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5 DIY Cardboard Toys You Can Make With Your Kids

by Jean Van't Hul
December 23, 2020

Try these 5 fun ideas to DIY cardboard into cardboard toys and building materials for kids. These are great recycled projects for the whole family!

Here at The Artful Parent, we are big fans of recycled art projects for kids. Art is an important avenue through which we can teach kids of ways to reduce waste and reuse materials in totally new ways. And cardboard is a great place to start! Not only is it a sturdy canvas for lots of drawing and collage projects, it also is a great building material.

We are featuring five of our favorite building and construction toys that you can make yourself with cardboard. And the best part of course is this material is totally free and you likely have some in your recycling bin right now.

So grab a cardboard box and choose one of the following projects to do with your kids!

5 DIY Building Toys for Kids who love to build

5 Easy DIY Cardboard Toys You Can Make Yourself

Child with cardboard building disc sculptures

1. Make Your Own Cardboard Building Discs

Create these amazing open-ended sculptures with DIY cardboard building discs!

You can build as big as you like with this first set, if you make enough building discs! I think these would be fun to try in different sizes, too.

How to Make 3D Rainbow Cardboard Sculptures_FB

2. How to Make a 3D Rainbow Sculpture

These three-dimensional rainbow sculptures are the best! For these rainbow cardboard sculptures just slot the shapes together loosely (inspiration from Eames’ House of cards). It’s the sort of connecting technique that can be used to make many different sculptures.

You can build an awesome 3D rainbow with cardboard, or this project could work well for making cool animals, too…

How to Make Your Own Magnetic Building Set

3. DIY Magnetic Building Set

Explore magnetic properties and building with different shapes!

Use cardboard to make your own magnetic building set to use and reuse for construction and education!

How to Make a Cardboard Castle with Kids

4. DIY Cardboard Castle

Build your own castle, complete with drawbridge and moat!

Construct your own cardboard castle, either from your imagination or recreate from history for an educational spin.

DIY cardboard dollhouse with lights

5. Make a Cardboard Dollhouse with Real Lights!

This lighted cardboard dollhouse is extra fun to make and play with. Create a few for a little city!

We hope this gives you some fun ideas for building and learning with cardboard! We’d love to see what you’ve made. Tag us on Instagram #theartfulparent.

More DIY Cardboard Building Ideas

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5 DIY Building Toys for Kids who love to build

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