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How To Make Colored Ice Sculptures For Kids

by Jean Van't Hul
November 15, 2012
Colored Ice Sculptures

Isn’t this ice sculpture lovely and colorful?! I’d like to say it was completely intentional, but it actually came about by accident as I tried to rescue another (failed) activity with the fake snow.

How to Make Colored Ice Sculptures

Colored water in containers and muffin tins ready to freeze.

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  • Cups, muffin tins, and bowls of various sizes and shapes
  • Water
  • Food coloring or liquid watercolors


We made these colored ice sculptures by freezing water dyed with liquid watercolors (food coloring would work, too) in various containers. We used the muffin tin, various small bowls, a cake pan, and some plastic cups.

Once they were frozen, I ran the containers under warm water to loosen and remove the ice.

This part was a success. We loved all our colored ice shapes!

Colored Ice Sculptures and Fake Snow

I planned to use these colored ice shapes for building and playing in the fake snow we made the other day. It was a great plan, but the fake snow did not act like real snow (big surprise).

The fake snow clung to the ice in funny ways, covering it so you couldn’t see the color anymore. Also, the moisture and color from the melting ice started affecting the texture and color of the fake snow.

Not good.

So I rinsed them off in the sink and we took the ice outside instead.

Colored Ice Sculptures

And we stacked them into an outdoor ice sculpture.

Colored Ice Sculptures

Isn’t this colored ice sculpture beautiful in the sunlight?!

I thought it turned out to be a pretty great rescue.

Afterward, we stuck the whole thing in the freezer to freeze the pieces together in formation since it wasn’t cold enough outside.

I love the potential of these jewel-like ice pieces!

Now I want to fill the freezer with containers and containers of colored water and use the colorful ice to build big. Too bad there’s food in the way. I don’t think Harry would go for a second freezer dedicated to art…

What’s your favorite winter art projects for kids? Leave it in the comments, I’d love to hear!

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Colored Ice Sculptures Makes Great Winter Art For Kids

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