic paints, then wash away the glue and excess paint.

Kids Artwork on a T-Shirt

6) Transfer Heart Art onto a Shirt

Copy a child’s heart artwork onto photo transfer paper then iron it onto a T-shirt (on No Time for Flash Cards).

You can also do this with a mix of interesting fabric and drawings.

Make a Heart Applique Shirt for Valentine's Day

7) Heart Applique

Sewing a fabric heart onto the front of a shirt is super easy if you have a sewing machine. If you don’t, simply use fusible webbing to iron a fabric heart onto the shirt.

IY Heart Pockets for a Kids Shirt or Dress

8) Heart Pocket Shirt

Make no-sew heart pockets for a child’s shirt or dress as Alice and Lois did.

How to make a heart shirt with freezer paper stenciling

9) Freezer Paper Stenciling

Make your own ombre heart shirts with freezer paper stenciling (on It’s Always Autumn). You could make this super simple by omitting the word.

DIY Heart Cut-Out Shirt Versions

10) Heart Cut-Out Shirt

WobiSobi shares how to make a heart cut-out shirt to layer over a contrasting shirt. This looks surprisingly easy! Plus she has another heart shirt that involves sewing contrasting fabric behind the  cut-out that looks great but is a bit more involved.

Dot Print Heart with Pencil Eraser

11) Dot Print Heart

Use an eraser to print dots all around a heart as Clumsy Crafter did on a tote bag. Or fill the inside of a heart. Easy peasy!

Any other ideas for making your own heart shirt? Share them in the comments!

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11 easy ways to make your own heart shirt for Valentine's Day or any day, including doily heart prints, heart cut-out shirts, heart appliques, kid art, and fun pom-pom hearts! #valentinesday #heart #shirts #artsandcrafts #kidscraft

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