Sewing A New Kids Art Smock

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Thanks for all your great comments and suggestions for my studio re-org! I have some thinking and puttering to do back there…

Yesterday I made Maia another art smock.

My usually more-than-willing model didn’t want me to take her picture in this (although she wore it around the house for over an hour after I made it), so here it is flat.

It’s big on her, which is perfect for a smock. I’ve loved the giraffe smock and have wanted a second since she’s outgrowing the dress we use as a back-up painting smock.

I know a lot of people like the waterproof smocks that wipe clean, but I prefer something that I can just toss in the wash. I’ve never had a problem with paint soaking through to her clothes and like that it’s not stiff like the oilcloth-type smocks.


As with the first art smock, I used a t-shirt that was too small for me and cut it up the back. But this time I used bias tape for the edges rather than hemming them. I love both the look of the bias tape and how quick and easy it was to use.

Now I think I need to add a couple of hooks in the studio for hanging up Maia’s smocks…

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  1. says

    That turned out so cool! I especially like that it’s black because goodness knows how many colors of paint don’t actually come out of anything BUT black!