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How to Make Sculptures with Cardboard Tubes

by Jean Van't Hul
April 9, 2013

Use cut pieces of cardboard tubes to create sculptures for kids! Fun and cheap recycled artwork that uses items found at home.

Building and Creating with Curves - A Fun and Easy Kids Sculpture Activity!

Today is an exciting day! Not only is it the
official release date for my book (Woohoo!!) but also 20 Moms, which I’m
honored to be a member of, is hosting our very first blog loop. I am delighted to
have Deborah of Teach Preschool contributing today. You probably know her as the early childhood education expert who shares her ideas so generously with teachers and parents around the world.

While Deborah is
here, I’m over at Anna’s blog, The Imagination Tree, sharing a fun quilt stained glass art activity that we did recently. (While there, see where Anna is
posting today…and keep following the loop until you make it back here!)

Building and Creating with Curves by Deborah J. Stewart of Teach Preschool

It is such a pleasure to join you all here on the Artful Parent and I must also add, it has been quite a challenge to find something even remotely comparable to the beautiful posts Jean shares with you on a regular basis. I wanted to share something that would compliment Jean’s approach to early learning and artful experiences and so after much thought, I decided to share our exploration of building and creating with curves…

Building and Creating with Curves by Teach Preschool

A few months ago, I purchased a set of beautiful blocks for my classroom. Unlike our usual blocks, this set of blocks came with lots of wooden curves. I set down with the children to share a few possible ways we could possibly explore and build on the concept of curves…

Building and Creating with Curves by Teach Preschool

As I set out the curve-shaped blocks, we talked about how the curves reminded us of the curves we see in objects like rainbows, trees, and clouds. We also explored different ways we could combine the curves together to build or create different scenes in our world…

Building and Creating with Curves by Teach Preschool

I then set the curved blocks aside for my students to explore later on their own and handed each of my students a set of cut up paper towel tubes that that now resembled the curves of our blocks. The children were invited to see what they could do with their set of cardboard curves…

Building and Creating with Curves by Teach Preschool

Many different choices were made as the children explored the cardboard curves. Once the children completed their cardboard curve designs, they were invited to the table to make a cardboard curve design on a pallet of glue…

Building and Creating with Curves by Teach Preschool

Once the pallet (foam board) had a good amount of glue on it, the children arranged their paper curves on top of the glue anyway they desired…

Building and Creating with Curves by Teach Preschool

Their curve designs turned out beautifully and made a work of art all by itself….

Building and Creating with Curves by Teach Preschool

We went on to add some color to our curves but instead of sharing with you that part of our process, I decided to hand this over to see what you all might do with this process. I hope you will give creating with curves a spin and come back to tell Jean and I all about it. I will share our colored curves on my own blog in a future post and hopefully I have inspired Jean to think of something amazing to do with this process in a future post as well!

Building and Creating with Curves by Teach Preschool

Deborah Stewart of Teach Preschool About Deborah J. Stewart, M.Ed.

 Deborah has over 30 years of experience working with young children and she currently spends her time teaching and observing early childhood learning in action at her own private preschool. Deborah enjoys the opportunity to share her classroom observations and activities on her Teach Preschool blog.

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