10 Autumn Leaf Crafts for Kids

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10 Autumn Leaf Crafts for Kids Celebrate Autumn in all its glory with leaf crafts for kids!

We all like to create with the seasonal colors and images around us, and what better way to create this fall than with Autumn leaves?

Some of these leaf crafts use the leaves as is, straight off the tree or, more likely, ground. (See numbers 2, 8, 9 and 10 below.)

Some of them require leaves that have been pressed and dried first. So before we dive into this list of leaf crafts for kids, here are a few methods for preserving your leaves:

5 Ways to Preserve Fall Leaves for Crafting

Okay, now that you have some leaves pressed or preserved, it’s time to dive into the list of leaf crafts!

10 Autumn Leaf Crafts for Kids

These Autumn leaf crafts include leaf art, leaf garlands, leaf printing, leaf people, and more.

Autumn Leaf Art

1.  Draw on your leaves for Autumn leaf art

Autumn Leaf Drawing Game

2.  Or make a game out of drawing on photocopies of the leaves

Make a Leaf Mandala

3.  Make a leaf mandala for your wall

Fall Leaf Garlands

4.  Make some fall leaf garlands

Glitter Leaves

5.  Add some glitter to your leaves

Leaf Rocks

6.  Glue your leaves to rocks for fun and decoration

Make Leaf People

7.  Add some googly eyes to make leaf people / peepers

Autumn Leaf Suncatchers

8.  How about Autumn leaf suncatchers and stained glass windows?

Mixed Media Leaf Art for Kids

9.  Print and paste small leaves to make mixed-media Autumn tree art (or make mixed media autumn leaf art this way)

Leaf Casting with Plaster of Paris

10.  Try leaf casting with plaster of Paris to make 3-dimensional leaves

How about you? What are your favorite Autumn leaf crafts for kids?

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