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A Cake for Outer Space :: Decorating with Kids

by Jean Van't Hul
August 10, 2010

Decorating a Cake with Kids

I am such a sucker for children’s art, that when Maia asked if we could bake a chocolate cake so that she could decorate it “like outer space”, I had to say yes! Of course!

Decorating a Cake with Kids

So this afternoon found us baking this chocolate cake, icing it, and walking to the store for a tube of sparkly decorator icing. Maia drew the planets from our solar system orbiting around a happy sun. She added an extra planet for good measure. And I haven’t told her that Pluto’s not considered a planet anymore — it seems to be her favorite.

Decorating a Cake with Kids

Maia used sprinkles to color in and decorate the planets and the sun.

Decorating a Cake with Kids

And here is is, before we sliced it open to see what a chocolate version of the solar system tastes like.

After I posted about our plan to make this cake, Susan Marie Swanson sent me this link to a moon cake that Amy Karol at Angry Chicken made — an ice cream bombe showing the layers of the moon. How cool is that! She made it after reading Midnight on the Moon with her girls, a book that we’ve read recently too. Like many kids, Maia loves the Magic Tree House books!

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