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3D Art and Sculpture Ideas for Kids


Most kids LOVE to work up, work big, and work three dimensional! We have so many great sculpture ideas for kids that use everything from toothpicks, cardboard, nature items, and wood.

3-D Art and Sculpture Activities for Kids

In fact, let’s start with materials.

Some of the best materials for kids sculpture can be found around the house and especially in the recycle bin. There’s a LOT that can be made from cardboard tubes, boxes, egg cartons, styrofoam, and even oatmeal box lids.

Wood bits for wood sculptures
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But then there are the sculpture materials you can buy, too.

Plus glue, tape, or string to hold your sculpture together. Or that wonder of wonders, the hot glue gun.


Now for some of the three-dimensional art and sculptures kids can make with these materials…

25+ Sculpture Ideas for Kids

Here are some of our favorite sculpture projects and ideas for kids, including toothpick sculptures, building with cardboard, wood sculptures, ice sculptures, and more.

Toothpick and Craft Stick Sculpture Ideas for Kids

Build with Toothpicks and Craft Sticks

Cardboard Sculpture Ideas for Kids

Construct with Cardboard

Wood Sculpture Ideas for Kids

Sculpture Ideas with Wood

3D Nature Ideas for Kids

3D Art with Nature 

10 Plaster of Paris Crafts for Kids

Sculpture Ideas with Plaster of Paris

More Sculpture Ideas for Kids

More fun sculpture ideas for kids

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3-D Art and Sculpture Activities for Kids
3D Art and Sculpture Ideas for Kids


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