Mixed Media Autumn Trees :: A Fall Leaf Art Project for Kids

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Fall Leaf Art for Kids - Mixed Media Autumn Trees

We did a fall leaf art project after school yesterday.

I’ve been trying to get back into having simple art projects set up for when Maia gets home. This one isn’t on the cheat sheet of activities, but rather incorporates a few different art materials and techniques ::

Fall Leaf Art Project

First, we used colored masking tape to create our trees. What? You say trees don’t have purple branches? Well, we were out of brown masking tape. Don’t think we ever had any, in fact. So our trees are purple, green, and black. We agree with Willow—trees can be any color.

Fall Leaf Art Project

Daphne really got into this project (I pre-cut the tape for her).

Maia not so much. She was in a funk because a good friend of hers was supposed to come over for a playdate but couldn’t after all.

Fall Leaf Art Project

After we each finished our trees, we walked around the yard collecting small leaves. And I got out the stamp pads.


Sage leaves make very satisfactory small leaf prints.

Fall Leaf Art Project for Kids

We also glued on some of our little pressed leaves.

Fall Leaf Art Project for Kids

Here’s a detail of a finished tree with leaf prints and collaged leaves.

Fall Leaf Art Project for Kids

Daphne’s tree had a lot of fingerprints, which I thought looked quite leaf-like as well.

Fall Leaf Art Project for Kids

How about you? Have you been doing any fall leaf art? Any autumn crafting?

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  1. Caroline says

    I’m sure that this is a repeat question. (sorry) What do you do with all the artwork. I struggle with what to keep and how much to keep. What’s your current organizational strategdy?

  2. says

    We can’t seem to get enough of the fall crafts around here. It’s nice to have so much color before our part of the world quiets down to white. Here’s one of our projects: faithfullmama.blogspot.com/2011/10/leaf-pounding.html
    I love the idea of masking tape. We’ve been looking to add some different textures and what not to our palette.

  3. says

    I love that you stamped with real leaves. What a great after school project. I am finding it hard to do art with my older kids. They get home from school and we seem to be in a mad rush until bedtime. I think doing art right when they get off the bus could be relaxing to us all.

  4. Dena says

    They both came out great. I love seeing the difference between Daphne’s art as a 2 year old and Maia as a 6 year old! Makes me cherish the 2’s but look forward to the completeness of 6’s art.
    Naomi is 2 so it helps me see that it is something she can do.
    Thank you so much!

  5. says

    Caroline – That’s a good question, and I struggle with it myself sometimes. I used to keep it all, but don’t anymore. I still keep a lot of it, but not all. I try to keep the best, the ones they are the most proud of, the ones that represent developmental growth, the first pieces that show a new stage (first enclosed shapes, first faces, etc), and also just the ones I like. I have clear plastic boxes with lids that I keep the artwork in. Here’s a long ago post about it:
    For 3-D artwork (some sculptures etc) or ephemeral art (chalkboard drawings etc), I take photos.
    Hope this helps!

  6. says

    My oldest daughter is only two, but we’ve done a few things. For halloween we made banner of pumpkins and ghosts. I precut the pumpkins and ghosts and the mouth and eye shapes. Then i let her have at it with the gluestick. She made some very picassoesque pumpkins. We also made fall color paper chains.
    I would like to try out some leaf prints but we don’t have many different trees here in the desert. We’ve tried a few rubbings but mesquite leaves don’t come out that well.
    I love your blog by the way. This my first time commenting.

  7. says

    hi jean- I have a scheduling question– do you plan out what activities you are going to do with the girls and get materials ready ahead of time? Sort of like meal planning for projects? I feel flooded with ideas but when my 5 year old comes home she just wants to draw or make collages by herself. Which is great and very much her personality (and mine!) but sometimes she loves a specific “activity” as she calls them. And 2 year old sort of wanders in and out of playing with playdough and drawing with markers all day. I love all the semi-structured projects I see on your blog but the days just get away from me! How, literally, do you do it…planned out?

  8. Alex says

    @Ljmonchik, we have a weekly family art project night. I get to decide what we do. :) If the kid doesn’t want to, the adults still have fun. Otherwise, more freeform. When my daughter napped I’d have an activity set out from when she woke. She’s with me 24/7 but I see that Jean does that for coming home from preschool too.
    Jean, just stopping back in to this post to say that my daughter and I loved this activity. Thanks!

  9. says

    Glad you like my blog and thanks for the comment! I wonder if you could do prints and rubbings from other nature items that you have more abundantly where you live? You could always make a different kind of leaf print, too — like cut a potato into a leaf shape and print with that and some paint.

  10. says

    I try to have some art materials or a simple art activity set up for after school. This mostly means just putting out a couple items on the kitchen table (paints and paper or whatever) before I go pick Maia up from school. Having a semi-structured art activity set up is just as easy (or almost so) as putting out materials for an unstructured activity. I try to do both and usually err on the side of the unstructured, but get a little crazy with the more structured around holidays. I probably shouldn’t! Here are a couple of posts that might help you.
    A post about how I plan our art activities:
    A post about simple art activities to set up for after school:
    Hope this helps!! Feel free to ask more questions if you like…

  11. says

    So glad you and your daughter liked this activity! And thanks for answering ljmonchik’s question. I like how you have a weekly family art project night as well as lots of freeform art. Sounds like a good mix. I may try that… :)