10 New Art Materials We Tried in 2013

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10 New Kids' Art Materials We Tried in 2013 -- including foam paint, tempera paint sticks, Sculpt-It air dry clay, and shaped crayons

It's that end of the year time when everyone is doing their "Best Of" lists and Year in Review lists. I'll do the same, but starting with a list of posts about some new art materials we tried this past year.

(Check back in the next couple days for a list of new art techniques and the obligatory Best of the Year list.)

New Art Materials We Tried in 2013

Note: Some of these art materials are new to the world; some are just new to us.

New Kids' Art Materials We Tried in 2013

1. New Tempera Paint Sticks 

2. Modeling with Air Dry Clay (Sculpt It)

3. Kool-Aid (for dyeing and marbling Easter eggs)

4. Shaped Crayons = Creative Drawing for Little Kids

5. Art with Building Blocks

10 New Kids' Art Materials We Tried in 2013

6. Colored Foam Paint — Better Thank Shaving Cream for Kids' Art and Sensory Play!

7. Decorate-Your-Own Puppy

8. Fabric Markers (Decorating & Flying Kites)

9. Canvas Storybook Kit (& Other Artterro Art Kits)

10. Crayon Wallets

What new art materials did you try this past year? Would you recommend them?

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  1. says

    We fell in love with chalk pastels this year. They are so much fun and we used some of the ebook tutorials from Hodgepodge to kick start our comfort with them. Check them out here: http://www.southernhodgepodge.com/art-for-all-ages-bundle/?ap_id=tristan She’ll be releasing a Winter Olympics themed ebook soon.
    By the way, I do these with all ages, my eight children range from baby to 12 years old. Messy but oh so fun! I shared some of my tips for managing the mess in this post: http://ourbusyhomeschool.com/bless-this-mess-chalk-pastels/

  2. rachel says

    we tried the air dry clay (crayola) a few wks ago for the first time (thx for the rec!) and loved it! the boys made gifts for their grandparents… a box, a pencil holder, and some abstract sculptures from the littles. super fun, easy to manipulate, not messy, and quick dry.
    we just got some metallic pencils and are enjoying them! and finally invested in beeswax block crayons (admittedly, i was excited about the shading possibilities myself). and we’re also using the biocolor paints and loving them… oh, and fabric markers too! (can you tell where i get all my ideas?!)

  3. says

    Awesome, Tristan! My grandma is an artist who works with (actually, worked with is more accurate) chalk pastels as well as watercolors. I love the effects that can be achieved.