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Stained glass leaves for the front door

by Jean Van't Hul
October 26, 2010


We transformed our melted crayon autumn leaves into “stained glass” panels for our front door window! So autumnal — I love it! Maia and I brushed a coat of vegetable oil onto the back of the paintings to make them transparent (as when we made the leaf rubbing “stained glass”. This also helps them stick to the window by themselves.


Here are a couple of close ups. One that Maia made…


And one that I made.


And, in case you didn’t really believe how much I love stained glass-type art, here’s a wider view of our front door and living room window. The tissue paper window is our somewhat haphazard version of Lindsey’s from Filth Wizardry. And earlier this fall, we had the other living room window covered with tissue paper art as well! You’ve gotta watch me with windows and art. I can get carried away.

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10 Best Kids Art Ideas
10 Best Kids Art Ideas

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