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Washi Tape Easter Eggs 6 Ways

by Jean Van't Hul
April 5, 2012
Washi Tape Easter Eggs 6 Ways

We’ve been exploring and playing more with our fun washi tape—decorating Easter eggs (shown here) and making suncatchers.

The washi tape is so thin and somewhat transparent, that it lends itself well to decorating small, odd-shaped items such as eggs.

Maia used it to create her large Eggbert family and I used it to fancify a few humble Easter eggs.

Washi Tape Easter Eggs - Decorating with Kids

Washi Tape Easter Eggs 6 Ways

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How We Decorated Our Eggs

Maia and I both mostly just wrapped the washi tape around our Easter eggs as the base for our decorating efforts.

Washi Tape Easter Eggs for Kids - Decorating and Playing with the Eggs

We used scissors to cut the tape, but have since learned that you can just tear it! And it works!

Genius. 🙂

Washi Tape Easter Eggs - The Eight Eggberts

Washi Tape Easter Egg Decorating Method #1

Maia was in a playful mood when we decorated these eggs and started calling her creations “Uncle Eggbert,” “Baby Eggbert,” “Cousin Eggbert,” and so on. There were lots of giggles that accompanied each new Eggbert addition.

(She may or may not have consumed chocolate before we started this project.)

Washi Tape Easter Eggs - Decorating and Playing

Once she had all her Eggberts, she decided they needed to be numbered, and so grabbed the sharpies.

Washi Tape Easter Eggs - Decorating Method 1

Once they were properly decorated and numbered, she lined them all up on the windowsill.

Note :: The washi tape rolls acting as perfect little egg stands.

Washi Tape Easter Egg Decorating Method #2

Washi Tape Easter Eggs - Cutting the Tape

Here is how I decorated my eggs.

I found triangles super easy to cut from the tape, so mostly just used lots of them. Plus stripes of the washi tape.

Washi Tape Easter Eggs - Decorating Method 2

We tried some white eggs and some dyed eggs as I wanted to see how the washi tape would look on both. Parts of the tape are pretty transparent and allow the color underneath to show through a bit. I like them both ways, but think the white ones set off the washi tape a tad better.

By the way, there are lots of washi tape Easter egg ideas on other blogs. Here are a few fun ones ::

4 More Ideas for Washi Tape Easter Eggs

Washi Tape Easter Eggs 4 More Ways
  • Bristol Parenting Cafe cut her washi tape in half lengthwise, then wrapped it around her eggs. Simple and pretty!
  • Wee Birdy wraps the entire egg with pieces of washi tape for an overall look.
  • Lovely Indeed shares a mix of elegant and modern designs and ideas.
  • And Craftaholics Anonymous shows how to use washi tape to decoratively seal the two ends of plastic eggs that have been filled with candies.

If you have any other ideas for washi tape Easter eggs or know of another good blog post showing them (your own or someone elses), please feel free to share in the comments!

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Washi Tape Easter Eggs 6 Ways

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