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How to Use Drawing Printables to Spark Creativity

by Jean Van't Hul
April 30, 2023

Drawing printables and prompts are a great way to inspire kids to draw & think creatively. Here’s when and how to set them up for kids.

Updated May 2023

Did you know that you can help children draw and think more creatively by inspiring them with interesting and challenging art prompts and questions?

Drawing prompt ideas can be anything from tangle art, story prompts, decorate-your-own _______ and fill-in-the frame, abstract art, and other prompts to encourage creative drawing, thinking, and problem solving.

They can be prompts that you create yourself on paper or a chalkboard. They can be printable activities that you can download from the internet (I have lots!). Or they can be part of a drawing or activity book for kids.

While offering a blank piece of paper is great, too, sometimes have a creativity prompt such as a drawing prompt can help children (and everyone!) to draw and think in ways that they might not otherwise.

Photo by Andrea Martelle

Drawing Printables & Prompts for Kids

I have long offered drawing prompts to my kids as well as the kids in my art groups and classes and LOVE to see how creatively they approach them.

These drawing prompts are anything from eye stickers on paper to a DIY art journal filled with drawing prompts to an empty house drawn on a chalkboard to blank picture frame wallpaper that I put up on the living room wall for them to create their masterpieces in.

There are lots of ways to use and offer drawing prompts!

But one of the simplest is to provide drawing printables.

This video shows how we use drawing prompts, the creative drawings kids make in response to some drawing prompts, and it shows the library of drawing prompts we have inside the KIDS ART SPOT.

And if you’d like to access the full library of drawing prompts and printables we have in there, you can try it out now.

I recommend creating or printing out drawing prompts to offer your kids at home (it’s a great simple art invitation!), while traveling, or to occupy time at restaurants and waiting rooms.

How to Use Drawing Prompts

Presentation Ideas

  1. Set out a drawing prompt on a clean table or desk with a pen, crayons, or markers.
  2. Offer drawing prompts with other art supplies sometimes, such as paint, stickers, or collage items.
  3. Place a drawing prompt on a clipboard or lap desk with a box of washable markers for the back seat of the car or an airplane ride.

A note to parents: Offer drawing prompts one at a time as a special art invitation, rather than several at once, so that the child’s focus is on addressing the invitation/challenge in front of them rather than on choosing between two or more enticing invitations.

child with drawing printable
Photo by Rachel Withers

When to Use Drawing Prompts

  1. At transition points of the day
    • Leave one out for the child to find first thing in the morning when he or she wakes up
    • Set one out for the child to explore while you cook dinner
    • Offer one to an older sibling to work on while you put the baby down for a nap
  2. When the child asks for an art activity or something to do
  3. Bring a few drawing prompts with you to a restaurant to keep the kids engaged while waiting for their food
  4. Use them in doctor’s offices and waiting rooms
  5. Drawing prompts are great for travel, including road trips and plane rides

I am very excited about using drawing prompts with kids, as you can tell! Children enjoy using them and parents love when their kids are being creatively challenged while having fun drawing.

drawing workshop
Photo by Jean Van’t Hul

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How to Use Drawing Printables to Spark Creativity

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