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Creative Gifts for Kids Who Love to Build

by Jean Van't Hul
November 3, 2023
gifts for kids who build

Do you know a child who loves to build and create? Here’s a great collection of creative gifts for kids that inspire imaginative play.

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Updated October 2023

We often get requests for creative gifts for kids who love to build. Kids who like to tinker, build worlds out of blocks, get muddy, and move their bodies. If you know a kid who falls into this category, this post is for you!

Here are our favorite creative toys for kids who can’t stop building!

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Creative Gifts for Kids Who Love to Build

We LOVE magnetic tiles. They are super versatile and fun for kids of all ages. Picasso Tiles, Magnatiles, and Playmags are all great choices. We also love this magnetic marble run from Connetix!

This magnetic dollhouse can be taken apart and put back together in a variety of ways. Paired with some magnetic tiles and little dolls, the play opportunities are endless!

Tegu are unique magnetic blocks that keep your structure intact after it’s completed. And check out the Tegu Magbot!

Sometimes the basics are the best! This wooden block set is nice because it has pieces long enough to make bridges and tunnels.

We love the look of these natural branch blocks. They can be used to build structures, add to wooden block builds, or even create fairy houses!

These Keva Planks come with challenges to turn 2-dimensional diagrams into 3-dimensional builds! They are great for open-ended play and construction, too.

Need we say more?  Start with basic LEGO bricks set and then explore and build your own creations. You can use The Lego Ideas Book as inspiration!

These Pixel Art Puzzle Bricks can be paired with LEGOs to build all kinds of creations! You can slide and stack these to build horizontally, vertically, and diagonally.

The Make-do cardboard building kit is great for kids who want to build BIG and for families who have lots of extra cardboard in their recycling bins!

Our founder, Jean, and her daughters were always fans of these fort building kits. We love that this one has bendable pieces!

If you have older children who would like to explore real building and woodworking, we suggest a carpentry kit. If you want to put your own kit together, you can check out the offerings at Montessori Services.

You can pair this Wood Crafts Kit with the above carpentry tools or use a glue gun to create structures with them. They are a perfect add-on to any block set, too!

Creative DIY Kits as Gifts for Kids

You don’t have to spend lots of money to give your children creative and open-ended toys. Here are some favorite DIYs. Feel free to use what you already have on hand for these kits. It’s less about getting the perfect item and more about giving your child the space and invitation to explore with these items.

Outside Science Kit: Give your kids the tools to explore outside! Keep it simple with a shovel, magnifying glass, and bug house and they will have a blast digging and observing.

Carpentry Kit: If you don’t want to buy a kit, you can gather some simple tools and scraps of wood and we guarantee your child will have a blast tinkering.

 A “What Can You Make with This?” Kit: Create your own robot, building, spaceship, sculpture, etc. Save recycled materials of all shapes, sizes, color, and make-up and put them in a large box with duct tape and a glue gun. Let your children build as they wish, and then decorate with markers and/or paint.

We hope these suggestions help you find gifts for the building-loving kids in your life!

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Creative Gifts for Kids Who Love to BuildCreative Gifts for Kids Who Love to Build

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