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Coloring Easter Eggs with Bleeding Tissue Paper

by Jean Van't Hul
February 1, 2023

Coloring Easter eggs with bleeding tissue paper combines a collage technique with a painting effect. This is a great process art Easter activity for kids!

Updated March 2023

Have you experimented with bleeding tissue paper yet? It’s an interesting material to use because you apply it as you would in a collage, yet the color from the tissue paper “bleeds” out onto the surface of the paper, acting like a paint.

We actually have two Easter egg projects here: The first is coloring Easter eggs (real ones) with the bleeding tissue paper. The second is an Easter egg mosaic on paper using the bleeding tissue paper.

Both are fun to try, and both have lovely results!

Photo by Jean Van’t Hul

Coloring Easter Eggs with Bleeding Tissue Paper



  1. Prepare your materials

    To use the bleeding tissue paper on real eggs, first cook them until they are hardboiled.

    It is also helpful to cut up your tissue paper into small pieces first. And be sure to cover your table first, as the tissue paper can stain.

  2. Apply your tissue paper

    First, brush water on the eggs, apply your tissue paper pieces, then carefully brush more water on top. If you have extra egg cartons on hand, they work perfectly as egg holders!

    little girl dyeing eggs with tissue paper

  3. Let dry

    We recommend letting them sit for about an hour before removing the paper. Once the paper is dry, you can easily peel it off the eggs!

    peeling tissue paper off eggs

Aren’t they lovely!?

If you aren’t up for dyeing eggs, or you don’t have any on hand, you can still use bleeding tissue paper to dye paper eggs!

girl applying tissue paper to egg
Photo by Andrea Martelle

We simply cut egg shapes out of thick paper and then applied the bleeding tissue paper the same way. First, add a layer of water, then tissue paper, and then carefully dab more water on top.

Let your paper eggs dry completely before removing the paper.

paper eggs dyed with tissue paper
Photo by Andrea Martelle

Either way you do it, bleeding tissue paper makes for a fantastic egg-dyeing material! We highly recommend it!

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Coloring Easter Eggs with Bleeding Tissue Paper

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