Newspaper collage for Earth Day

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In honor of the upcoming Earth Day, Maia and I made collages using recycled materials: newspaper and mat board remnants. I was inspired by one of the projects in MaryAnn Kohl's Good Earth Art: Environmental Art for Kids. Her project involves painting a background, then gluing on an image (fish, boat, building, etc) cut out of newspaper. We already had the crayons out and were in drawing mode, so went with it.


Maia drew a picture on her mat board with crayons first.


Then glued torn bits of newspaper to her drawing/collage. She said her picture was of a cherry tree and cherry blossoms with yellow cherries all around them (This kid is excited about our cherry and plum trees!).


I wanted to get in on the newspaper collage action, too, so worked on my own. I skipped the drawing stage and just started collaging.


This was fun!

I'd love to hear what you're family is doing for Earth Day, whether art projects, activism, planting trees, or whatever.

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  1. Chandra says

    I think we are going to make a hummingbird feeder out of an old pop bottle for earth day.

  2. says

    Thanks! :) For a long time I didn’t work alongside her because I was worried about influencing her work too much or having her compare her work to mine, etc. But it doesn’t seem to be a big deal. And I think we both enjoy it more when we sit down and create together!

  3. says

    I am making beads from shredded newspaper paper mache.
    I hope to have the beads done by tomorrow so that I can string them and wear them as a necklace on Earth Day.