3-D Art and Sculpture Ideas for Kids

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More than 50 Sculpture Ideas for KidsKids love to work up, work big, work 3-dimensional.

3-D art and sculpture ideas for kids

More than 50 ideas!

Toothpick sculptures

Wood sculptures

Rock art

Cardboard box creations

Ice sculptures

Plaster of Paris ideas

Papier mache bowls

And more!


Toothpick Sculptures

Grape and Toothpick Sculptures Marshmallow and Toothpick Sculptures Soap and Toothpick Sculptures


Other Fun Sculpture Ideas for Kids

Wire Sculptures with Pipecleaners Stained Glass Sculpture 3D Paper Shapes


Maya's dollhouse of cards thumbnail Fun Crafts with Pom Poms Kids' Sculptures with Styrofoam and Bamboo Skewers


My Kids' Favorite Building Set 6 kids play houses Building and Creating with Curves

Some Christmas Making Baking and Experimenting (paper houses)


Wood Sculpture Ideas for Kids

Wooden Art Blocks Wood Collage Wood Sculpture


Toy Seesaw Scrap Wood Sculptures with the Art Group Painted Birdhouses


DIY Lighted Wooden Stars Glitter Stars


3-D Art with Cardboard Boxes

Painting Boxes Rainbow Lighted Cardboard Dollhouse Cardboard Castle


Flower Art Box


Art with Rocks

Melted Crayon Rocks Autumn Leaf Rocks Painted Rocks


Painted Easter Rocks Heart Rocks Felting Rocks


Creative Play with Melted Crayon Rocks Glitter Rock Valentines


Papier Mache Crafts for Kids

Papier Mache Bowls Painting Papier Mache Bowls Papier Mache Egg


Tissue Paper Nest Papier Mache Wreath


Plaster of Paris Crafts for Kids

Painting Plaster Sculptures Sandcasting with Plaster of Paris Plaster of Paris Poke In


Plaster Leaf Casting Sandcasting in the Sandbox 10 kids arts and crafts activities to try with plaster of paris


Plaster Balloon Sculptures with Kids Heart Sculptures A Great Valentines Day Craft Gift


3-Dimensional Flower Crafts

Egg Carton Flowers Newspaper Flowers Fairy House


Ephemeral 3-D Art & Sculptures

Ice Sculptures with Salt Ice Sculptures Flower Ice Wreath


Nature ice wreath Installation Art Balloon String Sculptures


Making Fake Snow Colored Ice Sculptures


Other Fun 3-D Art Ideas for Kids

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Wool Felt Bugs from an Artterro Art Kit

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