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How to Create Beautiful Flower Flags With Flower Pounding

by Abbey Donald
May 17, 2021

Flower pounding is such a fun process art activity for kids! Watch as the pigments from the flower transfer onto canvas to create these beautiful flower flags. Post and project by Abbey Donald of Wild Wattle Folk

Flower flags made by flower pounding on canvas

My children love instant crafts––ones that are quick to take form and shape and keep their beautiful creative spirit flowing. When they make things that require drying time (glue especially), I see the little light of excitement dwindle slightly.

They want to keep going and their excitement fades while trying to find something to do in the meantime.

Who can blame them!? I myself have felt that way many times.

Child peeling off flower from flower flag with hammer and flowers at table

Flower pounding doesn’t require any waiting before seeing wonderful botanical prints. And my kids just love this because it’s such a fun, hands-on activity. 

Every aspect of this craft is exciting to them, from hammering away at the beginning, to peeling off the flower and revealing the print.

It’s also one of those treasured activities you can use as an excuse to go on a nature walk searching for leaves and flowers to collect beforehand.

How to Create Flower Flags

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Time needed: 30 minutes.


  1. Prep your fabric

    If you aren’t using a recycled drawstring bag that’s been cut into flags, you can hand stitch a loop at the top of the material. This allows the flag to hang after threading the cord through.

    Alternatively, the flags can also be attached to a piece of hanging cord with clothespins.

  2. Lay out your flower

    Choose a flower or leaf you would like to dye into the fabric. Place it on a hard surface, with the side you want on your fabric facing up.

    Place a piece of calico fabric over the top of the flower (make sure you have your flower facing up, touching the fabric).

    Then place a piece of cardboard over both and tape down the side so it won’t move while hammering it.

  3. Begin flower pounding with hammer

    Now comes my son’s favorite part: hammering the cardboard. Be sure little hands aren’t on the board, and then let them hammer away at the piece of cardboard.

  4. Check your flower transfer

    Gently peel away the tape and lift off your piece of cardboard. Check the back of the fabric for any areas that haven’t been hit yet to expose the full shape. Pound those areas lightly now with the hammer.

  5. Peel away the flower

    Turn your piece of fabric over and gently peel away the pieces of flower to reveal the beautiful botanical print.

  6. Cut cord to length

    Cut a piece of cord the desired length to use for hanging your botanical print and tape it to a toothpick.

    There are also child-friendly threading needles available, but I personally love finding household objects to use instead. It’s wonderful getting the creative thoughts flowing and brainstorming on how to make ordinary objects, new and exciting tools.

    Thread string through each flower flag

  7. Create flower flags!

    Thread your cord through the looped piece of material and double knot the end. Continue adding and threading additional flower flags or you may choose to leave it as a singular wall hanging.

    Create these beautiful flower flags by flower pounding on canvas

  8. Hang your flower flags!

    Now your botanical print is ready for all to see! Your little one will surely feel so much happiness in creating a print instantly with their own hands.

This is a great activity to do if you have a special flower with a memory attached to it. Then you will be reminded every time you see it.

If your little one is feeling a little more creative, they can also create a larger picture by arranging the leaves and flowers together.

Flower print on canvas with flower petals surrounding it

Looking for more flower art projects?

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