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Shaving Cream Art :: Drawing and Painting on the Mirror

by Jean Van't Hul
July 20, 2010

Shaving Cream Art - Drawing on the Mirror

We’ve been getting one of our mirrors down lately and propping it up on Maia’s easel for drawing and other art making.

She’s drawn on it with washable markers, window crayons, and regular crayons. They all wash off pretty easily which makes the mirror a great reusable canvas. And the mirror becomes such an interesting part of the artwork since it reflects back light as well as the viewer and the images in the room.

This time we decided to try shaving cream on the mirror—so fun!

Shaving Cream Art on the Mirror


  • Shaving cream
  • Large mirror
  • Fingers, hands
  • Paintbrush (optional)
  • Tempera paint (optional)

Shaving Cream Drawing on the Mirror

We also tried shaving cream drawing on the mirror the other day. Maia rubbed an even layer all over the mirror, then used her fingertips to draw in the shaving cream.

What an interesting visual and tactile experience!

When she was finished with a drawing, she would rub the shaving cream all over the mirror again to create an even layer, then start another drawing. She also tried drawing with a chopstick and a fork, but much preferred her own fingers.

Shaving Cream Drawing on the Mirror 2

I like taking pictures of ephemeral art like this, not only because I have a blog and want to share with you all, but also as a record of the art making when there isn’t a finished drawing that we can save.

Shaving Cream Drawing on the Mirror 3

Maia painted over the shaving cream as well and made a couple monoprints, but the highlight for her was just drawing in the shaving cream.

Draw with Shaving Cream on the Mirror

I’d like to try shaving cream drawing on the window as well, to see the light shining through the lines. And also paint directly on the mirror without the shaving cream.

So many possibilities!

Update: We’ve tried shaving cream art on the window, too!

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Shaving Cream Art for Kids - Drawing and Painting on the Mirror

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