Create a Canvas Print from a Childs Masterpiece

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Transfer a Childs Artwork to Canvas

I finally hung something up in our not-so-newly painted bedroom! I’ve been enjoying the spare walls, but also wanted to only put artwork and decorations back up that were really special. I now have something seriously special and hung it up over the weekend. It’s Maia’s sun painting transfered from the poster board it was on to a proper canvas. I love it!!!

The canvas print version was created by MyPix2Canvas. When they offered to let me try out their service for free, I knew exactly which painting I wanted to preserve and display in this way—the sun I had commissioned Maia to paint.

Create a Canvas Print from a Childs Masterpiece

Transfering a Childs Artwork to Canvas

Here’s the canvas version and the original artwork together (the mirror image effect is because I hung one of them upside down and was too lazy to fix it). The poster board is 2 x 3 feet and the canvas is 16 x 20 inches and 1 1/2 inches deep.


The quality of the canvas reproduction is excellent. I love being able to still see Maia’s individual brushstrokes. (According to MyPix’s website, they have a background in fine art prints for artists.)


MyPix2Canvas offers four different edge wrap options—white, black, overwrap, and mirror wrap. As you can see, this one is white, and it’s actually the second canvas of Maia’s sun that I received from them. The first time I mistakenly asked for overwrap, not understanding how much of the original painting would be “wrapped” onto the sides (much of the suns rays and wonderful turquoise dots). Fortunately, they graciously offered to redo the canvas and sent the new one promptly. They also said they are working on an online preview screen so that customers can avoid my mistake by seeing how their artwork will look with each of the various edge wrap options.

Transfer Childs Artwork to Canvas

I am so happy with Maia’s sun on canvas! I’m already thinking of other artworks I’d like to have canvas prints made of next. Perhaps her House of Color

How about you? Do you have a child’s artwork (or photo) you’d like to put on a canvas? If so, there are many companies that will do this for you.

Canvas Print Services

Disclaimer: I was able to use MyPix2Canvas free of charge, however all opinions expressed are my own.

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Transfer Childs Artwork to Canvas


Leave a comment to this post by Tuesday, December 13th at 11:49 pm EST to enter to win an 11 x 16″ canvas print of your own. The winner will be selected by random number generator and announced Wednesday morning. Have an artwork in mind if you want to receive it by Christmas, because you’ll want to order promptly!

The random number generator selected #100 (first time ever for me), so Meagan Darrow wins the canvas print! Congrats, Meagan! I’ll send you an e-mail…

I would love to have one in my house to highlight my son’s gorgeous artwork! Thank you for the opportunity.

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  1. Tamrah T says

    What a treat for you! Children can always keep our homes filled with their creations, yet some are extra special. This would be a special way to preserve a few to enjoy longer :)Thank you for the chance to do the same.

  2. says

    What a fabulous painting! We’ve been talking a lot in our house about the winter solstice and the sun so it’s was serendipitous to see Maia’s sun painting. Jean, you wrote in your post that you commissioned Maia to paint this. Can you tell us more about that? Whenever my kids ask me what I want as a gift (for my birthday, for example), I always say, “Oh, I’d love it if you made me something.” It works, but only sometimes. :-)

  3. allie goodman says

    I have a fabulous painting of my daughters from when she was just two but I have it hanging in a cheap poster frame in our living room. Of course It would look so much more dynamic on a canvas, can’t believe I never thought of this before. Thanks for always having great ideas.

  4. Kim says

    What a cool thing to be able to do! We’ve painted on canvas a few times, but it can get expensive to buy canvas all the time. Love that any piece of artwork can be put onto canvas and it looks awesome!

  5. says

    What a great picture to hang up–I bet she is so proud of that hanging on the wall.
    Would love to let my littles go at it on one of their own,
    Sarah M

  6. says

    I have kept 4 years worth of my almost miss 5’s paintings & drawings & I was just thinking tonight about how I am going to display some of them. This is a great idea!!

  7. Sandi says

    Awesome…I would love to do this with my grandchildrens artwork! Definetely going to check into it!

  8. Angela B. says

    It looks beautiful! I have just the piece of my daughter’s artwork that i would have done. Thanks for the chance.

  9. cheryl says

    This such a beautiful idea. I have a very hungry caterpillar butterfly painting i am thinking of sending in…..

  10. Molly H says

    You know, I have allowed my daughter to paint on canvas before but this is a great idea!! I wonder if they could transfer an image from a magnadoodle, that seems to be her favorite medium lately ;)

  11. Suzie12 says

    Oh. I have Poinsettia painting my son made that I would love to put on a canvas. What a wonderful way to preserve and honor their creations! Thanks for posting this. I only think of those for photos.

  12. stephanie says

    oh, my! we have reams & reams that i would like to be converted to canvas … it would be tough to choose!
    thanks for the chance!

  13. says

    I LOVE this idea. I have some gorgeous paintings on paper by my son and I was just wondering how long before they get yellowed and brittle. I will definitely try this out. Thank you!

  14. Melissa B says

    I’ve seen this idea but didn’t know anyone who tried it, so I love that you experimented and shared with us. Would love to try it. Thanks!

  15. krissy says

    I thought it was an original on canvas until reading your post. LOVE this vendor. Thank you for turning us onto it so one painting can be used for multiple gift orders.

  16. Eileen says

    What a wonderful and special way to preserve children’s work! Thanks for the chance to do the same.

  17. Amy Fields says

    What a great b-day gift for me=). I would love to win! How you keep finding all this cool stuff totally amazes me!

  18. Amy M. says

    What a wonderful way to preseve our children’s very special art pieces! Bold and beautiful. Thanks.

  19. Katy says

    So cute! I love that idea!! Also takes the stress out of them trying to make something on canvas and then wanting to start over but not being able to (though having kids paint directly on canvas is great too :)
    So, did you take a photo of the artwork and then upload that??

  20. Gina says

    This is so lovely and Maia must feel so special to see her commissioned work look so professional :)

  21. Bobbi says

    I love Maia’s vibrant painting, made just for her Mama. The canvas looks great on your wall Jean. So awesome someone came up with that transfer idea!

  22. Nancy says

    oh, I have a million bits of artwork I’d love on a canvas. choosing would be the hard party. thanks for the giveaway.

  23. Elissa says

    Oh yes, I have a HUGE collection of artwork painted my 2 & 5 year old girls. This would be perfect!

  24. Anne Fechner says

    My son would love to see his art on canvas! Thanks for sharing this with all of us. Great idea!

  25. Ann says

    Great idea. I have a few special pieces I have saved and this sounds like a good way to transfer them to something easier to keep and hang up.

  26. Tami says

    I know EXACTLY which picture I would do! My 3 year old daughter drew a picture of our family when I was pregnant with my second daughter. I’ve been holding on to it until I get around to framing it. I would love to see it on canvas!

  27. katie says

    our kitchen wall is named “our fantastic art museum”. how wonderful would it be to transform some of this artwork to put in other rooms of the house or even to give to the grandparents for gifts!!! as a side note, at the top of our staircase, we have 3 framed oil pastel w/tempera paint drawings i did of running people in 3rd grade that my mother had framed for my father one fathers day when we were kids (im now 30 and its so awesome to have my own childhood artwork preserved…the canvas idea seems more everlasting!)

  28. maryeliz88 says

    It’s funny – I had just been thinking about Maia’s sun drawing. We have just painted our own bedroom walls and I was thinking that I might “commission” a colorful painting by my 5-year-old. There are several of his creations that I’d like to transfer using the service you tried.

  29. kelli says

    The sun is lovely! I don’t know how I would choose — I have three children, so maybe I’ll have to order two more (if I win)?

  30. Julie A. says

    Oh my! I have so many pieces that my 5 year old has created that would look outstanding on canvas! I love Maia’s sun!

  31. Sheau says

    The energy shines from your child’s heart. What a great piece to have in your space. Have a wonderful Holiday season with your family. It has been really nice to read your blog and continue to be inspired. Thank you.

  32. Jane says

    What a fabulous way to display children’s artwork! I have a couple from each boy that I would love to have printed onto canvas as a keepsake. Thank you!

  33. [email protected] says

    My children are always creating makeshift art shows, this canvas idea excited them very much.

  34. says

    I can see why you chose the sun. It’s stunning and just the sort of picture you’ll want to wake up to every morning. What a cool product. I’m often skeptical of things like this because the quality never captures the original quite right, but it’s good to know that this is an exception.

  35. Susie says

    What a great idea! I never thought to preserve my kids paintings on canvas…definitely have to give it a try. Great giveaway!

  36. says

    I’ve never done anything like this. It would be hard to choose what to put on canvas, the kids have made so many things I love. :)

  37. Anne in NC says

    I’d love to have this done with my daughter’s drawing of a “squatiguin” — a cute and colorful squirrel/cat/penguin! Thanks for the chance!

  38. Susan ULrich says

    Never knew this service was available! Thanks for sharing, your little artist looks great on canvas!

  39. Meagan Darrow says

    I would love to have one in my house to highlight my son’s gorgeous artwork! Thank you for the opportunity.

  40. erica says

    Cool idea. We’ve tried to paint on canvas, but I actually like the stuff my kids have done on paper better, so this is a great idea.

  41. Ida Mae says

    I love this idea! I plan on doing this with my son’s creations, and (hopefully) will always have fresh new art work on my walls :)

  42. robin says

    What a fun idea! Yes, we have a ton of artwork stapled and taped and pinned to the wall. We also have some canvas art of our own from letting her paint directly on canvas, but it would be neat to turn some of our favorite pieces on paper into more durable artwork! :D

  43. Michelle Duenas says

    Would love to put my son’s first piece of artwork on canvas! It’s currently on the refrigerator and he’s so proud of it that he’ll point at it and say his name and smile.

  44. Kathy says

    I love the idea of decorating with my children’s artwork and can’t wait to hang some in 2012! Your daughter’s painting is beautiful! Love the colors!

  45. says

    I have a great picture my son did that I’d love to have on a canvas! I have tried giving him canvas and I think it intimidates him and he won’t use it.

  46. Mary M. says

    Her sun is fabulous. What a great gift this would make! …if I could part with my kids’ art, that is! ;) Thanks for sharing.

  47. Stephanie says

    I didn’t read all the comments, so this might have already been asked, but did you take a picture of her artwork and send it to them, or scan the original artwork? Just wondering as I have a painting my daughter did that I would love to see on a canvas. Thanks!

  48. Carrie R says

    I realize that the giveaway was over, but I had a question. Did you have to scan the artwork in somehow? I’m sorry if I missed the explanation. I looked over your post and the MyPix2Canvas site, and I couldn’t figure this out. Thanks!

  49. says

    Carrie, I took a digital photo of the artwork then sent the digital file to them. You could scan the artwork first (if it fits on a scanner) and send the digital file of that instead. But yes, you need to create the digital file yourself and send it to them (rather than sending the original artwork). Sorry if that wasn’t clear!