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Cooking with Kids Kitchen Cards

by Jean Van't Hul
January 3, 2012
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Maia’s favorite item from the Barefoot Books box is this box of Kids’ Kitchen recipe cards.

These kid-friendly, vegetarian recipes are printed on sturdy, laminated cards which I think is pretty genius.

Besides having a single recipe card with you in the kitchen while you’re working, food splatters wipe off easily, and you can do what Maia did. She sorted the recipes into piles of “I want to make RIGHT NOW” and “nope.”

Oh, and something that I didn’t realize at first is that the recipes are color coded by food group, which can be both a nifty way to learn about nutrition and a quick way to find what you’re looking for.

Cooking with Kids’ Kitchen


One of the recipes that floated to the top of the “I wanna make” pile was this one for “Yummy Hot Bananas.” It was a super easy recipe that called for slitting the banana peel, smushing down the banana a bit inside (turning the whole thing into a boat), sprinkling on a little brown sugar and cinnamon, wrapping the whole thing in foil, and baking.


The result, which we ate picnic-style in the living room, tasted like a cross between banane flambe and banana pudding.


(Maia has since made this recipe again twice, with less and less help each time.)

While we still love our Pretend Soup cookbook, especially for it’s step-by-step illustrated instructions, the Kids’ Kitchen cards are already becoming a new favorite.

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