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Tissue Paper Stained Glass Craft for Kids

by Jean Van't Hul
April 12, 2010

This tissue paper stained glass craft is made on wax paper. It’s easy for kids to make and beautiful hanging in a sunny window!

Tissue Paper Stained Glass Craft

We made tissue paper stained glass the other day, before our beach trip, and it was such a simple and fun art activity! Plus the stained glass looks beautiful hanging in the window!!

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The idea for this tissue paper stained glass craft is from MaryAnn Kohl’s great book, Scribble Art: Independent Creative Art Experiences for Children.

I chose it because I had a big batch of liquid starch that we needed to use (from when we made salt paint). Basically I went through the book looking for any activities that used liquid starch. I came up with quite a list!

Who knew you could do so much with the stuff!

Update: We’ve since done this stained glass activity with watered-down glue and it works just fine. If you have the liquid starch, use it, but if you don’t, just whisk about 2 parts glue to 1 part water and use that.

Here’s a video showing Tissue Paper Stained Glass Suncatchers in action! And don’t forget to scroll down for step-by-step instructions.

Tissue Paper Stained Glass Craft for Kids


Little girl sticking torn pieces of paper onto wax paper


1. Tear tissue paper into pieces

First Maia tore up some colored tissue paper into small pieces. This part is fun for little kids!

You could also cut the tissue paper into geometric shapes or something if you wanted to…

2. Brush liquid starch on waxed paper

Next, Maia made her tissue paper stained glass with the tissue paper and liquid starch on wax paper.

She helped tape down a sheet of waxed paper to use as the base for the stained glass. Then she brushed the liquid starch all over the waxed paper, set a piece of tissue paper on the liquid starch-covered piece of wax paper, then brushed more liquid starch over the piece.

Tissue Paper Stained Glass Craft

She continued adding layers of liquid starch and colored tissue paper until her waxed paper was covered with the colored tissue paper scraps.

3. Let it dry

Tissue Paper Stained Glass

4. Display in window

After the tissue paper stained glass dried, we hung it in the window to let the sunshine through.

Beautiful! This might be my favorite stained glass project yet!

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