The Gift of a Wood Sculpture

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Easy Kids Wood Sculpture

We received a box of wood bits and pieces in the mail a while back and Maia was immediately inspired by the different shapes and sizes to create a sculpture out of them. This is a box I ordered from Discount School Supply (another new product they are carrying; Yes, I'm a sucker for trying it all!), but you could totally just use regular old wood scraps (as we did for these wood sculptures) or pick out various interesting wood bits from the hardware store or craft store.

Easy Kids Wood Sculpture

Maia enjoyed sorting through the box and choosing the wood shapes that inspired her.

Easy Kids Wood Sculpture

Using glue, she attached bunny heads (cat heads?) to a series of wood blocks.

Easy Kids Wood Sculpture

Then glued the blocks together…

Easy Kids Wood Sculpture

…and stacked them into a pyramid.

As you can see, we used Gorilla wood glue. In the past, we've used regular white school glue for wood sculptures, but they didn't hold together as well.

Easy Kids Wood Sculpture

Once the glue was dry, Maia painted her sculpture with liquid watercolors which is wonderful for staining wood. MaryAnn Kohl suggested we give it a try. We've used it on popsicle sticks, wooden clothespins, and wood plaques before, but not on sculptures.

Easy Kids Wood Sculpture

Et voila! She presented her very color saturated wood sculpture to me for my birthday a couple of weeks ago. I love it.

Now she's talking about making a train with the rest of the wood pieces….

Have your kids made things out of wood?

Note: I am a Discount School Supply affiliate and the links in this post are affiliate links. If you follow a link and place a purchase, I will receive a small percentage of the sales price from Discount School Supply and will send you virtual hugs.

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  1. Emma says

    2 questions – what do you do with them once your daughter is done with her creation? (we are overwhelmed by crafts) & since it’s not cardboard, and therefor not recyclable, is there a way to repurpose or is it landfill material? (don’t misunderstand, I love 3-d, multi-material, mixed media, tactile, hands-on, child-led, but I have a harder time throwing away ‘trash’ than recyclable materials)

  2. [email protected] says

    We recently ordered the same thing but our box contained totally different pieces than yours did. It has by far been a favorite with all my kids (ages 3-12) and they have made all kinds of fascinating things including a beautiful box covered in sea shells! I’m even more excited to order it again knowing how different yours was!

  3. Jill says

    Maia’s sculpture is wonderful! I think my boys would love a box of wood scraps to build creations. When I went to the website, the pieces looked very different than what you received – is it serendipity in what you receive?

  4. Jennifer says

    We live in a neighborhood where a lot of folks are doing remodels right now. I go and ask the contractor to make a pile of wood scraps for my kids (3 and 5). They build very elaborate structures with glue and nails, and then have fun painting it. And it’s free. :)

  5. says

    We need to add a new room to our house to adequately accommodate all of my 9 year old’s wood sculptures. I wish I had a way to link to some of them here, but they are not published on line anywhere at this point. The all-time fave would have to be the real, functional, and VERY funky chair that he designed and built and embellished. He had help with the engineering and sawing, but all the shapes and pieces were designed and assembled by him.

  6. says

    Well, this one is rather special and a birthday present. So I will keep it. Some oThers end up being recycled or tossed. I make sure to take pics and preserve them that way.

  7. rachel says

    oh how fun! my boys love doing art and building w/wood. and how fun to see those old posts!

  8. [email protected] says

    Ours contained plaques, spheres, beads (several shapes and sizes), various sized boxes with lids (both square and round) a few cubes and some pieces that resembled baseball bats and milk bottles. The kids have been VERY creative in the things they have been making. They now each have their own glitter covered microphone as an example :)

  9. says

    Ok, I want to order this. What a fun thing you guys did with it too. My son is too little for woodglue yet, but I will keep this idea in mind for someday. Right now I think he would love playing with the assorted pieces, and maybe painting them with watercolors too.

  10. Anne says

    Where did you find the wood pieces with the flowers and cats? I don’t see that on Discount School Supplies, and I think my daughter would love including it.
    Thank you for the great ideas!

  11. says

    The link at the top of the post will take you to the box of wood pieces that Discount School Supply sells. I think that the wood shapes vary from box to box, though, just fyi.

  12. [email protected] says

    Was the box of wood bits and pieces worth the price? I’ve don’t wood sculpture with my class, but have just used wood my husband cut and from a craft store. I’m wondering what the best deal is.

  13. Victoria Miller (@victowrites) says

    We do several things with our “crafts” and thought I would share:
    1. give them away as presents.
    2. We have several (and I mean SEVERAL) display at home.
    3. Once in a while, we hold an “art gallery opening” and invite friends over. We display everything, and SELL it for a dolar or 2. Money goes to current saving project, or charity. The “artist” gets to sign lits of pieces and autographs.
    4. with things that can be burned, we do a barbacue or a campfire. Its really cool to tell stories to burning art. :D
    5. We use paper part like paintings to wrap gifts, send cards, do thank you notes, etc.

  14. Mary A. says

    For those concerned about recycling their wood crafts, I have a suggestion. When I worked at WSU, we had a program called Adopt a grandparent, where when the children created an abundance of sculptures and other art, we would contact a local senior citizen’s facility and arrange for the children to present their creations to the people there. The children loved it as many didn’t have a grandparent and the seniors enjoyed visiting with the children listening to stories of how the children created the sculptures.
    We didn’t use wood glue. Instead, we made our own glue by mixing sawdust with flour and water.