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Frame Art Drawing Prompts for Kids

by Jean Van't Hul
November 7, 2022

Inspire creativity with simple and unique drawing prompts for kids. Use this printable to create an art gallery of mini artworks.

Updated January 2023

One of the drawing prompts we like to offer is a series of empty frames.

This probably sounds different, but the frames seem to inspire kids’ creativity in a way that a blank piece of paper doesn’t always – even though it’s virtually the same thing!

But for some reason, the simple act of framing the space seems to invite a creative response.

We have been doing this for years in all sizes and on a variety of surfaces. Big and small. On paper and on the chalkboard. Even on Easter eggs!

frame art prompt pinterest
Photo by Andrea Martelle

Frame Art Drawing Prompts for Kids

Several years ago, Jean drew a collection of frames on a sheet of printer paper and made copies. Her kids used that drawing prompt over and over again.

Frame Drawing Prompts for Kids
Photo by Jean Van’t Hul

And then the kids of other Artful Parent team members used it. And now your kids can use it!

using frame prompt
Photo by Andrea Martelle

They can fill the frames with drawings, people, rainbows, and fingerprint animals.

They can draw inside the frames after school, or during a read-aloud before bed. Or anytime!

frame drawing prompts
Photo by Andrea Martelle

Since we have had so much fun with this, we thought we’d offer it as a printable for you.

Of course, you can draw your own frame drawing prompt (and we encourage you to!), but if you want a quick and easy printable, then here you go.

blank frame drawing prompt

Click here to download your free frame art drawing prompt printable!

Print out a few for a playdate, to tuck in your purse next time you go to a restaurant or doctor’s office, or to send to a cousin across the country.

drawing workshop
Photo by Jean Van’t Hul

Want More Drawing Activities? Visit the Kids Art Spot where we have a Drawing Workshop for Kids. This online workshop for kids and families features 10 super fun and easy drawing activities, each with a step-by-step video tutorial and printable instructions.

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Frame Art Drawing Prompts for Kids

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