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Playdough Pretend Play Ideas

by Jean Van't Hul
March 13, 2014
Pretend Play Ideas with Playdough - Cupcake decorating and more great ideas for pretend play with playdough

I don’t have a big post for you today; just wanted to share some photos of the kids’ recent playdough creations and combine it with a list of more pretend play ideas for kids using playdough.

I don’t know about your kids, but when my kids play with playdough, it usually turns into a pretend play fest more often than simply sculpture or art.

Pretend Play Ideas with Playdough - playdough bakery

This time, when the kids sat down with a couple of big hunks of homemade playdough, I brought over a few of the most requested playdough play accessories in our house: silicone muffin liners, toothpicks, and plastic pony beads.

Pretend Play Ideas with Playdough

Daphne and her friend Gigi got to work making and decorating cupcakes by mounding the playdough in the cupcake liners and poking beads in the top as sprinkles.

Pretend Play Ideas with Playdough

They also added “candles” by poking the toothpicks through the centers of the beads (great fine motor activity, by the way!)…

Pretend Play Ideas with Playdough - decorating playdough cupcakes

Or, adding balls of playdough to the tops of toothpicks and then adding more beads…

Pretend Play Ideas with Playdough - Cupcake decorating with toothpicks and plastic pony beads

Or stacking the beads onto the toothpicks for extra beautiful candles!

More Pretend Play Ideas for Kids Using Playdough

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