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30 Creative Fall Activities for Kids

by The Artful Parent Editorial Team
July 15, 2023
fall activities

A list of 30 creative fall activities for kids that includes autumn leaf crafts, apple recipes and activities, seasonal art ideas, book suggestions, and more!

Updated August 2023

Happy September, friends!

If you’re in the northern hemisphere, this is the beginning of autumn for you. It’s the time of year when the leaves begin turning a rainbow of colors, you can bake with apples and spices, get your sweaters out to warm up in the chillier air, and the kids head back to school.

Would you like some ideas of creative activities to do with your children this month?

We hope so, because we’ve put together this list of creative Fall activities for kids!

(And, if you’d like a printable version of the list, scroll down to the bottom of this post to sign up for a handy PDF version!)

30 Creative September Activities for Kids

Simple Autumn Leaf Suncatchers
Photo by Jean Van’t Hul

12 Autumn Leaf Crafts and Activities

1. Try your hand at Zentangle Leaves.

2. Go on a Fall Nature Walk together and collect autumn leaves, acorns, pinecones, and other nature items.

3. Make Nature Crowns use autumn flowers and leaves.

4. Make an Autumn Leaf Wreath together with doodled leaves or painted leaves.

5. Create Autumn Leaf Suncatchers.

6. Make Autumn Leaf Art (with pastels or paints).

7. Paint Coffee Filter Leaves with watercolors.

8. Make Melted Crayon Leaf Suncatchers with crayon shavings and waxed paper.

9. Make a Nature Diorama using the materials you gathered on your nature walk.

10. Use fall leaves, either plain or ones that you’ve decorated, to make a Leaf Mandala for your wall.

11. Collect leaves of various sizes and shapes to make Autumn Leaf Paintings (leaf rubbing with watercolor resist.)

12. Make Fall Nature Pendants with clay printing!

apple bunting for kids
Photo by Jean Van’t Hul

4 Apple Activities, Crafts & Recipes

13. Go Apple Picking or make a trip to your local farmer’s market to choose apples. Make sure you get several different varieties and have a taste test!

14. Try Apple Printing and make a DIY Apple Bunting.

15. Bake an Apple Bundt Cake together (or your favorite apple treat!)

16. Whip up a quick batch of No-Cook Playdough, add 1 Tablespoon of cinnamon, and call it Apple Pie Playdough. Use it to make pretend apples, cookies, cupcakes and more.

fall collage items
Photo by Jean Van’t Hul

7 Kids Art Activities with an Autumn Twist

17. Collage with the Autumn Harvest. Use glue to make mixed media collage art with acorns, dried beans, dried corn, seed heads, and pasta shapes.

18. Pointillism Art: Draw a tree trunk with marker (or tape) and put out paints or stamp pads in autumn colors. Use the eraser side of a pencil and a stamp pad or a Q-tip and paints to add leaves to your tree.

19. Try DIY Scratch Art using autumn colors and draw leaves, trees, acorns, animals, spider webs, and more.

20. Do Scribble Drawings and fill in the sections with watercolor paint in autumn colors.

21. Try some Shadow Art (set up objects in front of a light source and trace the shadows). Try using sticks, leaves, seed heads, or gourds with interesting shapes.

22. Take some paper and colored pencils or watercolors (or even your easel) outside for some Fall Observational Drawing and painting.

23. Collect pinecones, seed pods, bark and other natural materials and create a Nature Mobile.

fall sensory bin
Photo by Rachel Withers

4 Activities for Creative Play

24. Make a fall themed sensory bin for lots of fun (and taste-safe!) exploration.

25. Construct a Lighted Cardboard Dollhouse.

26. Make beautiful Rock Collage Art with Autumn Leaves to give as gifts, play with, or use as decoration.

27. Make a DIY Magnetic Building Set with Cardboard for lots of building fun.

Photo by Rachel Jepson Wolf

3 More Fall Activities for Kids

28. Create a beautiful hanging DIY lantern with glass jars and go for a candlelit nature walk with family & friends. 

29. Learn how to print with leaves to make beautiful cloth napkins. They are the perfect addition to your seasonal table and make great gifts!

30. Head to the library and check out some Books about Autumn. You can also begin building a seasonal library for your home.

To help you remember these fun ideas, we created a printable version for you. (If you missed it, clear your cookies and refresh this page!)

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30 Creative Fall Activities for Kids 30 Creative Fall Activities for Kids

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