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How to Paint Wooden Easter Eggs

by Jean Van't Hul
December 1, 2023
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Learn how to paint wooden Easter eggs with this easy technique. Draw designs with sharpies and then paint with vibrant watercolors for eggs that last long past Easter!

Updated January 2024

Want to learn how to paint wooden Easter eggs that will last year after year and withstand heavy kid use?

These eggs will long outlast the hard-boiled kind and are sturdier than plastic eggs.

They can be brought out Easter after Easter, given as gifts, and be added to the play kitchen for some fun pretend play.

And best of all, these are so easy to make. Kids of all ages will be able to join in the decorating fun!

How to Paint Wooden Easter Eggs


materials for painting eggs
Photo by Jean Van’t Hul


  1. Draw designs on your wood eggs

    We did this with the sharpie markers. You can doodle or draw something spring-y like flowers.

  2. Paint over the designs

    Then paint over your designs with the watercolors. The black marker lines will show through the paint nicely. Let dry.

    painting wooden eggs

  3. Add a protective coat of beeswax (optional)

    Here’s a recipe for DIY wood conditioning creme.

    wooden easter eggs

Admire your new colorful Easter eggs!

You can also give them as a gift. Or add them to your play kitchen for some pretend play!

Note: You can also use this technique to paint other wooden items, such as wood building blocks or any of the items you can find in the unpainted wood section of the craft store.

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How to Paint Wooden Easter EggsHow to Paint Wooden Easter Eggs

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