Boy placing yarn on contact paper to make a yarn suncatcher
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Easy Yarn Suncatchers for Kids


Yarn suncatchers are a simple fine motor skill activity that toddlers and preschoolers will enjoy! Cut yarn and create suncatchers by placing yarn on contact paper. Younger kids will create abstract suncatchers; older children can create pictures with their yarn.

Boy placing yarn on contact paper to make a yarn suncatcher

Yarn, scissors, contact paper. Yes, that’s all you need for an engaging fine motor workout for toddlers and preschoolers.

This is a “vintage” post that we updated with new content and photos. Because the idea is so wonderfully simple, yet engaging for young kids. Also, between the soft yarn and the sticky contact paper, this is an excellent sensory activity.

Jean tried these yarn suncatchers a few years back when her daughter was a toddler and I knew I had to try it with my own 3 year old.

Kids love scissors. Something about it seems to indicate “I’m big” to them.

My son has his own pair of child scissors that he really likes to use so I figured this activity would be right up his alley.

To note: We’ve been talking for a while now about how to hold scissors while cutting or walking. I continue to help place his hands in the proper position as he is still learning this skill. 

On to our suncatchers…

Scissors and a basket of yarn

How to Make Easy Yarn Suncatchers with Kids

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Yarn and scissors–materials for yarn suncatchers for kids


1. Cut yarn for yarn suncatchers

I have a big basket of yarn upstairs (all my would-be-scarves that I plan to knit to stay warm in Maine). I have craft yarn that I laid out along with a pair of scissors and a few small bowls.

Boy cutting yellow yarn with scissors

William began cutting the yarn in all different lengths. He chose to organize the yarn in bowls by colors.

Child cutting blue yarn with scissors

This step could easily entertain for a while. When your child is ready, move on to creating your suncatchers.

Child placing yarn on contact paper at window

2.  Place contact paper on window

Here’s where the adult will need to do a little prep work. While your child is cutting yarn, find a window or door that will work for the suncatcher. Preferably low, but still well lit so the child can access it easily.

Peel off the back of the contact paper and attach the contact paper (sticky side up) to the glass. I taped ours to the glass with painters tape.

Boy patting yarn on contact suncatcher

3. Create yarn suncatchers

William has a lot of pizzazz so he pretty much threw his yarn onto the sticky paper.

Boy placing yarn on contact paper suncatcher for kids

But your child may choose to carefully place and arrange the yarn, possibly even in patterns, lines or shapes. The world is your oyster. Boy standing next to yarn suncatcher

I must say, despite the quick finish, he was quite proud of his finished yarn suncatcher.

Baby standing on yarn suncatcher

We even let the baby loose to try her own creation…

Contact paper is great for so many kids arts and crafts, including collage, suncatchers, and stained glass art! I can’t wait to try this beautiful stained glass flower petal door… And this 3D Nature Box.

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This is a simple fine motor skill activity that toddlers and preschoolers will enjoy! Make the yarn suncatchers by placing cut yarn on the contact paper. #artsandcrafts #kidscrafts #kidsactivity #suncatchers
Easy Yarn Suncatchers for Kids


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    You provide such a unique angle to the topic that the article was a pleasure to read – thank you for making my day a bit better.

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    Yvonne Hansen
    September 10, 2019 at 10:44 am

    Precious baby on stunning Persian rug. How about developing a carpet design making art project? Perhaps for 9 or 10 YO. Design elements, overall design/arrangement of elements, etc. Perhaps a first art project using fabric, an old ‘baby blanket’. Literary: Aladdin and the Flying Carpet, Persian art, Religious art (Muslim, Hindu, etc.).

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