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10 Autumn Leaf Crafts Ideas for Kids

by Jean Van't Hul
July 6, 2021

These Autumn leaf crafts for kids include leaf art, leaf garlands, leaf printing and so many fun ways to combine nature & art.

Updated August 2021

Celebrate Autumn in all its glory with leaf crafts for kids!

We all like to create with the seasonal colors and images around us, and what better way to create this fall than with Autumn leaves?

Some of these leaf crafts use the leaves as is, straight off the tree or, more likely, the ground.  And others require leaves that are pressed and dried first.

So before we dive into this list of leaf crafts for kids, here are a few methods for preserving your leaves:

leaf mandala

Ways to Preserve Fall Leaves for Crafting

Okay, now that you have some leaves pressed or preserved, it’s time to dive into this list of leaf crafts!

fall leaf crafts for kids pinterest

10 Autumn Leaf Crafts for Kids

These Autumn leaf crafts include leaf art, leaf garlands, leaf printing, leaf people, and more!

drawing on leaves with sharpie

1. Leaf Drawing, Doodling, and Zentangles

Draw on your leaves with metallic sharpies and create beautiful autumn leaf art!

A Fall Leaf Drawing Game for Kids

2. Leaf Drawing Game

Or try this leaf drawing game using photocopies of leaves, Sharpies, and Simon Says drawing prompts.

leaf mandalas on wall

3. Autumn Leaf Mandala

Design a colorful leaf mandala for your wall using your doodled autumn leaves!

leaf garland in window

4. Leaf garland

Try making some of these fall leaf garlands with your family.

Glitter Leaves - A Fall Leaf Craft for Kids and Adults

5. Glitter leaves

Add some glitter to your autumn leaf art doodling and take it to the next level with these shimmering glitter leaves!

6. Autumn Leaf Rock Art

This project is easy to make and a beautiful autumn decoration! All you’ll need is Mod Podge, smooth rocks, and some small autumn leaves.

leaf peepers

7.  Leaf Peepers

Googly eyes make everything fun and this leaf peeper craft is no exception!

fall leaf suncatchers -  leaf crafts for kids

8. Autumn suncatchers & stained glass windows

Bring the beauty of fall indoors and use your gathered fall leaves to make Autumn leaf suncatchers or stained glass windows.

9. Mixed Media Leaf Art

 Print and paste small leaves on washi tape tree art in this mixed-media Autumn art project (or make mixed media autumn leaf art this way).

Leaf crafts for kids Casting with Plaster of Paris - Hosta

10. Leaf Casting

Try leaf casting with plaster of Paris to make 3-dimensional leaves.

How about you? What are your favorite Autumn leaf crafts for kids?

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10 Autumn Leaf Crafts Ideas for Kids

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