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Easy Foam Painting for Kids

by Rachel Withers
June 8, 2022
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Foam painting is fun and irresistibly fluffy! Try these easy ideas for fun sensory play setups that kids will love.

My kids LOVE foam painting. It’s fun, it’s fluffy and they like to paint their toys, cars, bodies and anything else in reach.

It’s easy to cleanup, I promise!

child painting elephant with foam paint
Photo by Rachel Withers

This is one of those art activities that we save for warmer weather. Then the mess is less stress and the kids can have all the fun they want. And clean up is easy. Keep everything contained on a tray, or hose the kids down with water afterwards.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, back to how much my kids love this art/play activity. 😎

foam paint for kids

Photo by Rachel Withers

Foam Painting for Kids

We use our foam paint for sensory play mostly. I set out some animals, dinosaurs, or transportation vehicles and let my kids paint. (This usually leads to painting their whole bodies so I keep them minimally dressed for this project.)

To include the kids on the cleanup, I like to set out a tub of soapy water and extend the play. With scrubbers, they get to work with giving their toys a bath.

(If you’re looking to try foam paint on paper, see this post. You can use the same supplies with a totally different art experience!)

foam paint + elephants
Photo by Rachel Withers

How to Make Foam Paint


I make foam paint with just two ingredients––shaving foam and liquid watercolors.

Mix together and whip to combine. Be sure there is no remaining unmixed paint (which can seriously stain clothing).

Recently I decided to try Colorations foam paint and it acts very similar to shaving foam, but smells like paint. I really dislike the smell of shaving foam––even the sensitive skin formulas have a very strong smell.

Photo by Rachel Withers

More Sensory Play for Kids

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Easy Foam Painting for Kids
10 Best Kids Art Ideas
10 Best Kids Art Ideas

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